Review of the Bernina L 450 Overlocker

Overlocking, also known as serging, is an essential skill for any seamstress. In this blog post, we’re going to delve into the features of the Bernina L 450 Overlocker, a machine I’ve had the pleasure of using in my classroom. One thing that impresses me about this overlocker from Bernina is its simplicity and quiet operation. If threading an overlocker has ever been a cause of concern for you, the Bernina L 450 makes it incredibly straightforward.

For a few more additional features such as the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS), check out the bigger brother of the L450 the Bernina L 460. For an explanation what differs between the models, read our comparison.

The Bernina L 450 Overlocker

This overlocker is not just a 4-3-3 thread machine; it can perform up to 16 different stitches, making it an incredibly versatile choice for both beginners and professionals. It can execute a 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock in both wide and narrow variations, 3-thread super-stretch, 3-thread flatlock, and more. Moreover, it can create a range of 2-thread stitches, including overlock, flatlock, rolled hem, and wrapped overlock.

For your comfort, the Bernina L 450 comes equipped with both manual needle and lower looper threaders. The machine’s threading path is color-coded to assist you in threading the machine with ease, and the handwheel position indicator is another feature that makes operating this overlocker a breeze. The stitch length can be finely tuned for rolled hems and is adjustable while sewing, as is the differential feed.

The Bernina L 450 doesn’t compromise on safety and convenience either. It has two LED sewing lights for optimal visibility, and it also provides an accessories storage area in the looper cover.

Threading the Bernina L 450

The Bernina L 450 has a user-friendly lay-in threading system, making it a relatively simple task even for those new to overlocking. The thread tension automatically releases when the presser foot is raised, making threading more efficient.

Before threading, always ensure the presser foot is raised. This action opens the tension disks, allowing the thread to fall into place more effortlessly. The loopers need to be in the correct position too. There’s a small window on the side with a black arrow and a line. By turning the handwheel until the red line aligns with the black line, we can ensure the loopers are correctly positioned.

Once this is done, you can start with the upper looper, marked by a blue dot. Following the threading guide ensures you capture all the necessary steps. After threading the upper looper, it’s time to thread the lower looper following the same principles, but this time focusing on the red guides.

Threading the needles might seem challenging, but the Bernina L 450 comes with amazing needle threaders. These tools are incredibly efficient if used gently. Each needle is color-coded: the right needle is green, and the left one follows a yellow guide.

Understanding the Dials

After threading, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the machine’s dials. The Bernina L 450 features tension dials at the top for individual threads, a stitch length dial, and a differential feed. On the right-hand side, there’s a handwheel.

At the front, there’s another dial which adjusts the cutting width. This can go up to nine millimeters, allowing for wider seams if desired. This feature is particularly useful for textile art and fabric making.

The Bernina L 450 overlocker is equipped with a feature known as the Micro Thread Control (mtc) for more precise overlocking. It allows you to adjust the seam width from 3 to 9 mm, catering to a variety of project needs. You’ll also find the upper knife drive coming from below for better access and control.

Additional Features

The Bernina L 450 also features a stitch finger removal lever, useful when working on a rolled hem. The machine includes a guide that can help you maintain a straight sewing line, especially useful when working with commercial patterns that require a 5/8 seam allowance.

This machine is designed with a two-step presser foot lift and an additional front foot lift, offering five levels of presser foot pressure for diverse fabric types. Another feature worth mentioning is the built-in rolled hem lever in the stitch plate for easy transition to rolled hemming.

The machine’s motor allows it to achieve a sewing speed of up to 1,200 stitches per minute. The cut-offs bin and seam guide are standard accessories that further enhance your sewing experience.

User Manual

For a better understanding of your Bernina L 450 Overlocker, don’t forget to check out the online instruction booklet. It is a treasure trove of helpful tips and step-by-step guidelines, including how to set up your machine, how to choose and change stitches, and the best ways to keep your machine working well. It also contains solutions to typical problems you may encounter while using your machine. To view the Bernina L 450 Overlocker instruction booklet, click here.

Warranty Information

The Bernina L 450 Overlocker comes with a generous 7-year warranty that covers parts and labor when you buy from a certified Bernina UK store. This long-term warranty is Bernina’s promise to you of the machine’s quality and their commitment to your satisfaction.

For the warranty to remain valid, it’s essential to use and care for your machine as directed in the instruction booklet. Regular servicing by a Bernina-approved engineer is also necessary. This should be done either when the machine suggests it or at three-year intervals, whichever happens sooner.

Remember to fill out and send back the Warranty registration card that’s included with your machine. Once Bernina receives your completed card, they will send you a Certificate of Extended Warranty. This document explains the warranty’s terms and includes a space for the Bernina-approved engineer to note down the services performed on your machine. More details about Bernina’s 7-year warranty can be found here.


In conclusion, the Bernina L 450 Overlocker is an exceptional tool for any sewing enthusiast. Its wide range of stitch variations, comfort features, and accessories like the standard overlock presser foot, upper looper converter, and set of needles, among others, makes it an invaluable addition to your sewing room. Optional accessories such as the extension table can be added for even greater functionality. Plus, the safety and technical specifications of the Bernina L 450, such as the differential feed adjustment, thread cutter, stitch width adjustment, and rolled hem lever, make it not just easy to use, but a pleasure to operate as well.

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