Juki Sewing Machine Company – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the Brand

Overview of the Janome Sewing Machine Brand

Juki is a well-known brand of sewing machines that is popular among both professional sewers and hobbyists. The company was founded in Japan in 1945 and has since expanded to have a presence in many countries around the world. Juki offers a wide range of sewing machines for different purposes, including industrial machines for garment manufacturing, as well as smaller machines for home use. Many sewers appreciate Juki machines for their durability, ease of use, and reliability.

Where are Juki sewing machines made?

Juki sewing machines are mostly manufactured in Japan. The corporation has production sites in numerous locations throughout Japan, including Tokyo and Kakogawa. Juki also maintains manufacturing facilities in other countries, including China and Thailand, to supply the demand for sewing machines in those regions. The bulk of Juki sewing machines, however, are built in Japan.

Juki Sewing Machine Company Brand History

Juki has been in the sewing industry for almost 60 years, starting with their initial home sewing machine company in 1945. The first home machines were produced in 1947 and sold in Japan and other nations across the world. Although Juki developed to become an industrial sewing machine behemoth, the company’s first sewing machines were household machines.

Juki started selling industrial sewing machines in 1953. Beginning with simple machines for the garment industry, their research progressed throughout time, bringing sewing to a higher degree of technology. With the introduction of electronic functions and motors, the ground was opened for breakthroughs in labor saving devices delivering enhanced productivity, as well as operator comfort and safety. Juki research & development propelled these high-tech advancements, propelling the firm to the forefront of the worldwide needle trade industries.

Juki’s additions to sewing technology include the creation of the first rotary needle thread take-up system in l954, the first automated thread trimmer and auto needle threader in l978, and the first auto thread tension system in 1985. These advancements in home sewing resulted in the development of new HZL models at the time.

Juki built its first U.S. office in New York City in 1974, as the brand’s popularity rose globally for household and business usage. In 1976, they moved to a bigger site in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, where they added offices and warehouse space to match their development. This operation handled industrial line distribution and would later handle household overlocks as well.

Two years later the first Juki home overlock machines were created using industrial serger technology. When these machines were presented to the American market, they were seen as a great leap in home sewing capabilities and quickly became well-known. Home dealers and industrial distributors alike were thrilled with the performance and longevity of the new Juki Lock MO-100 Series. Many home sewers still request about MO-100 attachments since they still possess their original serger!

List of Juki Sewing Machines

Juki offers a wide range of sewing machines for a variety of applications. The company makes both industrial sewing machines for garment production and smaller home sewing machines. Juki manufactures a wide range of machines, including overlockers, lockstitchers, and coverstitchers. Juki also makes speciality sewing machines for tasks like embroidery, buttonholes, and other similar tasks. A full list of all the current Juki sewing machines can be found below.

Juki Hzl-F600 Computerized Quilting And Sewing Machine
Juki HZL-F600 Computerised Quilting and Sewing Machine

Sewing Machines

Juki HZL-NX7 KIREI Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine

Quilting Machines

  • Juki Haruka TL18QVP
  • Juki Sayaka DX-3000QVP
  • Juki Kokochi DX-4000QVP
  • Juki J-150QVP
  • Juki DX-1500QVP
  • Juki Miyabi J-350QVP S
  • Juki Miyabi J-350QVP
  • Juki DX-2000QVP

Embroidery Machines

  • Juki Tajima Sai 8 Needle Embroidery Machine

Overlocker Machines

  • Juki MO-2000QVP
  • Juki MO-1000
  • Juki MO-80CB
  • Juki MO-2800
  • Juki MO-735
  • Juki MO-655
  • Juki MO-654DE
  • Juki MO-644D
  • Juki MO-623
  • Juki MO-114D Serger Overlock Machine
  • Juki MO-104D
  • Juki MO-1200QVP
  • Juki MCS-1700QVP
  • Juki Akane MO-3000QVP

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