Best Straight Stitch Only Sewing Machine

It should not come as a surprise that sewing machines have advanced significantly since their creation in 1790. Sewing machines, in all their forms – from mechanical and computerised to the classic straight stitch – have long been incredibly useful for sewers of all skill levels. However, since the majority of sewing done today still uses straight stitch, straight stitch only machines are gradually regaining popularity. Their semi-industrial build quality and internal mechanisms, where the hook system is a rotary hook system that is steel on steel and can travel at extremely high speeds, account for a sizable portion of this.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top straight stitch only sewing machines on the market in 2023 and provide our verdict on each one.

What is a Straight Stitch Sewing Machine and why do you need one

The straight stitch, which is the most fundamental stitch in sewing, is made only of interlocking thread and bobbin thread. Despite being a straightforward stitch, there are numerous variations in the stitch’s length, tension, and other features. There is only one stitch type available on sewing machines that only produce straight stitches: the straight stitch. Today, straight stitches still make up 85% to 90% of all sewing stitches. Due to the accuracy and precision that a straight stitch machine alone can produce, numerous quilters and clothing manufacturers who regularly sew attest to this. Because straight stitch only sewing machines have the strength to cut through thick materials even at very slow speeds, they are frequently chosen by quilters, construction workers, and bag makers.

Elna Elnita Ef1 Sewing Machine
Elna Elnita EF1 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Benefits of a Straight Stitch Only Sewing Machine

A straight stitch sewing machine is a flexible and strong instrument for making a range of outfits. It has various benefits over other kinds of machines, including its simplicity of threading, high degree of precision, and heavyweight construction. They blend industrial style and construction and professional quality with certain sewing machine functions seen on household sewing machines. Making them perfect for dressmaking, modifications, bag making and even quilting. Straight stitches are also less prone than other kinds of stitches to produce cloth deformation or fraying. So, if you’re seeking for an efficient but durable sewing machine that consistently produces professional-grade results, a straight stitch may be the best option.

Speed & Power

One application where straight stitch only machines excel is this one. They can sew with greater accuracy and at much higher speeds than conventional sewing machines. They are frequently capable of sewing up to twice as quickly as conventional sewing machines. They are frequently much stronger and can work with thicker materials, making them perfect for sewing with leather or canvas. Despite this, they can still work with extremely light materials like trico.

Bobbin system

The bobbin system on the straight stitch only machines are often slightly different compared to normal sewing machines. Instead of the traditional drop-in under the needle plate from the top they usually load from the left of the machine. Most of the machines also feature larger metal bobbins that allow for lot more thread.

Needle Plate

Since the needle never needs to move, the entry hole in the metal needle plate for the needle to descend into the machine is a small, round hole, which is another benefit of a straight-stitch machine. This greatly reduces the likelihood that small block edges or triangle points may get caught under the needle plate when sewing.

Best Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

1. Juki Haruka TL18QVP

The Juki TL18QVP from sewing machine bran Juki is a very popular straight stitch only sewing machine. It is semi-industrial and takes some design and features from the industrial Juki sewing machines. It has some great features that will make sewing a breeze and comes with useful additional accessories like a knee lift lever and a large extension table.

It includes an excellent function known as the “Float Function,” which prevents uneven stitching on quilts and velvet, as well as stretched threads on knit materials. It enables the presser foot to float between 0 and 2mm above the material, making it ideal for stitching over thick seams.


  • Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Sub-Tension Unit
  • Speed control
  • Float Function

Juki Haruka TL18QVP Portable Quilting and Sewing Machine

2. Janome HD9 Professional

The Janome HD9 Professional made by Janome is a very sturdy machine that is built on a aluminium frame. It is a straight stitch-only sewing machine with speeds up to 1,600 stitches per minute. A great feature of the HD9 is a separate bobbin winder motor, that allows you to wind your bobbin while sewing. It also comes with some great features, such an adjustable knee lift and extra high presser foot lift.

Janome Professional Hd9 Sewing Machine
Janome Professional HD9 Sewing Machine
  • Speed control slider
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Two spool thread delivery
  • Needle up/down button

Janome HD9 Professional - Straight Stitch - Sewing Machine

as of June 12, 2024 3:32 pm

3. Elna Elnita ef1

The Elna Elnita ef1 from Elna is actually built on the same frame as the Janome HD9, this is as both brands are owned by Janome. The Elnita ef1 has a very industrial look and feel to it. It comes with some great included features, and often you will get an additional accessory kit included at no extra cost. It is able to sew at speeds up to 1600 stitches per minute and has enough power to sew through almost any fabric without special needles.

Elna Elnita Ef1 Sewing Machine
Elna Elnita EF1 Sewing Machine
  • Thread tension control
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Needle up/down
  • Reverse button

Elna Elnita ef1 High Speed Sewing and Quilting Machine

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