Best Sewing Cabinets – Will give you more room and help organising your sewing space!

A dedicated workstation and a means to keep your sewing materials organised and accessible are provided by sewing machine cabinets. When not in use, airlift cabinets keep your machine safe and out of sight. For storing thread, fabric, scissors, pins, and other supplies, storage cabinets are fantastic. You may easily work on huge projects since quilting tables provide a greater area. There are many types of sewing cabinets:

  • Sewing cabinet with a fold out table
  • Cabinets with Airlift
  • Cabinets with built in storage
  • Foldaway sewing cabinets

Getting a dedicated cabinet for your sewing area will help you get your sewing space more organised and clean. Having a dedicated sewing area makes sewing both easier and more fun. Compliment your sewing cabinet with a Sewing Chairs and you will be comfortable sewing for hours. If you are looking for more of a traditional sewing desk or sewing table we have a post on our favourites here: Best Sewing Tables and Desks.

Our Favourite Sewing Cabinets

Kangaroo & Joey Sewing Cabinet

Kangaroo And Joey Sewing Cabinet
Kangaroo and Joey Sewing Cabinet

Full-size sewing cabinet Kangaroo & Joey by Kangaroo Sewing Furniture has a 3-position hydraulic lift that accommodates most standard sewing machines on the market, up to 55lb. It has a roomy work surface for large quilting projects, and a movable storage caddy for versatile sewing and crafts storage. The caddy features 3 locking drawers to keep sharp notions safe and out of reach. The rear quilt leaf expands the work surface to keep large projects from pulling or laying on the floor. The top drawer also includes removable cover to create additional workspace. This is a very versatile sewing cabinet that will really help you keep your work area organised.

Aussie Sewing Cabinet

Aussie Sewing Cabinet
Aussie Sewing Cabinet

The iconic Aussie Sewing Cabinet from Kangaroo Sewing Furniture has a three-position hydraulic sewing lift and over 31 square feet of sewing workspace for free arm and flat bed sewing! The Aussie workstation has a mobile storage caddy with numerous pre-set settings that is ideal for storing an overlocker or other sewing supplies. In no time, your substantial quilting projects will be grateful to you! Unbelievably, Aussie compresses to a size of little over 4 feet by 2 feet, when you need to pack it away. This is great for people who doesn’t have space to leave it out but still want a large sewing space while working.

Sewing Machine Cabinet Bertha

If you are looking for the ultimate dedicated sewing workspace then anything made by the Arrow brand should be on your radar. Arrow are by far the best brand for when it comes to both sewing tables and cabinets. Their products are built to the highest standard and are designed to be very functional.

Arrow Sewing Machine Cabinet
Bertha Sewing Cabinet

The Arrow Bertha is one of their premium sewing cabinets and it comes with everything you need to keep your sewing organised. It is designed to accommodate the largest of sewing machines including embroidery machines and can hold a machine with a weight up to 45 lbs.

In total there are three positions including freearm, flatbed and storage. The opening will accommodate sewing machines no larger than 57.3 cm wide x 29.8 cm deep x 36.8 cm tall. What I really like about this cabinet is the back quilt leaf behind the unit that provides plenty of workspace.

In terms of storing your accessories the two doors have a total of eight storage trays and can hold a fair amount of accessories and essential sewing equipment.

Once open the cabinet dimensions are 213.3cm x 101cm x 77.5cm and when closed are 110.5cm x 60.3cm x 80cm. It also comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Arrow 98901 Auntie Em Sewing Machine Cabinet

If your sewing area is too small to accommodate a cabinet as big as the previous one, then the Arrow Auntie Em, may be more suitable to your needs. This cabinet provides all the features of a larger cabinet, but at a reduced size.

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Auntie Em Sewing Machine Cabinet

It comes with an airlift that moves into three positions including flatbed, free arm and storage. There are four drawers for storing the accessories you like to keep close to hand. It also comes with a universal insert to fit most sewing machines creating a flush sewing surface. it has a very handy fold out table that give you additional workspace while sewing but can be folded away to take less space, while not in use.

Dimensions are 161.9cm W, 50cm D and 77.4cm H and when closed 82.5cm W, 50.1cm D and 78.7cm H. Accommodates machines up to 31.5cm deep x 47.94cm wide x 33.3cm tall.

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