Review of the Bernina L 460 Overlocker

The Bernina L 460 Overlocker, known as Bernina‘s top-tier overlocker as of now, is a stellar tool that meets the needs of most users when it comes to creating overlock seams. The L 460 is celebrated for its compatibility with current model Bernina machines and remarkable features that improve the overall sewing experience.

The Bernina L460 is the more advanced version of the Bernina L 450 that comes in at a slightly lower price point. For an explanation what differs between the models, read our comparison.

Features of the Bernina L 460 Overlocker

Stitch Variations

One of the key aspects of the L 460 Overlocker is its versatility in stitch options. The machine boasts a total of 16 different stitches, providing a wide variety to choose from based on your sewing project’s needs. These options include a 4-thread overlock for secure seams and a 3-thread super-stretch for elasticity in your stitching. Both 2 and 3-thread overlock options are available in wide and narrow variations, giving you the flexibility to adjust to the project at hand. Other stitches include 3-thread flatlock, narrow seam, rolled hem, and picot stitch. The 2-thread stitch types include overlock, flatlock, rolled hem, and wrapped overlock, providing extensive flexibility in your sewing projects.

Advanced Features

Comfort is paramount with the Bernina L 460 Overlocker, which includes manual needle threading and a lower looper threader, alleviating the often tedious process of threading. To further simplify the threading process, it includes a color-coded threading path and lay-in threading system, making it user-friendly. The machine also features a handwheel position indicator and an automatic needle stop-up, which is very useful when you need to adjust your fabric or thread. Another notable feature is the Bernina Foot Control that allows the needle to be positioned up or down as per your convenience.

The machine is equipped with a tension release mechanism that automatically releases thread tension when the presser foot is raised. This feature makes the removal or adjustment of fabric simpler. With the L 460, you can fine-tune the stitch length for a rolled hem or adjust it while sewing to meet your project requirements. The machine also comes with an adjustable differential feed that can be modified while sewing, ensuring smooth seams on all kinds of fabrics.

For those times when you’re working in low-light conditions, two LED sewing lights are included to illuminate your work area. An added safety feature is a switch that activates when the cover is open or the presser foot is raised, ensuring the machine does not operate in potentially unsafe conditions.

Technical Specifications

The Bernina L 460 Overlocker comes with technical features designed for precision and convenience. The Micro Thread Control (mtc) is a key feature that allows for superior stitch control and precision. The overlocker also offers a 3–9 mm overlock seam width and an upper knife drive from below for clean, professional cuts. It features a 2-step presser foot lift with an additional front foot lift for easy fabric maneuvering, while the 5-step presser foot pressure adjustment lets you set the right pressure based on the thickness and type of fabric.

The DC motor provides steady power, ensuring reliable performance. Impressively, the machine can sew at a speed of up to 1,500 stitches per minute, making it ideal for larger or time-sensitive projects.

Standard Accessories

This Overlocker comes well-equipped with several standard accessories. These include a standard overlock presser foot, the Bernina Free Hand System (FHS) for knee-operated presser foot lift, an optional slide-on table for additional work space, an upper looper converter, a cut-offs bin for scrap collection, and a seam guide for precise seams. Other accessories provided for your convenience and the machine’s upkeep include a set of needles, a collection of tools, and a dust cover.

Additional Features

The Bernina L 460 Overlocker doesn’t stop at its standard offerings; it goes beyond with a variety of additional features for enhanced functionality. These include an extension table that provides extra space for handling larger projects, adjustable differential feed for handling varying fabric types, a thread cutter for easy trimming, and a stitch width adjustment mechanism for greater control over your seams.

The rolled hem lever and seam guide are designed to facilitate precise, beautiful finishes on your sewing projects. Furthermore, a full range of accessories further augments its utility, including a variety of presser feet for different applications such as a rolled hem foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, blindstitch foot, overcasting foot, along with a needle set, spool net, and spool cap. You also receive a lint brush, screwdriver, tweezers, and an oil bottle for machine maintenance.

The L 460 User Manual

While this blog post aims to give you a comprehensive overview of the Bernina L 460 Overlocker, the manufacturer provides a user manual that serves as an in-depth guide to your new machine. This manual is your go-to resource for setting up the overlocker, learning to thread it, adjusting the stitches, and even performing simple maintenance tasks. If you stumble upon an issue while using the machine, the manual also offers practical troubleshooting advice. To consult the user manual at any time, visit this link.

Bernina Warranty: A Seven-Year Promise

When you purchase a new Bernina sewing machine from an authorised stockist in the UK, Bernina makes a commitment to you. They promise that your L 460 Overlocker will be free from defects in parts and workmanship for seven years. This extensive warranty is designed to ensure that you can enjoy many years of happy and productive sewing.

However, to maintain this warranty, there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, treat your machine with care, following the maintenance guidelines in your user manual. Secondly, arrange for your machine to be serviced by an authorised Bernina service engineer. This should be done either when your machine signals that it needs a service or every three years, whichever comes first.

To activate your warranty, fill out the Warranty Registration Card that you received with your machine and send it back to Bernina. Once they receive your completed card, Bernina will send you a Certificate of Extended Warranty. This document outlines the terms of your warranty and includes a service record that your service engineer will fill out. For more details about Bernina’s seven-year warranty, head to the Bernina website.


The Bernina L 460 Overlocker is truly a fantastic machine designed to meet most sewing needs with its expansive stitch options, comfort features, technical specifications, and additional features. This machine is the embodiment of Bernina’s commitment to delivering top-tier sewing solutions. It is a popular choice for sewing enthusiasts due to its quiet, smooth operation and a variety of useful features. All these aspects combined make the L 460 a top-tier overlocker, a fine example of Bernina’s tradition of excellence in the world of sewing.

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