Bernette 30 Series Sewing Machines – Comparison and Overview of the models

The bernette 30 series was launched in 2017 and is a step up from the very basic steps Sew n Go Range of bernette sewing machines. The 30 models is composed of two mechanical (b33 and b35) and two computerized sewing machines (b37 and b38). With the entry level model bernette 33 being a fantastic machine for beginners with little experience, up to the top of the range bernette 37 which is a computerised model with tons of features, functions and stitches for the more advanced sewist. A comparison table with all features of the different models is available at the bottom of the page. The bernette 40 series includes 1 overlocker, 1 coverstitch and 1 combined overlock/coverstitch machine.

If you want to learn more about the brand Bernina who makes the bernette range read our full post about the company and history here: Bernette Sewing Machines – History, Questions and Everything you want to know about the bernette Brand.

bernette 33

The first model in the bernette 30 series is the b33 Sewing Machine. It is a mechanical machine with no computers parts and is a step up in features and motor strength compared to the bernette Sew n Go Range. It comes with 15 stitch to select from and two easy to use dials for stitch selection and stitch length settings. It also has a needle threader and comes with five different presser feet.

The bernette 33 is the first model of the two mechanical bernette models in 30 series. As a entry model, it is very well suited for beginners with limited experience.

Bernette B33 Sewing Machine

bernette 35

The second model in the 30 range is the bernette 35 which is also a mechanical sewing machine. It comes with all the features of the b33 but with a few more stitches than the bernette 33 with a total of 23 stitches, an automatic buttonhole function and 2 additional presser feet. All settings are still controlled through manual knobs and also includes a setting for width selection.

The b35 is an excellent machine for the occasional sewist that works on general sewing projects such as dressmaking, clothes mending or curtain making. It comes with a great selection on decorative and detail stitches without breaking the bank.

Bernette B35 Sewing Machine

bernette 37

The bernette 37 is the first of the two bernette computerised versions in the 30 series. It comes with 50 different types of stitches and an increased stitch with of 7mm compared to 5mm on the two previous models. Additional features are the start/stop button that let’s you control the sewing process without using the foot control. The needle up/down function allows the needle to be set to remain up or down when you stop sewing, which can be very advantageous sewing corners. Sewing speed regulator that helps you adjust the speed as needed.

A fantastic sewing machine for the casual sewist. If you want a sewing machine that is great for general sewing projects, that comes with a wide range of stitch options and useful features the b37 sewing machine is an ideal choice.

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine

bernette 38

The top of the line model in the 30 series is the bernette 38 that comes with loads of features and functions that every creative sewists would need. The bernette 38 sewing machine comes with all the features of the b37 plus an additional extended sew table, a hard cover and a whopping 394 stitches, that includes 67 decorative stitches, 3 types of alphabets and 8 buttonholes.

Full review of the bernette 38 can be read here: Bernette 38 Sewing Machine Review & Overview.

With a ton of practical features the b38 is a a fantastic choice for any sewist that wants a lot of options of decorative stitches to embellishing their projects.

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine

Comparison Table

General Functions and Featuresbernette B33

Bernette B33 Sewing Machine
bernette b35

Bernette B35 Sewing Machine
bernette 37

Bernette B37 Sewing Machine
bernette 38

Bernette B38 Sewing Machine
Machine typeMechanicalMechanicalComputerizedComputerized
Operation Mode2 knobs3 knobsLCD screenLCD screen
Free arm length to the right
of the needle
170 mm170 mm170 mm170 mm
Max. sewing speed
(stitches per minute)
860 spm860 spm700 spm820 spm
Upper thread tension manually
Foot pressure manually adjustable
Manual thread cutter
Automatic thread cutter
Start/Stop button
Needle stop up/down
Twin needle capability
Speed regulator
2-step presser foot lifter
Electric foot control
Total number of stitch patterns152350394
Buttonholes including eyelets1 (4 steps)1 (1 step)5 (1 step)8 (1 step)
Utility stitches including stretch
Darning stitches22
Embroidery stitches81967
Quilt stitches725
Alphabet3 (including
Maximum stitch width5 mm5 mm7 mm7 mm
Maximum stitch length4 mm4 mm5 mm5 mm
Retractable feed dog
Automatic bobbin winder
Automatic securing function--
Standard Accessories
Presser Feet (soles)5758
Extension table--Optional
Dust cover--SoftcoverHardcover

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