Juki Haruka TL18QVP Review of the Quilting and Sewing Machine

The Juki Haruka TL18QVP is a semi-industrial performance machine that is quickly gaining popularity. What makes the TL18qvp such an amazing machine is the inner hook system that is a rotary hook system made of steel and can go at high speeds, whether quilting, bag making or dress making. These machines simply provide the best straight stitch performance. Many people add this to their existing model because 90% of their sewing is still straight sewing or quilting.

The Juki Brand

In the world of sewing machines, the Juki brand is well-known. The firm was formed in Japan in 1938 and has a long history of providing high-quality sewing machines for both industrial and residential usage. Juki machines are well-known for their durability and adaptability, and they are utilized by many professional seamstresses and apparel manufacturers all over the globe. In recent years, the firm has extended its product line to include a broad variety of sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines, making it a popular option for sewing lovers of all levels.

Juki Haruka Tl-18Qvp Sewing Machine
Juki Haruka TL-18QVP Sewing Machine

Main Features of the Juki Haruka TL18QVP

The GVP on the Juki Haruka TL18QVP stands for quality, vision, and professionalism, and it is a popular machine among quilters. Juki is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial machines, and this machine truly offers a plethora of high-end features and is the top machine in this series.

Remote thread trimming switch

This is my favorite feature on the Juki that allows you to trim the thread from the foot control. If you press your heel down it will activate the cutter, allowing you to keep your hands on the fabric at all times.

Float feature

The float feature allows you to raise a regular foot to sew a thick stack of fabric without pushing it forward while I sew. Also, when working with free motion, it can be raised up, allowing me to sew with less pressure on the fabric.

Additional Features

The Juki Haruka TL18QVP also has a needle up and down control as well as double tension for working with thicker threads. It also has an automatic needle threader and a kneed lift. The speed control is conveniently located and easy to reach while sewing. The sewing speed can be adjusted from 55 to 1,500 stitches per minute. It also has an adjustable pressure gauge that allows you to adjust the presser foot pressure based on the thickness of the fabric.

Specifications of the TL18QVP

In the below image you can see the specifications of the machine, such as stitch lenght, sewing speed, lift of presser foot. What type of neeldes to use and the dimensions of the sewing bed and the sewing machine itself.

Juki Haruka Tl 18Qvp Specifications
Juki Haruka Tl18Qvp Review Of The Quilting And Sewing Machine 8
Specifications Juki Haruka Tl 18Qvp
Specifications Juki Haruka TL-18QVP


The Juki Haruka TL18QVP comes with a plethora of accessories. The included walking foot has a quilting guide that can be adjusted to quarter inch or sew parallel lines. It comes with a standard free motion and the standard foot actually has a quarter inch ridge from the needle, so you know exactly where quarter inches is from the needle when working with this. Then it also has one that is an eighth of an inch for when working with more delicate movements. It also includes a free motion foot and an open toe foot for micro quilting. It does have a patchwork foot with an edge guide that is ideal for working with chain piecing. Finally, it has a compensating foot that is a quarter-inch foot with a spring-activated ledge on it. If you want a little more wall, this is ideal for working with fabric that is a little thicker than quilting fabric. All of the feet that come with this are heavy duty commercial feet.

Presser Feet With The Juki Haruka Tl 18Qvp
Presser feet with the Juki Haruka TL-18QVP

There are additional option accessories that can be seen on the Juki Website.


The Juki Haruka TL18QVP is a highly dependable sewing machine that features high-speed sewing capabilities. It was designed to assist users in the production of projects that are of professional quality. There are a number of great features included in this machine, including a float feature, remote trimming, and an extra large table that is wider than the tables on most other machines. The commercial rotary bobbin has an exceptionally smooth surface, and the machine gives you complete control over the settings for both the stitch length (which ranges from zero to six) and the speed.

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