Janome Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the Brand

Overview of the Janome Sewing Machine Brand

Known for its cutting-edge, user-focused designs and functionality, Janome is one of the top sewing machine brands in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert sewer, the company has a wide selection of sewing machines and tools that will help you create great pieces. They also have machines specific for quilting and embroidery all that are user-friendly, dependable, and durable.

The Janome Sewing Machines brand is well-known to sewers all over the globe since it was the first domestic sewing machine maker in Japan. it started in Japan in 1921 with the development of a single hand crank sewing machine. Just recently the company celebrated its 100th anniversary in October 2021.

Where are Janome sewing machines made

A very frequent questions is where the Janome Sewing Machines are manufactured. Today Janome sewing machines are made in manufacturing plants in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

How do I register my Janome sewing machine?

To register your new Janome sewing machine for warranty, use on of the links below for your correct region. Janome offers a standard two-year warranty, which covers both parts and labour. Janome also offers extended warranty for up to 5 years but this must be added minimum 30 days from when you bought your new machine.

Find an authorised Janome retailer

If you are looking for a complete demonstration and a side-by-side comparison of Janome machines, please stop by an authorised Janome dealer, you can find them through this link: Find a Janome Retailer

Finding model or value of an old Janome sewing machine

If you have an vintage Janome machine and are trying to find out what model or when it was made we have a dedicated page to vintage Janome sewing machines. This post also helps with how to estimate the value of your antique Janome sewing machine.

Vintage Janome Sewing Machine
Vintage Janome Sewing Machine

Janome training classes

Janome offers what they call a Masterclass on the Janome sewing machines. This is a sewing class that is held in their Janome Training School in Stockport, UK.

Janome Sewing Machine Company Brand History

For more than a century, the name Janome Corporation, often known as Janome (pronounced: Ja-No-Mey), has been associated with high-quality sewing machines. The firm, which began with its first sewing machine factory in 1936 in Japan. Today Janome is the number one sewing machine manufacturer in the world exports their sewing machines to more than 100 countries.

On October 16, 1921, businessman Yosaku Ose of Japan established the PINE sewing machine plant. He took the typical rectangular “shuttle-type” bobbin that was standard at the time and swapped it over with a circular one. The classic sewing machine’s effectiveness and speed were greatly increased by the novel design compared to the rectangular bobbins. Users gave the new bobbin the endearing name Janome, which is Japanese for “the Snake’s eye,” since it quickly acquired popularity. The name stuck and become widely known, ultimately becoming the registered trademark Janome in 1935. In 1954, Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. was legally accepted as the business name. The Janome Group changed its name to Janome UK Ltd. in the middle of the 1990s as part of its globalisation. Recently in 2021 at the firm’s 100th anniversary the company name was changed to JANOME Corporation.

With a wide selection of sewing machines and overlockers, Janome is now the market leader in the UK. All levels of sewers are encouraged to sew since Janome sewing machines are simple to operate. More than 60 million Janome sewing machines have been sold globally, including more than 2 million sold in the UK according to Janome.

List of Janome Sewing Machines

Below is a full list of the current sewing, embroidery and overlocker machines that Janome offers on the market. If we have reviewed the sewing machine on our site there is also a link to the review.

Standard Machines

These are Janome’s most basic machines that offer great affordability, durability and quality.

Janome Mechanical Sewing Machines
Janome Sewing Machines - History, Questions And Everything You Want To Know About The Brand 8

Computerised Machines

Janome’s computerised sewing machines are more advanced machines with more features. Ranging from Basic to very high level models, suitable from beginners to very experienced sewists.

Janome Computerised Sewing Machines
Janome Computerised Sewing Machines

Atelier Series

This is Janome’s Atelier series of sewing machines with a large arm & bed space of 210mm.

Atelier Sewing Machine Series
Atelier Sewing Machine Series

Janome Long Arm Sewing Machines

Janome Long Arm Space Sewing Machines
Janome Long Arm space Sewing Machines

Janome Embroidery Machines

Janome offers some top-quality embroidery machines that let’s you do professional-style embroidery from your home.

Janome Embroidery Sewing Machines
Janome Embroidery Sewing Machines

Janome Overlocker Machines

Janome has a great line up of overlockers, with some of the most popular overlockers on the market today. These Janome overlockers sewing machines provide an affordable solution for both beginning and seasoned sewers.

Janome Overlocker Sewing Machines
Janome Overlocker Sewing Machines

Frequently asked questions about the Janome brand

Who owns Janome sewing machines

Janome is a publicly traded company on the Japanese stock exchange, under the ticker TYO: 6445.

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