Singer 7640 Confidence Sewing Machine Overview and Review

Overview and Review of Singer 7640 Confidence Sewing Machine

The Singer Confidence 7640 sewing machine is like a cool mix of the latest tech and old-school sewing magic, showing just how awesome Singer has been in the sewing world for ages. This new kid on the block, the Confidence 7640, is all about bringing that rich history into the mix while making sure it’s perfect for what sewers today need.

It’s made to be super versatile, so whether you’re just starting out in sewing or you’ve been at it for years and want to push your creative limits, this machine has got your back. It’s all about making sewing fun and efficient, packed with features that make things easier. With a whopping 379 stitch options and handy stuff like a one-step buttonhole and the ability to set the needle position, the Confidence 7640 is built to make your sewing projects come out great, with a lot less hassle.

Features and Functions on the Singer Confidence 7640

Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine
Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine

The Confidence 7640 is really cool because it’s packed with all these fancy features but still super easy to use. It’s like it’s got everything you need to make sewing a breeze. You can adjust the stitch size, control how fast you go, and even the bobbin thing is a piece of cake to deal with. It’s all about making sewing smooth and flexible for anyone who uses it.

From my own experience, having tried out a bunch of different sewing machines, the Singer Confidence 7640 really does have a lot going for it with all its features. But I’ve noticed it’s not perfect at everything. Like, it’s awesome for all sorts of sewing projects, but when you get into the really heavy-duty stuff or super detailed designs, it might not hit the mark. The stitches are usually pretty spot on, but throw in some thick material or complex patterns, and it can get a bit tricky.

Stitch Applications and Variety

Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine Stitch Pattern
Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine Stitch Pattern

A key highlight of the Confidence 7640 is its remarkable selection of 379 stitch applications, offering a broad spectrum for enthusiasts keen on exploring diverse styles and methods. This machine encompasses fundamental, ornamental, and sophisticated stitches, rendering it suitable for various projects, from straightforward apparel to detailed quilting endeavors. However, it’s worth noting that I encountered slight inconsistencies in stitch quality, particularly when working with heavier materials or elaborate designs.

Ease of Use

For novices, the one-step buttonhole function is an exceptional convenience, providing eight diverse styles to choose from. The programmable needle up/down feature is especially advantageous for quilting and appliqué work, facilitating precise stitching. Moreover, the top drop-in bobbin design is a considerate inclusion, enabling straightforward observation of the thread level, thereby minimizing the annoyance of an unforeseen thread depletion.

Customisation and Control

Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine Screen
Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine Screen

Personalization is easily achievable with the adjustable stitch length and width, clearly displayed on the LCD screen, providing you with the ability to customize each project to your exact requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of a speed control lever proves to be invaluable when undertaking both detailed and extensive projects, allowing for precise control over the sewing pace.

Stitches and Buttonholes

Stitches and Buttonholes: Variety and Applications

This sewing machine comes packed with 200 built-in stitches, providing a wide range of choices to meet different sewing needs. The one-step buttonhole feature stands out by delivering uniform results with each use, making it a valuable asset for any project.

Built-In Lettering

The inclusion of a built-in lettering function offers a fantastic way to personalize your creations, adding that special, unique touch to your work. However, the machine does fall a bit short in offering a wider variety of stitch designs and embroidery options, which might limit its adaptability for more complex and advanced projects.

Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine: Pros and Cons


  1. Stitch Variety: With 379 stitch applications, it offers a wide range of options for various sewing projects, from basic to decorative sewing.
  2. One-Step Buttonhole: Features an easy one-step buttonhole process in 8 different styles, simplifying this often tricky task.
  3. Programmable Needle Up/Down: Useful for quilting and appliques, enhancing precision in sewing.
  4. Customizable Stitch Settings: Adjustable stitch length and width, viewable on the LCD screen, allow for personalizing stitches according to the project needs.
  5. Top Drop-In Bobbin: Makes monitoring thread supply straightforward, reducing the chance of running out mid-seam.
  6. Speed Control: The speed control lever allows adjustment of sewing speed, beneficial for intricate or large projects.
  7. Free Arm Capability: Provides easy access for sewing around trouser hems, cuffs, and other smaller or tubular projects.
  8. Built-In Lettering: Allows for personalization of projects with words, phrases, or monograms.
  9. Heavy Duty Metal Frame: Ensures durability and long-term use of the machine.
  10. Additional Accessories: Comes with a variety of presser feet and other accessories, enhancing its functionality.


  1. Bobbin Case Issues: Some users have experienced problems with the bobbin case, including it getting loose or out of place, leading to operational disruptions.
  2. Machine Sensitivity: There are reports of the machine being overly sensitive, requiring frequent adjustments and troubleshooting, especially for beginners.
  3. Limited Embroidery Options: Lacks the ability to add additional stitch designs and embroidery styles, which may limit creative options for more advanced projects.
  4. Manual and Learning Curve: The absence of a physical manual and a steep learning curve, as noted by some users, can make initial setup and use challenging.
  5. Noise and Stability: Some users have mentioned that the machine can shake at high speeds and be a bit noisy during operation.
  6. Inconsistent Performance: A few users have reported issues with stitch consistency, particularly on thicker fabrics or complex patterns.
  7. Limited Illumination: The stitch display panel is not illuminated, which can make stitch selection difficult in low-light conditions.
  8. Maintenance Issues: Occasional maintenance problems like timing issues and reverse sewing malfunctions have been reported.
  9. Start/Stop Functionality: Some users have experienced issues with the start/stop button, leading to unexpected machine operation.
  10. Cost of Repairs: Repair costs, particularly for timing issues, can be high, sometimes exceeding the value of the machine.

Singer Confidence 7640 Sewing Machine: Pricing, Warranty, and Manual


In the UK market, the Singer Confidence 7640 sewing machine’s price can vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or sales. Generally, you can expect the pricing to be in the range of £200 to £300. It’s advisable to shop around and check for any special offers or discounts that might be available at different stores or online platforms.


The Singer Confidence 7640 comes with a tiered warranty system, ensuring long-term support for your sewing machine:

  1. Limited 25-Year Warranty on the Product Frame: The machine’s frame is covered for 25 years from the purchase date against manufacturing defects. If defects arise, free replacement parts are provided, although shipping and labour costs are the owner’s responsibility.
  2. Limited 5-Year Warranty on Electronic/Electrical Parts: Electronic and electrical parts are covered for 5 years from the purchase date. This includes repair or replacement of parts proven defective due to workmanship or material, but shipping and labour costs are not covered.
  3. Limited 1-Year Warranty on Mechanical Parts and Adjustments: Mechanical parts of the product are covered for 1 year from the purchase date. This includes free repair or replacement of parts with manufacturing defects, with no charge for parts or labour.

To ensure you are covered by these warranties, it’s crucial to register your machine. You can do so at Singer’s Warranty Registration page.


For detailed instructions on how to use the Singer Confidence 7640, its features, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips, refer to the official manual. The manual is a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced sewists. It can be accessed and downloaded from the following link: Singer Confidence 7640 Manual. It’s recommended to review the manual thoroughly to get the most out of your sewing machine and to understand all its capabilities and maintenance requirements.


The Singer Confidence 7640 is a sturdy and flexible sewing machine that’s great for lots of different sewing jobs. With its variety of stitches, user-friendliness, and options for customization, it stands out as a solid choice for its price. But if you’re in the market for a machine that’s a pro at specialized tasks, this one might not quite hit the mark. It’s a decent jack-of-all-trades, but it might not be the top pick in every category, which probably explains its average rating.

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