Bernette Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the bernette Brand

Overview of the Bernette brand

Bernette is a very popular sewing machine brand today, with many different types of machines from basic beginner models to advanced high-end models. Bernette is a brand from the sewing machine company Bernina that is based in Switzerland and has a reputation for making high quality sewing machines. Bernina also produced bernette, so even if the models are less expensive, you won’t be sacrificing quality. Given that it adheres to the guidelines established by Bernina, Bernette is a very reliable brand of sewing machines. Several of the bernette models rank high on our recommended lists of sewing machines. Consequently, it makes sense to think about purchasing a Bernette sewing machine if you’re happy with the Swiss-designed Bernina products.

The Bernette Brand History

As Bernette is a part of the Bernina brand you have to look at the Bernina history and see when Bernette first was introduced. The brand name Bernette was officially created in 1989 when a new line of sewing machines were launched. The name was a combination of Odette Ueltschi and the company name Bernina. The name was intended as a tribute to Odette, who was the daughter of Fritz Gegauf (founded the Bernina company) and company president of between 1979 – 1988.

Bernette By Bernina Logo
Bernette by Bernina Logo

Are the Bernette sewing machines the same as Bernina?

Even though they are made by the same company the machines are not completely the same. Bernina is focused more on high range sewing machines while the Bernette machines are intended more for beginners and those with less experience.

Where are Bernette sewing machines made today

Since Bernette is owned by Bernina the sewing machines are made in the same factories as Bernina. They have factories in Switzerland and Thailand, whereas the vast majority of machines are manufactured at the Thai location. Most of the Bernette sewing machines are also made at this plant.

The after-sales assistance and training standards from Bernina are also offered via the brand bernette. Additionally, there are several independent and approved dealerships selling Bernette sewing machines around the world. You can find an authorised dealership through the store locator on Bernette’s home page.

List of Bernette Sewing Machines

Today Bernette manufacturers a broad range of sewing machines, overlockers, embroidery and coverstitch machines. From very basic entry level mechanical to high end computerised sewing machines. Below is a full list of all the current models and series of Bernette sewing machines with a link to our review and overview of the model.

bernette sew&go

Overview of the sew and go range of sewing machines can be read here: Bernette Sew&Go Series – What’s the Difference? Comparison between the models. The Sew&Go is the most basic range of sewing machines from bernette and is composed of only mechanical sewing machines.

  • bernette sew&go 1
  • bernette sew&go 2
  • bernette sew&go 3
  • bernette sew&go 4
  • bernette sew&go 5
Bernette Sew And Go Series Sewing Machines
Bernette Sew and Go Series Sewing Machines

Bernette b05 Series

Comparison between the models in the Bernette b05 series can be found here: Bernette b05 Sewing Machine Series. This a brand new range of basic beginner sewing machines from bernette, both are mechanical.

Bernette B05 Sewing Machine Series
Bernette b05 Sewing Machine Series

Bernette b30 Series

A comparison between the features and functions that differs between the models in the b30 range can be read here: Bernette b30 Sewing Machine series – Comparison and Overview.

Bernette B30 Series
Bernette b30 Series

Bernette Funlock Series

To learn more about the bernette Funlock series of overlocker and coverstitch sewing machines, read: bernette b40 Funlock Series.

  • bernette b42 Funlock
  • bernette b44 Funlock
  • bernette b48 Funlock
Bernette Funlock Series
Bernette Funlock Series

Bernette Airlock Series

To learn more about the bernette Airlock series of overlocker, coverstitch and chainstitch models, read our Comparison of the Bernette 60 Series.

Bernette Airlock Series
Bernette Airlock Series

Bernette b70 Series

Bernette B70 Series
Bernette b70 Series

Frequently asked questions about the Bernette brand

Who owns Bernette sewing machines

Bernette is fully owned by the parent company Bernina.

Is bernette made by Bernina

Yes, Bernina sells sewing, overlocking, and coverstitching machines under the bernette name.

Where are bernette sewing machines made

Bernette sewing machines are made in Bernina’s manufacturing plant in Thailand.

Are Bernette and Bernina the same brand?

Bernette is a subsidiary of Bernina, they are two brands but technically the same company.

When was Bernette founded

The bernette brand was introduced in 1989.

3 thoughts on “Bernette Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the bernette Brand”

  1. Hi, I have the possibility of acquiring a bernette 440 but have been unable to find any information or history of this machine. There a users manuals online but this doesn’t even tell me what year it was made or even what style bobbin it uses. I need to know if it is worth it to buy and if it is fixable if necessary. Owner says it works but that doesn’t really mean anything. Any help with information is much appreciated. Or maybe if you could point me in the right direction? I’m starting to think this is some kind of black sheep model No one wants to talk about…
    Thank you,

    • Hi, I have not personally used the 440 and I agree, hard to see any info on it online but believe they were introduced in the early 90s, so the machine would easily be 25+ years old. The old bernette machines were quality made and mostly made in Taiwan at the time. What I would be weary about is if you can find parts, should anything break, do check: and other online part stores. Before you get it, make sure there’s no loud or clunky noises from the machine, and give it a good clean and oil all the moving parts. Good luck!

    • Hello, Pollyana.

      Never used a 440, but have a 430 and think they are more or less identical with the 440 having a few more stitches.

      They were made for Bernina by Janome and have the excellent Janome build qulaity of that era.

      Anyway, 430 – and also applies to 440 – Very good quality machines with a vertical front facing industrial rotary hook. Smooth and very quiet. All metal case. Some plastic parts inside like almost all machines of that era – and more so today ! but largely in unstressed areas. Take industrial type (I think “L”) bobbins – I’ve used both metal and plastic and both are fine. Rotary controls for width and length which are very precise. Adjustable foot pressure (not visible on the outside) which a lot of machines of that era didn’t have – including Berninas.

      Low shank clip on feet. Superb stitch quality – arguably better than Berninas (I have several of those to compare with from the mechanicals of the ’70’s to the top of line models of the present day.) Really a pleasure to use.

      Limited range of utility stitches and only a 4 step buttonhole, but then these are fairly simple mechanical machines without computerised capabilities. Very easy to work on and service.

      Bernina does not manufacture any of the Bernette machines in their own factories. They are outsourced and built to a Bernina design – I believe all the sergers are too. I don’t know who makes the current range – possibly more than one supplier as some of the lower end models look remarkably like Brother machines in a slightly different outer skin.


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