Top 5 Sewing Chairs For Comfort while Sewing

For many of us sewing involves sitting on an uncomfortable chair at a desk or table for long periods of time in a hunched up position, until your aching muscles can’t take any more. This is of course not good for the long term and a great way to end up with both a bad back and neck ache.

For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in a dedicated sewing chair. The best sewing machine chairs provide lumbar and back support at the same time as being comfortable for extended periods of use. It is also important that you are working at an ideal height so it is also smart to invest in a proper sewing table or cabinet. It is also important you are able to adjust the seat height on the chair. We would also recommend getting a sewing machine chair with wheels, as this makes it easier when you need to move around to get more fabric or thread.

In this article we will be taking a look at my top sewing chair recommendations.

Let’s take a look!

Top 5 Sewing Chairs

Arrow Hydraulic Sewing Chair

Arrow Hydraulic Sewing Chair
Sewing chair with hydraulics

The experienced sewers out there will already know that Arrow make top quality sewing tables and cabinets. The Arrow hydraulic sewing chair is no exception to that quality and is our top choice for anyone looking to buy a dedicated sewing chair.

It comes with a choice of bright and stylish coverings that are guaranteed to brighten up your workspace. What I like the most about it is the hidden storage compartment underneath the seat cushion. This extra space is great for storing your sewing essentials.

In terms of functionality it features a hydraulic height adjustment that can be adjusted from 18 to 22 inches. The sturdy design has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. The chair swivels 360 degrees and has 5 casters that provide easy movement around your work station.

Designed with targeted lumbar support a thick cushioned back and seat you shouldn’t have a problem sewing for long periods of time in comfort.

Cherry Tree Furniture Sewing Chair

Cherry Tree Furniture Sewing Chair
Sewing Chair by Cherry Tree Furniture

If you are looking for the comfort of a high-end sewing chair at a price that can’t be ignored then you simply must take a look at this model by Cherry Tree Furniture.

Available in a choice of four different velvet upholstery colours there is sure to be one to your taste. The velvet upholstery is wipeable ensuring it stays in top condition, this chair is designed to last.

Like all good sewing chairs it has a swivel design and casters for ease of movement. The solid and sturdy design gives it a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

The curved back and seat of this chair is designed with comfort in mind, which is of course an essential requirement of any sewing or craft chair.

Life Carver Mesh Swivel Chair

Life Carver Mesh Swivel Chair
Mesh Swivel Sewing Chair

For those on a budget or simply not looking to spend too much on a chair for sewing the Life Carver Swivel Chair is definitely worth considering.

The minimalist and space-saving design of this chair is great for those with a small sewing area. With comfort being a top priority the backrest features a curved contour line and lumbar support that optimally aligns with the natural curvature of your spine for maximized comfort during long sewing sessions. The mesh material promotes air flow and is perfect for keeping your back cool.

The seat is height adjustable from 35 to 47cm making it suitable for most people. It features silent casters and has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

To sum up, the Life Carver Swivel Chair offers good value for money and ticks all the boxes for a good quality chair for sewing.

Office Hippo Mid Back Ergonomic Swivel Chair

Office Hippo Mid Back Ergonomic Swivel Chair
Office Swivel Chair for tailoring

If you have worked in an office environment before then the chances are you have already tried and tested this chair or one very similar. Simple in design yet fully functional for sewing, this chair from swivel chair from Office Hippo is another popular choice among sewers.

Weighing 12kg  itself it is suitable for those that weigh 115kg or less.  Like all good sewing chairs it features a swivel mechanism and adjustable seat height allowing you to find the most comfortable position. The height adjustability is very versatile and adjusts from 46cm to 58.5cm.

Upholstered in a tough wearing fabric ensures it will be quite some time before you get the joy of making a sewing project out of upholstering it.

Charles Jacobs Swivel Chair 

Charles Jacobs Swivel Chair
Swivel Chair for Sewing

With a wide choice of colours the Charles Jacobs chair is pretty much suitable for any decor and taste. In terms of sewing it features a curved ergonomic design with a contoured back that conforms to the natural curve of the human spine, making it ideal for those that sew for extended periods.

Another positive is that the seat and backrest are both padded with good quality padding that is designed to reduce the pressure on your thighs. Upholstered in a non-absorbent PU leather it is easy to clean and maintain.

Due to the wheeled star base this chair is suitable for both laminate and tiled flooring.

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