Elna Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the Brand

Elna is a well-known sewing machine company with a long history and a reputation for providing high-quality, dependable, and user-friendly sewing machines. Founded in Switzerland, the firm has developed to become a worldwide sewing industry leader, providing a diverse selection of sewing machines for both beginners and experts.

We’ll look at the Elna brand, its history, and some of its most popular sewing machines on the market today. Whether you are a seasoned seamstress or just starting out, the different Elna sewing machines on the market are guaranteed to have something to fit your requirements and budget.

Elna History and Background

Elna Sewing Machine has been producing machines for both home and industrial usage since 1940, with models ranging from simple manual machines to high-tech computerised ones. It is one of the most well-known brands on the market, and its goods are well-known for their high quality and dependability.

Over the course of more than 80 years, the firm has developed to become a major worldwide supplier of sewing solutions. Elna has created an incredible assortment of unique goods that have helped revolutionise the industry over the last eight decades. They are still at the forefront of innovation today, with unique technology and features that set them apart from other brands on the market.

History of Elna Sewing Machines

Dr. Ramon Casas Robert, a Spanish engineer, finished his studies and returned to his parents’ home in 1933. He had the opportunity to study an antique sewing machine while at home and became completely absorbed by it. He then went to see some friends who owned a corset factory. He was astounded by the sheer volume of specialised industrial machinery used, each with a cylindrical arm on which fabric tubes could be stitched. His inventive mind immediately considered the housewife’s need to repair shirt sleeves or trouser legs, and he realised that the size of such a machine would have to be reduced. As a result, the first modern home sewing machine with a free arm was conceived.

The first sewing machine – Elna 1

The Elna Number 1 was the first free-arm home sewing machine. The Elna company was founded and propelled to prosperity throughout the middle of the twentieth century as a result of this brilliant device, which was first marketed in the 1930s. It is believed that a functional prototype was completed by 1934. The machine had a free arm, an internal motor, and a light. The stitching area was expanded by a unique design element on the carry case: the side of the case was carved with the shape of the free arm. Because of their Swiss quality and long-lasting metal components, these old machines are now essential tools for home sewers.

Move to Switzerland

He was forced to relocate to Switzerland to continue working on his invention due to the Spanish Civil War, which lasted from July 1936 to April 1939. He founded Electrina with a group of businessmen, from which the name Elna was derived later. However, it quickly became clear that additional funds and modern, well-equipped manufacturing facilities would be required. After successful negotiations, Tavaro SA, Geneva, a manufacturer of precise timing mechanisms for the weapons industry, secured the device’s rights and hired him as a consultant. In 1940, the first home machines were created and were a huge success.

Launch of more sewing machines

The machine was not exported until 1948, when World War II had already begun. The Elna 1, as it became known, was produced until 1952, but it is unknown how many units were produced. Finally, a significant technological advancement, the Elna Supermatic, took its place. The Star Series debuted in 1964, and the first of the Lotus Series debuted in 1968. Tavaro continued to advance the Elna brand by launching the Elnapress in 1973, electrical machines in 1978, and computer machines in 1989. As a result, Tavaro expanded their manufacturing and established themselves globally.

Economic slow-down and Bankruptcy

Sadly, they followed in the footsteps of other European manufacturers throughout the 1990s, with rising development costs for new models and a slowdown in sales, eventually filing for bankruptcy and being auctioned off in 1995.

Tavaro controlled the Elna name for a long period. The business developed a number of computerised Elna devices in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, worldwide sales increased, but the good times were short-lived in the 1990s. Elna, like many other European companies at the time, despised the modern global markets. Customers are used to easily available, mass-produced goods. Many old factories that emphasised quality above quantity had to close their doors. Elna suffered a double hit as production costs rose and fewer individuals bought sewing machines for their homes. Tavaro’s production methods were becoming obsolete. The company declared bankruptcy in 1995.

In August 2006, the global operations of Elna International Corporation SA, a Swiss company, were purchased by the Tokyo, Japan-based Janome Sewing Machine Company Ltd.

Elna Sewing Machines Today

Since Elna filed bankruptcy in the 1990s Elna is no longer a standalone company. Instead, Janome purchased the Elna brand in 2006 and today manufactures and sells a large selection of sewing machines under the Elna brand. Today the Elna sewing machines are manufactured in a number of east Asian nations and often in the same factories as the Janome sewing machines.

Elna Sewing Machine Brand
Elna Sewing Machines

Elna Sewing Machine Quality & Reliability

For decades, the Elna Sewing Machine Brand has been producing high-quality, dependable sewing machines. Customers all across the globe have grown to rely on its goods for a wide range of purposes, from simple repairs and tweaks to complicated embroidered projects. Elna’s dedication to delivering high-quality outcomes that surpass expectations has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.

Elna Warranty

Elna’s warranty covers repairs to all parts and labor for two years after the date of purchase, with no deductible or additional costs. Furthermore, Elna will provide free telephone assistance to customers who experience technical problems with their machine after the three-year window has expired in order to troubleshoot and resolve those issues. Furthermore, every new machine comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains how to use it correctly and maintain it over time.

You can also extend your sewing machine’s two-year warranty by one, two, or three years, bringing the total warranty period to up to five years from the date of purchase. However, you must make your decision within 30 days of your purchase.

Elna Customer Care UK

List of Elna Sewing Machine Models

Elna manufactures mechanical, electrical, embroidery, overlocker, and overlock machines and they are available in a wide variety of configurations, ranging from simple models to more complicated models with additional features. Beginner models contain everything you need to get started quickly, while higher-end machines have more specialised stitches and accessories like as needle threaders, automated buttonhole features, and quilting capabilities. The current Elna sewing machine models and series are shown here, along with a link to our review.

Elna Elita

Elna eXplore series

  • Elna Sew Fun 150
  • Elna eXplore 160
  • Elna eXplore 220
  • Elna eXplore 240
  • Elna eXplore 320
  • Elna eXplore 340
  • Elna eXplore 3210 designed for jeans

Elna eXperience series

  • ElnaStar
  • Elna eXperience 450 Sewing Machine
  • Elna eXperience 520s Sewing Machine
  • Elna eXperience 540s Sewing Machine
  • Elna eXperience 550 Sewing Machine
  • Elna eXperience 560 Sewing Machine
  • Elna eXperience 570 Sewing Machine

Elna Lotus series

Elna eXcellence series

For a breakdown of the models in the eXcellence series, see: Elna Excellence Series: A Detailed comparison between the Sewing Machines.

Elna eXpressive series

  • Elna eXpressive 830
  • Elna eXpressive 860
  • Elna eXpressive 920
  • Elna eXpressive 970

Elna eXtend series

  • Elna eXtend 264
  • Elna eXtend 664
  • Elna eXtend 664PRO
  • Elna eXtend 864air
  • Elna eXtend easycover

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