What Are The Best Overlockers – Buying Guide

How To Choose To The Best Overlocker In 2024

If you make a lot of garments and want a top quality and professional looking finish every time then owning the best  overlocker is a must. Overlockers have a reputation for being more demanding than a standard sewing machine as well as being more expensive. With that being said, you may well be wondering, are they worth the expense? In my opinion and probably that of anyone who owns one, they most certainly are.

There is a reason an overlocker sewing machine was used on almost every piece of clothing you are wearing right now and its because they are the best machine for doing the job to a high standard. As much as I love sewing machines they just aren’t capable of achieving the same results as an overlocker. One prime example is when working with stretch fabrics, if you have ever tried making an item of clothing with a stretch fabric on a sewing machine you will know exactly what I am talking about.

In this guide I will be explaining everything you need to know about overlockers as well as bringing you the top 5 best overlockers in the review section. For those in a hurry to buy an overlocker you can compare my top recommendations in the comparison table below.

PreviewMost Popular
Brother M343D Overlocker
Best Overall
Janome 9300Dx Overlocker
Best Value
Brother 3034Dwt Overlocker
ProductBrother M343D OverlockerJanome 9300DX OverlockerBrother 3034DWT Overlocker
Thread3 or 4 thread overlock3 or 4 thread overlock3 or 4 thread overlock
Differential Feed Ratio0.7mm to 2.0mm0.5mm to 2.2mm0.7mm to 2.0mm
Dimensions38.5 x 33 x 36.5 cm38 x 37 x 35 cm43.7 x 36.3 x 32.8 cm
Positive FeaturesF.A.S.T lower looper threading systemEasy rolled hem conversionF.A.S.T lower looper threading system

Best Overlockers – Buying Guide

Before buying an overlocker there is quite a bit of information worth knowing first. Knowing as much as you can about overlockers before purchasing one will help to ensure you buy the best model for your needs.

What Is An Overlocker & How Do Overlockers Work?

Overlockers were first used in an industrial setting as a quick and reliable way of sewing over the edges of clothing to give them a high-quality and very durable finish. Furthermore, they are also used for seaming, hemming, flatlocking and for giving a decorative edging. Due to technological advancements they are now far more compact and affordable than they used to be, allowing people to have one in their own home.

When compared against a sewing machine there are quite a few noticeable differences. In addition to being faster at sewing they also come with a built-in blade which trims off the excess seam allowance as you go, which again is more time efficient than having to do this task with scissors.

Instead of the bobbins that a lockstitch sewing machine uses an overlocker uses loopers which are fed by spools of thread. The loopers create thread loops which pass from the needle thread to the edges of the fabric all while containing the edges within the seam.

How Many Threads Do I Need?

An overlocker can use up to 5 different spools of thread to create a stitch. The amount of threads an overlocker has can vary depending on the model. Most models come with 4 threads. With the 5-thread overlockers costing considerably more, the question to ask yourself is “do i really need 5 threads”. Generally speaking most sewers rarely use the 5th thread on an overlocker.

Below you can find each individual thread formation and what they are most commonly used for.

1-Thread Overlock Stitch – If you do a lot of seaming then you will be using the 1-thread overlock stitch quite often as it is very good for both butt-seaming and end-to-end seaming.

2-Thread Overlock Stitch – There are a good number of uses for a 2-thread overlock stitch, one of my particular favourites is for giving sewing projects a very good edge finish. Aside from this they are also good for attaching elastic and lace, stitching flatlock seems and everyday hemming.

3-Thread Overlock Stitch – These are often used for seaming but they lack the strength of using 4 threads. They do give a bit more in terms of flexibility than a 4-thread which is good, i would avoid using on high-stress areas though.

4-Thread Overlock Stitch – This is the most common used overlock stitch and for good reason. One of the best qualities of this stitch is its strength and the fact it has some flexibility to it. Ideal for seaming and giving a sturdy finish on woven fabrics, you will be using this one a lot.

5-Thread Overlock/Safety Stitch – The most expensive overlockers for sale are the ones with 5 threads. These are capable of sewing a 5-thread safety stitch which is perfect for creating very strong seams on heavier fabrics such as denim.

Differential Feed

The differential feed is a very useful feature of an overlocker. Overlockers come with two feed dogs as opposed to the one of a sewing machine. The purpose of having two feed dogs is that it allows you to set the differential feed rate of each one to a different speed. For example, you could set the differential feed to 1 on both of the feed dogs, which would result in both moving at the same speed, if you then changed one of the feed dogs to a higher setting it would feed fabric through on the selected feed dog at a faster rate. This is particularly useful when working with stretchy fabrics and for creating different effects such as crinkling or gathering.

Overlocker Differential Feed

Different Types Of Overlocker Stitches

  • Coverstitch
  • Flatlocking
  • Narrow Hem
  • Rolled Hem

Top 5 Overlocker Recommendations

Now that you know all you pretty much need to know about buying an overlocker, its time to take a look at my top 5 recommendations. In my top 5 choices i have included the best overlockers at different budgets so there should be something in there for everyone.

Brother M343D Overlocker

Brother M343D Overlocker Sewing Machine
Brother M343D Overlocker

When it comes to overlockers Brother are one of the most popular brands in the UK. The Brother M343D is one of their best-selling models and is a great affordable option for those on a budget.

In terms of stitches it has 3- and 4- thread overlock stitches and can perform narrow overlock and rolled hem stitches. In addition there is the option to buy additional presser feet which will allow for blind hemming and pin tucking.

