Elna Elnita ef1 Review & Overview – High Speed Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Elna Elnita ef1 is a high performance machine from Elna that is straight stitch only. Because of its fast speeds and innovative design these types of sewing machines are becoming more popular and a lot of people are adding this to their current machines. It allows for some great speed of up to 1,600 stitches per minute due to the sturdy build of the sewing machine. If you are looking for a fast, easy to use, powerful machine the Elnita ef1 might be worth looking at.

Overview Elna Elnita ef1

The machine is part of their professional series, it has a sturdy metal construction and is built second to none, with eight ball bearings on the main shafts and the lower shaft. This makes the machine much more durable. It has the highest speed of all these machines at 1600 stitches per minute and just sounds amazing while sewing.

Elna Elnita Ef1 Hook
Elna Elnita EF1 Hook

These high-performance straight stitch sewing machines are becoming increasingly popular. A large part of this is due to their semi-industrial build quality and inner workings, where the hook system is a rotary hook system that is steel on steel and can travel at very high speeds.

Elna Sewing Machines are today owned by Janome and several of their machines have a lot in common. The Elna Elnita EF1 and the Janome hd9 are both part of the professional system of a series that they have, that are are built on the same platform. The machine is built out of aluminum cast and extremely sturdy. It has a large opening to the right of the needle with also more available height.

Main Features Elna Elnita ef1

Elna Elnita Ef1 Features
Elna Elnita EF1 Features

The Elnita ef1 has a unique bobbin winder system that none of the other machines in this class have. It is a separate bobbin winder motor that can wind the bobbin while sewing on the machine. The sewing machine also fits a larger bobbin, up to 1.4 times a regular bobbin. It also has an automatic thread cutter, simply press the button and the cutter automatically cuts the thread. There is also a control to change the needle setting up and down. It also comes with a knee lift which is very useful as you can lift the foot just by using the knee and you can keep your hands on the project.

The Elna Elnita EF1 is designed for working with a wide variety of fabrics and has more than double the pressure onto the fabric compared to a traditional household sewing machine. The pressure can be seen on the pressure gauge and adjusted with the dial on the top of the machine.

The Elna Elnita EF1 is often the sewing machine of choice for bag makers, for people doing different construction or quilting as it has so much power to go through thick materials even at very slow speed. It also has an automatic needle threader and a double tension system that allows it to work with thicker thread. 

Elna Elnita Ef1 Sewing Machine
Elna Elnita ef1 Sewing Machine

Included Accessories

Elna Elnita Ef1 Included Accessories
Elnita EF1 Included Accessories

The Elna Elnita ef1 comes with some great accessories and presser feet. One is the leather rolling foot that can be used for sewing around curves. We tested it on true leather that would be used to make a bag with and it sews beautifully and it gives great visibility while sewing.

What’s unique about this is that it has a free motion quilting plate and what this does is it raises the surface of your free motion so you have less drag on the fabric which makes it much easier to work with. The free motion foot also has this special adjustment gauge that raises the foot above the surface of the fabric so it has less pressure on, making it much easier to maneuver with.

The ruler foot that comes with it allows you to work with different rulers and just like a long arm machine that works with it. Then it also has this heavy-duty walking foot and this truly is made with the machine so this is great for working with your quilting and other items like this

There are a lot of option accessories that can be added as an option to the machine, a full list of the additional accessories are available on the Elna Website.

Elna Elnita Ef1 Accessories
Elna Elnita EF1 Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions on the Elna Elnita ef1

What is the weight of the Elna Elnita ef1?

The Elna Elnita EF1 weights 28.7lbs.

How many inches to the right of the needle on Elna Elnita ef1?

The space to the right of the needle is 9×6 inches.

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    • It is to our understanding essentially the same machine (Elna is owned and manufactured by Janome), with some minor difference in internal components.


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