Bernette 60 Series: Comparison of the Bernette 62, Bernette 64 & Bernette68 Overlock Machines

The bernette 60 series is a brand new series of overlocker machines from Bernette that comes in three versions. The Bernette 62 AIRLOCK, which is a coverstitch and chainstitch machine. The bernette 64 AIRLOCK, an overlock machine. And finally the b68 that is an overlock/cover and combo machine.

A full comparison table can be seen at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

bernette 62 Airlock

Bernette 62 Airlock Overlocker
bernette 62 Airlock Overlocker

The coverstitch machine of the 60 series is the Bernette 62 AIRLOCK. The automatic air threader makes it simple to thread the looper thread. Stretchy fabrics, in particular, can be expertly sewed using the machine’s 4 coverstitches and 3 chainstitches, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes. With the knee lifter, the presser foot can be momentarily elevated and lowered, freeing both hands for fabric guiding. Large projects can be sewn on with the slide-on table and matching coverstitch insert, which expand the sewing surface. The big work area is clearly lighted by the 5 LEDs.

bernette 64 Airlock

Bernette 64 Airlock Overlocker
Bernette 64 Airlock Overlocker

The Bernette 64 is an overlocker with air threading that automatically threads the loopers. The freearm feature of the b64 AIRLOCK makes it simple to stitch sleeves and cuffs. With a sizable work surface and slide-on table to the right of the needle and as the other models in the range the working area is well-lit thanks to 5 LEDs. The bernette Free Hand System allows you to temporarily raise and lower the presser foot, leaving your hands free to manage your work. It has 16 different stitches, and can sew at a speed of up to 1,300 threads per minute.

bernette 68 Airlock

Bernette 68 Airlock Overlocker
Bernette 68 Airlock Overlocker

The top model of the Bernette 60 series, the Bernette 68 AIRLOCK, is a combo machine that can make overlock, do cover, chain, and combo stitches. This machine is ideal if you’re searching for a reliable and simple-to-use tool that can be used for a variety of materials, threads, and sewing projects. One of its many advantages is an air threader for quick looper thread threading. Another is the 130 mm of space to the right of the needle for comfortable sewing of large projects, especially for coverstitching. A third is an integrated freearm for sewing cuffs. A fourth is the knee lifter system for temporarily raising and lowering the presser foot.

Key Features of the bernette 60 Series

Stitches on the Bernette 60 Series

The b62 sews with four, three and two threads. So it sews a wide coverstitch with either two or three needles, it sews the narrow cover stitch with center and left, or center and right needle, and it sews the chainstitch with either left, center, or right needle.

The b64 AIRLOCK sews with four, three and  two threads. It has sixteen different overlock stitches,  such as 4-thread overlock, 3-thread  overlock wide or narrow,  flatlock, rolled hem and a variety of stitches.  

And the b68 with sixteen different overlock stitches,  seven cover stitches and eight combo stitches. In total there are 31 different stitches. And what great about the combo stitches is the width, 12.6 mm as wide we can sew the combo stitches on the b68, which I personally find ideal if  I sew a loosely woven fabric or if I combine a woven and a knitted fabric or different fabric qualities. So, there’s much more to a combo machine than to a coverstitch and an overlock machine,  because I can do these combo stitches in one go.

Slide-on table

Bernette 64 Airlock Table
Airlock Slide-on Table

There is a large slide-on table that is standard with all three models. The slide-on table extends the sewing space to the left of the needle making it ideal for larger projects.

In addition to the slide-on table, it is possible to change the cover insert to create a flat space which gives even more space. This coverstitch insert is also  standard for all three machines and together with the slide-on table it is possible can enlarge the machine for comfortable sewing. 

Knee Lifter

All three models come with a knee lifter, where you can push it with the knee to raise the foot or lower it. This allows you to have both hands free to guide or position your sewing project. 

Sewing Space

The sewing space on the right side is 130 millimeters on all three models. That’s really a good space to conveniently sew larger projects. With the the slide-on table and the insert on the machine there’s even more sewing space.  


All three models do have a freearm. Around the freearm you can conveniently sew tubular or circular items and the freearm cover is easily detached or attached. Freearm and freearm cover are also standard with all three models.

Cut-offs bin

Next would be the cut-offs bin. The two models that can sew cut and neaten come with a cut-offs bin that easily attaches to the front. And for the b62, where you may also have some thread bits or some trimmings of your hem allowance, the cut-offs bin is an optional accessory. It also attaches under the cover stitch insert.

Sewing Speed

The maximum speed for the machines is up to 1300 stitches per minute and it is easy to control the sowing speed by pressing soft for slow or harder for faster. And that’s of course, again the same for all three models. All three models are driven by an AC motor with a max. speed of 1300 stitches.

MTC – Micro thread control

The MTC or Micro Thread Control which is next to the stitch plate, is additional fine tuning. Fine tuning for the looper threads that means, MTC is only on the b64 and b68 version as they control edge thread. MTC is valuable where you use different thread qualities, decorative threads or where you go really wide with your stitch. Your overlock stitch can go up to seven millimeters width and it also has a maximum length of five millimeters. The mtc allows you to bring more looper thread into your stitch and balance it or to have a minus of mtc to avoid loose loops over the edge.


All the overlock machines in the Bernette 60 series come with the often used standard accessories, like a tweezer or a screwdriver and of course, each model has its own accessory box. With five spool nets and spool caps for the Bernette 68, and four parts each for the Bernette 64 and the Bernette 62 AIRLOCK.

Comparison Table

Model68 Airlockb64 Airlockb62 Airlock
Total number of stitch patterns31167
4-thread overlock
3-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread super-stretch stitch
3-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread narrow seam
3-thread rolled hem
3-thread picot stitch
2-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread rolled hem
2-thread wrapped overlock (wide/narrow)
4-thread coverstitch
3-thread coverstitch (wide/narrow)
2-thread chainstitch
5-thread safety stitch
4-thread safety stitch
Comfort features
Automatic air threader for looper threads
Freearm with freearm cover
Color-coded threading paths
Stitch length adjustable while sewing
Accessories under the looper cover
Sewing light5 LEDs5 LEDs5 LEDs
Safety switch activated when cover is open
Micro Thread Control (mtc)
Free Hand System (FHS) including knee lifter
Technical data
Space to the right of the needle130 mm130 mm130 mm
Manual thread cutter
Overlock stitch width 3-7 mm
Coverstitch width 2,8 / 5,6 mm
Combo stitch width 7,8-12,6 mm
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute)1,3001,3001,300
Standard accessories
Standard overlock foot
Standard coverstitch foot
Standard overlock/coverstitch combo foot
Deco thread guide
Slide-on table
Coverstitch insert for slide-on table
Cut-offs binoptional

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