Juki MO-114D Overlock Machine – Review

The Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine is an excellent addition to any sewing kit. This innovative serger provides practical solutions to a wide range of sewing needs. With a simple setup and operation, you can be assured of consistently excellent stitching results. Today, we’re looking at the details of this fantastic machine from Juki – unboxing, setup, features, and overall performance. Let us get into the nitty gritty.

Unboxing the Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine

When you unbox the Juki MO-114D, you will notice two sergers displayed on the box. The other model, the MO-1040, is very similar to the MO-114D. We have been using the MO-1040 to make jeans in various workshops and retreats for quite some time. Today, however, we will be focusing on the MO-114D, the new kid on the block.

We have a retractable rod and a thread guide in the box that are easily attached to set up the machine. The machine also includes an all-in-one cord that combines the foot pedal cord and the power cord. This allows for a simple setup in which you simply insert one end into the machine, ensuring it is fully inserted, and you are done!

Key Features

The Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine is packed with numerous essential tools. It includes oil, thread spool caps, tweezers, thread nets, a screwdriver, and a lint brush. The tweezers are particularly useful when threading your serger. Additionally, it comes with a dust cover to protect the machine, and although it’s lightweight and somewhat flimsy, it does get the job done. The machine is also equipped with a pack of needles for your immediate sewing needs.

One noticeable feature this machine lacks is a catching basket to collect all the trimmings from the serger. Hence, it’s essential to have a tidy working space when using it. The machine’s on and off button is strategically located on the bottom right for easy access.

Setting Up the Machine and Initial Tests

The Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine comes threaded as a result of quality control tests run at the manufacturing plant. It already has a sample piece of fabric stitched onto it, serving as a quality assurance guarantee. After removing the sample stitching and re-threading the overlocker, we place four spools of thread, and voila, we’re ready for a test run.

The threading process is quite simple, especially with the color-coded diagram that guides you on how to thread your machine. For thorough maintenance, the left side of the machine pops open, making cleaning and accessing some parts during threading quite effortless.

The machine has two knobs at the front, with the top one for stitch length adjustment and the lower one for differential feed adjustment. After running the machine through a strip of quilting cotton fabric, the result is a well-tensioned and even four-thread serger stitch.

Unique Features

One remarkable feature of the Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine is the option of engaging and disengaging your blade. By pulling a little knob and flipping it, the blade retracts and remains inactive. This is a great feature when you need to stitch without cutting the fabric.

Pricing and Availability in the UK

The Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine is an investment for your sewing needs. It offers the quality and reliability that comes with the Juki brand, which is known for its robust and efficient sewing machines. This model brings professional-quality serging into your home or workspace, all at a competitive price.

The Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine’s estimated price in the UK market is within the range of £450 to £500. This price tag reflects its robust build, reliable functionality, and brand reputation. It’s important to note that prices may vary slightly based on the retailer, the inclusion of any additional accessories or extended warranties, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Given its features and performance, the Juki MO-114D provides excellent value for money. It’s a machine that, with proper care and maintenance, can offer a long lifespan of sewing projects, from simple everyday clothing repairs to more complex garment creations.


In conclusion, the Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine is a top-notch overlocker that guarantees superb stitching results. Its straightforward setup, functional features, and efficient operation make it an ideal choice for all your sewing needs. We are quite impressed with its performance right out of the box.

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Juki Mo 114D Overlocker Review

Review of the Juki MO-114D Overlocker Machine: unboxing, setup, unique features, and more. Enhance your sewing projects with this versatile overlocker.

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