Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the Brand

Husqvarna Viking is a world-renowned sewing machine company that has been making sewing machines Since 1872. They are known for their premium sewing machines with innovative sewing features and quality Swedish engineering. They make several different series of sewing machines with the top line being the Designer machines and their most basic mechanical are currently the H-class E10 and E20.

Overview of the Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Brand

Husqvarna has been a well-known and trustworthy maker of sewing machines both in Sweden and internationally. Husqvarna has always taken the lead in innovation. Husqvarna has created high-quality equipment, but their success is also a result of excellent customer service and one of the finest warranties available right now. The Husqvarna sewing machines provide exceptional performance and are flexible and dependable.

Where are Husqvarna Viking sewing machines made

Husqvarna Viking sewing machines were traditionally made in Sweden, however in later years all the Husqvarna machines are manufactured and made in China. The company still has an R&D facility in Sweden where the machines are designed and prototyped before being sent to the manufacturing plants in China.

How do I register my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine?

Registering your new Husqvarna Viking machine is done online, on MySewnet.

The Husqvarna sewing machines comes with a 1 year limited warranty. You can find the specific warranty information for your machine on

Find an authorised Husqvarna Viking retailer

To find a local store that carries the Husqvarna Viking sewing machines, you can use the dealer locator that’s available on the Husqvarna home page.

Finding model or value of an old Husqvarna Viking sewing machine

Many of the old vintage Husqvarna Viking sewing machines still work today and are a popular collectors item. We often get the question on how to find out what model, year or how much an old Husqvarna Viking sewing machine is worth so we have made a separate post.

Vintage Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine
Vintage Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine

Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Company Brand History

Husqvarna Viking has a long history beginning in 1689 where an arms factory was created by the royal family. The factory was located in a Swedish town called Huskvarna, whereas the name is derived from. The factory was sold to private owners in 1757 and is also when it assumed the Husqvarna name. The plant, however, was unaffected by the change in ownership and name and up until the middle of the 1800s, it kept making guns. At this moment, Husqvarna was persuaded to make a dramatic U-turn by the effects of the Industrial Revolution on world economies. While still selling weapons, the business expanded its product range to include household appliances like bicycles and sewing machines. This factory was subsequently converted into a sewing machine factory as the company started making sewing machines in 1872 when the demand for their arms where declining.

Husqvarna had some hugely successful sewing machines in the company’s early days. For instance the Freja model became popular right away. It was able to sew perfect lines of stitches, whereas older machines could not. Gears were used to power this machine, and all of the little mechanical components were contained. Up to 1925, many iterations of the Freja model were produced and was produced all the way into the 1940s. Husqvarna became well-known for producing sewing machine models that are highly reliable and simple to use. These were a huge success in European schools. Today, Husqvarna Viking is a is undoubtedly recognised as a symbol of expensive, high-quality sewing machines. In 2022 the company celebrated their 150 year anniversary.

Husqvarna Viking Today

Husqvarna Viking is today owned and operated SVP Worldwide, that is an private American company specialise in consumer sewing machines. Viking Sewing Machines was bought by Kohlberg & Co in 2006 and merged into SVP Worldwide. SVP stands for the different sewing machine brands that are part of the group Singer, Viking and Pfaff. Even though the sewing machines are no longer made in Sweden, they still have an R&D centre there that develops and designs their new sewing machines.

List of Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines

Below is a list of the current Husqvarna Viking models that are available on the market with a link to the full review if we have made one on the site.

Husqvarna Viking Mechanical sewing machines

Husqvarna Viking computerised sewing machines

  • Amber Air S|600
  • Platinum MN | 1000
  • Epic 95Q
  • Brilliance 75Q
  • Sapphire 930
  • Tribute 150 | C
  • Opal 690Q
  • Opal 670
  • Opal 650
  • Jade 20

Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machines

For a comparison between the models in the Designer series of sewing machines, check out – Husqvarna Viking Designer.

  • Designer Epic 2
  • Designer Ruby 90
  • Designer Sapphire 85
  • Designer Topaz 25
  • Designer Topaz 50
  • Designer Topaz 40
  • Designer Jade 35

Husqvarna Viking Overlockers

  • Huskylock s21
  • Amber Air S | 400
  • Amber S | 100
  • H|Class 250S
  • Platinum Q | 165
  • Platinum Q | 160

Frequently Asked Question about Husqvarna Viking

Are Viking sewing machines made in Sweden?

They are designed in Sweden but manufactured in China.

Are Husqvarna and Viking the same?

Yes, they are the same brand of sewing machines.

What does Husqvarna stand for?

Husqvarna is named after the Swedish town Husqvarna. The name comes from two Swedish words, “Hus” translating to House and “Qvarn” meaning Mill.

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