Overlocker Model Comparison – Bernina L860 vs Bernette B64

We received the question on what is different between the Bernette 64 and the Bernina L860 and which one to pick. Both of these machines are going to be a four thread air thread overlocker so they can do four thread, three thread and two thread overlocking capabilities which is awesome. They both are air threaders which is amazing and they both have free arms and the micro thread control which is an amazing function. Both brands, Bernette and Bernina makes some great quality machines and are often among our current favourites. A comparison between the models in the Bernette 60 series can be found here: Bernette 60 Series: Comparison of the Bernette b62, b64 & b68 Overlock Machines.

Differences between the Bernina L860 vs the Bernette 64

Bernette B64
Bernette 64 Overlocker

There’s a couple of differences but let’s start with the air threading itself on both of these machines. They are air threaders but they thread a little bit differently. On the Bernette 64 there it’s actually a push button that will push the air through the machine whereas on the Bernina L860 it’s a step motor where you push on your foot control and then it shoots the thread through the machine.

Needle threader 

They both have a needle threader but they come in two very different styles. Now the Bernina L860 does have a needle threader built onto the outside of the machine whereas the Bernette 64 takes the standard manual threader that a lot of overlockers come with. 


Bernina L860
Bernina L860 with Screen

Biggest difference between the two overlocking machines is that the Bernina L860 has a screen whereas the Bernette 64 does not. When you switch stitches on your Bernette 64, you will have to manually change your tensions, your stitch width, your stitch length and all of that. However the Bernina L860 does have a screen that has a guided mode that will walk you through every single step. It will for instance remind you to pick up your presser foot, move your blade out of the way, it will walk you through every single step of the way to make your life a lot easier.And if you can’t remember what it’s telling you it has a video to show you how to do it, which is a really awesome feature. In comparison to the Bernette 64 you will probably want your manual nearby when you are switching stitches, whereas with the Bernina L860 it is built into the machine ready to help you.

What Overlocker to pick?

These overlockers are both going to drive very differently but are both great machines and choices. The Bernette 64 is definitely an entry level or intermediate level overlocker, as a lot of people step up into it. The Bernina L860 is slightly more advanced with the added feature of the display that is very useful and the drive is very smooth. We would recommend both of these machines but if possible go into a store and try them both as they both have a different feel to them.

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