One very positive feature is the Brother F.A.S.T lower looper threading system which makes the Brother M343DWT one of the easiest overlocker to thread. For beginners it comes with an instructional DVD which will show you how to use the machine and inform you about the different stitches and their uses.

For a very good price the Brother M343DWT has all the features necessary to do the job to a very good standard. The only drawback is that it is quite loud when in use. Find our full review of the M343DWT here.

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Janome 9300DX Overlocker – Best Overlocker 

Janome 9300Dx Overlocker Machine
Janome 9300DX Overlocker Machine

The Janome 9300DX is a very sturdy yet compact overlocker with some very good features to it. Consequently like all of the best models it has very good feedback from previous customers which is always a good sign.

Offering 3 or 4 thread capabilities the stitch performance of the Janome 9300DX is of very high-quality ensuring a professional finish. It features an adjustable cutting width of between 2.0 to 5.7 mm and uses standard ball point needles.

The extra-high presser foot it comes with is a welcome addition and makes working with thicker fabrics far more manageable.

Out of the box it comes already threaded which is a bonus due to the fact that overlockers are notorious for being hard to thread. Consequently it also comes with colour coded paths to make threading easier.

With a weight of 8 Kg the Janome 9300DX is a very sturdy and robust machine. With everything needed to start and finish any dressmaking or home decor project it comes highly recommended. If you are interested in this machine we recommend reading the full review of the Janome 9300DX.

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Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker

Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker
Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker

Jaguar manufacture sewing machines and overlockers for some of the biggest sewing brands in the world including Bernina, Juki and Singer to name a few. Since its launch the Jaguar 099 Advanced Overlocker has quickly become one of the best-selling overlockers on the market.

This brilliantly designed and well designed machine offers great versatility having the ability to be used as a 2, 3 or 4 thread overlocker. It features an adjustable stitch length of 1-5 mm  and runs at speeds of up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

What we really like about it is the stand-out tensions for fine needle setting and lay-in tensions with tension release for easy looper threading it has. These features alone make the Jaguar 099 a dream to work with. In addition the built-in needle threader and thread cutter make it a great choice of overlocker.

Coming with a whole bunch of accessories that are too long to list here, the Jaguar 099 Advanced Overlocker represents excellent value for money and is in my opinion well worth considering.

Brother 3034DWT Overlocker – Best Overlocker To Buy

Brother 3034Dwt With Wide Table Overlocker
Brother 3034DWT with Wide Table Overlocker

Another very popular overlocker from the Brother brand and this time it’s the Brother 3034DWT Overlocker. With excellent customer feedback on Amazon as well as being their choice model it comes with some good credentials.

When compared against the Brother M343D there isn’t much that separates the two to be honest. In terms of stitches and sewing features they are exactly the same. The main differences are that this model is slightly better in terms of quality and it comes with a scrap catcher.

There is another version of the 3034DWT which is called the Brother 3034D, this model is the same as this one but lacks the extension table.

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Singer 14HD854 Pro Speed Overlock Machine

Singer 14Hd854 Pro Speed Overlock Machine
Singer 14HD854 Pro Speed Overlocker

The Singer 14HD854 has a reputation for producing perfect seams on all types of fabric. Due to its adjustability an even feed is guaranteed with no puckering at all. From blind hems and rolled hems to flatlocking and finishing raw edges, it can do them all to a very high standard.

Featuring a powerful motor it makes lightwork of sewing heavier fabrics and is perfect for stretch fabrics. The free arm makes sewing them hard to reach areas such as cuffs and armholes a breeze.

Weighing in at 7.4Kg it is one of the heaviest models in our overlocker reviews. This is a good sign, as an heavy overlocker is a good indicator of model made with top quality metal components rather than plastic.

Janome AT2000D Overlocker

Janome At2000D Overlocker
Janome AT2000D Overlocker

The Janome AT2000D is the most expensive overlocker in my recommendations and it comes with some excellent features and specifications.

With a choice of 2, 3 or 4 threads it is a versatile model with a wide range of sewing applications. In terms of stitches there are a lot of them making this the only overlocker you may ever need to buy.

For ease of use it comes with a built-in reference panel making using it a bit simpler. Again for ease of use it features a self-threading lower looper, which in my opinion is a God send, as is the tilting needle clamp, which means you can change needles in a jiffy.

This is a great little machine and it would be hard to do it justice in a few short sentences. For a full rundown of its features check out my review of the Janome AT2000D Overlocker.

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Final Words

When it comes to achieving the best results possible an overlocker is an essential piece of sewing equipment. There are many brands and models to choose from when buying with some typically being better and offering more value for money than others. Hopefully, with the help of my best overlocker buying guide i have clarified a lot of the mystery surrounding overlockers for those that are not familiar with them and their features.

Do you have an overlocker? What model is it? If you have anything to share then please comment below. I love hearing like minded peoples thoughts about everything associated with sewing! 

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    • Hi Anne, It depends on how much you are looking to spend but the Brother M343D is a good entry mode. It has a good mix of affordability and quality features such as the F.A.S.T lower looping system

  1. Hi, I can use a points scheme to get a Brother 2504D Overlocker , this would be my first though, so I don’t know if this is a good model. As it’s a Brother, it seems like a great option. What are your thoughts? Like I said, I’m a newbie & have never used one before. Thanks.

    • Hi Beverley, unfortunately overlockers do tend to be quite loud but the 3034D isn’t that bad and it is a good choice, I would stick with it.

  2. I have a White 228 super lock. I’ve had it for at least 25 years and cuss it daily. Thank you for your article as I’m looking to replace this one.


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