Review of Elna Excellence 780+ Sewing Machine

The Excellence series from Elna, as the name suggests, represents the pinnacle of the Elna Sewing Machines in terms of functionality and design. Among its high-performing line-up, the Elna Excellence 780+ sewing machine really stands out with a plethora of advanced features, high-grade performance, and user-friendly operation. This computerised sewing machine elevates sewing to an art form, transforming complex tasks into a seamless, enjoyable process.

Overview of the Elna Excellence 780+

Having had the pleasure of trying out the Elna Excellence 780+, I can say it is a testament to the combination of high-tech features and thoughtful design. This computerised sewing machine offers outstanding quality and a remarkable number of high-level features that aim to simplify the sewing process, save time, and assist with advanced techniques.

Elna Excellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine


The Elna Excellence 780+ has a unique ergonomic design that offers extreme comfort during extended use. The generous sewing space is one of its major highlights, making it an optimal tool for large sewing, quilting, or home decorating projects. Paired with full-intensity LED lighting and a wide LCD touchscreen, the 780+ enhances comfort and makes the sewing experience pleasant and effortless.

Beyond comfort, this machine stands as a powerful and reliable companion for all sewing enthusiasts. It boasts a broad range of superior functionalities, high sewing speed, and an impressive array of over 350 stitches. Furthermore, the machine’s 3MB built-in storage capacity is a testament to its advanced design. This model is built to stand up to hours of sewing, maintaining consistent stitch quality and total stability throughout.

Specialities and Accessories

This machine is a dream for patchwork and quilting enthusiasts. It has a long-arm design and wide throat space, along with an extra-wide extension table. The Dual Feed Plus system is another brilliant feature which guides multiple layers of fabric with amazing precision. This, coupled with the Professional HP foot and HP needle plate, allows for perfect curves and 1/4″ topstitching.

Free-motion quilting is another fascinating feature facilitated by four special presser feet, including one with an open toe. The foot height is adjustable and they can easily be swapped out with the machine’s clip-on system. The adjustable ruler foot enables the use of specialised rulers and templates, adding to the machine’s versatility.

Professional HP Foot and HP Needle Plate

An extraordinary combination that the Elna Excellence 780+ offers is the Professional HP Foot and HP Needle Plate. This ensures the highest precision for sewing curves and topstitching. With the professional grade 1/4″ seam foot HP, used with the HP needle plate, small turns become easily manageable and high visibility on the needle base is ensured. This feature truly elevates sewing tasks to a professional level, bringing additional ease and precision to complex projects.

Dual Feed System

Next up is the Dual Feed system, integrated uniquely with a seven-piece feed dog. The 780+ uses this system to guide your fabric simultaneously and with amazing precision, a feature that proves to be perfect for quilt work and for aligning patterns. The removable Dual Feed Plus system that comes with the 780+ offers greater flexibility and enables the use of narrow presser feet. This feature impressed me immensely as it significantly eases the handling of multiple layers of fabric.

One-Step Needle Plate Converter

The Elna Excellence 780+ also offers an innovative feature – the One-Step Needle Plate Converter. This smart system allows for an effortless conversion of the needle plate in one step by simply pressing a button. You can easily switch from one needle plate to another, using the most suitable one for your project. This function drastically cuts down the time taken to switch plates, allowing for a smooth transition and providing the convenience that we all look for in a top-notch sewing machine.

Stitching Capabilities

The Elna Excellence 780+ is no slouch when it comes to stitches. With a total of 350 stitches, a maximum stitch width of 9mm, and a length of 5mm, it truly is a stitcher’s delight. It offers 11 types of buttonholes and special functions like variable zigzag, tapering, and ruler work. Plus, with three typefaces/alphabet choices, the machine provides ample customization options for any project.

Elna Excellence 780+ Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 780+ Stitch Chart

User-friendly Controls

Elna has ensured that the controls on the Excellence 780+ are intuitive and user-friendly. The machine boasts functions with easy-access buttons including start/stop, reverse, automatic lock stitch, up/down needle position with memory, automatic presser foot lifter, and automatic thread cutter. The machine also offers a built-in superior system needle threader and automatic thread tension control.

Instruction Manual and Warranty

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual for the Elna Excellence 780+ is easily accessible online at the official Elna website. It’s a comprehensive guide designed to assist you in understanding and using this advanced machine. From basic setup and threading the machine to in-depth details about various stitch options, the manual covers everything you need to know.

Access the manual here.


Elna upholds a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and their warranty policy reflects this. All Elna sewing machines, including the Excellence 780+, come with a standard two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

If you want added peace of mind, Elna UK offers the option to extend the standard warranty by an extra one, two, or three years, providing up to five years of coverage from the purchase date. Please note, this decision needs to be made within 30 days of your purchase.

Elna Excellence 780 Plus Stitch Chart
Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine

Pros and Cons

Every sewing machine has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Elna Excellence 780+ is no exception. Here’s a brief overview of its pros and cons:


  1. Advanced Features: The Elna Excellence 780+ is packed with advanced features such as a Dual Feed system, Professional HP foot and HP Needle Plate, and One-Step Needle Plate Converter that enhance precision and ease of use.
  2. Versatility: With over 350 stitch options, 11 types of buttonholes, and 3 typefaces/alphabet choices, this machine offers unparalleled versatility to handle various sewing projects.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The machine’s ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use. Its generous sewing space is optimal for large sewing, quilting, or home decorating projects.
  4. Intuitive Controls: User-friendly controls, easy-access buttons, automatic thread tension control, and a built-in superior system needle threader make this machine a joy to operate.
  5. High-Quality Build: The Elna Excellence 780+ is robust and reliable, built to stand up to hours of sewing while maintaining consistent stitch quality.


  1. Price: While the Elna Excellence 780+ offers excellent value for its cost, the price point may be steep for beginners or those on a tight budget.
  2. Learning Curve: With its plethora of advanced features, this machine may have a steep learning curve for beginners or those transitioning from a more basic model.
  3. Size and Weight: Weighing 13.2 kg and with a sizable footprint, this machine might not be the best choice for those with limited workspace or who need a portable option.

Remember, the right sewing machine for you depends on your specific needs, skills, and budget. The Elna Excellence 780+ is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a feature-rich, high-quality machine and are willing to invest in your sewing endeavors.


While the price of the Elna Excellence 780+ can vary depending on the retailer and any potential sales or discounts, you can generally expect to find it in the range of £2,500 – £3,000 in the UK market as of 2023. Considering the numerous advanced features, impressive stitch variety, and overall versatility of this machine, it offers excellent value for money, especially for dedicated sewing enthusiasts and professionals who demand the very best from their sewing equipment.


In conclusion, the Elna Excellence 780+ is a top-of-the-line choice for sewing enthusiasts, quilters, and home decorators alike. With its exceptional features, ergonomic design, and an impressive array of stitches, it offers a smooth, versatile, and comprehensive sewing experience. The inclusion of the Professional HP Foot and HP Needle Plate, the Dual Feed System, and the One-Step Needle Plate Converter are just more reasons to admire this machine. It certainly added a touch of professional efficiency to my sewing ventures.

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  1. I have the Elna Excellence 680 and it has utility features for 1/4″ and 1/2″ needle positions for 1/4 and 1/2″ seams. Does the Elna Excellence 780+ have this feature? I know it has the 1/4″ feet but the needle option is so much better.

  2. Thank you for this article! I have had mine for over a year and wanted a comprehensive manual, the one in the States is laughable. So happy this was out there!!


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