Review: Elna eXcellence 790 Pro Sewing and Quilting Machine

Introducing the Elna Excellence 790 Pro – a standout in Elna’s Excellence series, and a game-changer in the world of sewing and quilting. This machine has it all – the strength, the space, and the features that both professional sewers and hobbyists dream of. Born from Elna’s long history of quality, the 790 Pro gives you a sewing and quilting experience like no other. This top-class machine showcases the best of Elna, supporting you in all your creative work. If you’re ready to take your sewing and quilting to the next level, the Elna Excellence 790 Pro is ready to be your new best friend.

Overview Elna eXcellence 790 Pro

The Excellence 790 Pro is more than just a sewing and quilting machine; it’s an innovation that propels your creative journey to new heights. With its robust, full-aluminium construction and extra-large sewing area, this machine is meticulously crafted to make your sewing and quilting experience as seamless as possible.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Sewing And Quilting Machine
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Sewing and Quilting Machine

Features of the Elna eXcellence 790 Pro

The Elna Excellence 790 Pro sewing and quilting machine is a powerhouse of features designed to simplify and enhance your sewing and quilting projects. Whether it’s the sturdy, full-aluminium build or the intuitive 7-inch high-definition touch screen, every feature has been carefully selected to meet and exceed your expectations.

Design and Construction

The Excellence 790 Pro offers a professional-inspired flat-bed design, eliminating the need for a free arm and paving the way for a wide range of projects. Measuring 650 x 371 x 259 mm and weighing a solid 17.3 kg, its robust build ensures a steady and vibration-free sewing and quilting experience.

Display and Interface

Featuring a 7-inch high-definition colour touchscreen, the Excellence 790 Pro makes navigation a breeze. The spacious display of 152.4 x 91.4 mm provides a clear view of settings, enhancing your sewing and quilting process.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Display
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Display

Sewing and Quilting Area

This machine offers an extensive sewing and quilting space of 343 x 140 mm, enabling you to manage large projects with ease. Included is an extra-wide extension table with a built-in accessory case, providing ample room for accessory storage and your work-in-progress.

Built-in Stitches and Fonts

With a stunning array of 400 stitch patterns, including 12 automatic one-step buttonholes and an alphabet in 3 typefaces, your creative possibilities are limitless. Be it a 9 mm capital letter or number, or a subtle 5 mm stitch, you have total control over every project.

Advanced Functions

The Excellence 790 Pro incorporates several automated functions to simplify your crafting journey. An advanced dual feed system and an automatic one-step needle-plate conversion system are among the cutting-edge features that add precision and ease to your work. A built-in superior system needle threader, an automatic thread tension control, and an automatic presser foot lifter make your sewing and quilting more efficient and enjoyable.


The machine is fitted with 9 high-illumination LEDs in 4 areas, ensuring that your workspace is brightly lit for optimal visibility and precision.

Additional Functionalities

The Excellence 790 Pro also boasts a number of functional buttons, such as start/stop, reverse, and automatic-lock stitch. It also features an up/down needle position with a memory function, automatic and programmable thread cutter, and a speed control slider.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Quilting Sewing Machine
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Quilting Sewing Machine


A USB port allows for data transfer and easy firmware updates. Additionally, the machine features a remote thread cutter port for an added layer of convenience.

Storage and Portability

The machine’s accessory storage is smartly integrated into the extension table and accessory case, making it easy to keep your workspace organized. Despite its comprehensive features, the machine’s thoughtful design keeps it portable and easy to store.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Storage
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Storage


The Elna Excellence 790 Pro is packaged with an impressive array of standard accessories designed to facilitate a seamless and efficient sewing experience.

Presser Feet and Needle Plates

The machine comes with a remarkable collection of 21 presser feet. These include a standard foot A, rolled hem foot D, invisible zipper foot Z, satin stitch foot F, open-toe satin stitch foot F2, blind hem foot G, overlock foot M, ¼” seam foot O, and many others for free-motion quilting and darning. A noteworthy inclusion is the automatic buttonhole foot R with a stabiliser plate and button sewing foot T that make working with buttons an absolute breeze.

The package also provides three types of needle plates: standard stitch, straight stitch, and a professional-grade HP needle plate.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Needle Plate
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Needle Plate

Other Accessories

To cover all aspects of your sewing projects, the Excellence 790 Pro comes with additional accessories, including a button shank plate, quilting guide bar, bobbins, a seam ripper, a needle set, and a lint brush. You also receive a touch panel stylus for easy operation of the high-definition touch screen.

A variety of spool holders (small, large, and special), spool rest, and spool nets ensure a hassle-free threading experience. Also included is a small screwdriver for any necessary adjustments.

Sewing Comfort and Storage

The machine’s convenience is enhanced with the inclusion of an adjustable knee lifter and a large foot controller with a thread cutter switch. To maximise workspace and organise your accessories, the machine features an extra-wide extension table with an accessory drawer and an accessory case.

Protective and Software Add-ons

For protection, the package includes a semi-hard fabric cover to keep your machine safe when not in use. Furthermore, the PC Application Pack incorporates Stitch Composer software, a Quilt Block Advisor, and a Screen Saver to maximise your machine’s capabilities and simplify your quilting projects.

With such a comprehensive set of accessories, the Elna Excellence 790 Pro ensures you’re well-equipped to handle any sewing project that comes your way.


With the Elna Excellence 790 Pro, you’re investing in a high-end, feature-rich sewing and quilting machine. The price tag reflects its premium status and the comprehensive capabilities it offers. While the exact cost can vary based on your location and retailer, you can typically expect to find the Elna Excellence 790 Pro priced somewhere between $3,500 and $4,000. This price estimate includes the machine along with the extensive range of accessories that are provided as standard.

Remember, this machine is designed to meet the needs of both serious hobbyists and professionals, with the power, features, and flexibility to handle a wide variety of sewing and quilting tasks. In that context, the price point of the Elna Excellence 790 Pro represents a good value for those who will make full use of its abilities

Conclusion: Personal Touch

Having spent considerable time with various sewing machines, the Elna Excellence 790 Pro stands out. Its advanced features, power, and precision have greatly improved my sewing experience. The extra-large sewing area and high-definition touch screen are particular highlights for me. For those who are serious about sewing and looking for a machine that offers top-notch performance, I would highly recommend the Elna Excellence 790 Pro.

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