Comparison of the Sewing Machines in the Brother Innov-is F-series Family

Brother F-Series Sewing Machine Comparison

Brother Sewing Machines‘s Innov-is F-Series sewing machines blend advanced functionality with user-friendly features. Designed for both beginners and advanced users, these machines simplify sewing and embroidery, making creative endeavors almost effortless. Whether your style leans toward traditional, modern, or something entirely unique, the Innov-is F-Series has something to offer everyone.

Overview of Models

Innov-is F420: The Beginner’s Companion


The Brother Innov-is F420 is a versatile sewing machine, perfect for various sewing projects. It’s specifically designed for ease of use, featuring advanced handling features that make it ideal for beginners and experienced sewers alike. Notable features include a knee lift and programmable custom stitching, enhancing its usability.

Innov-is F560: Custom Stitch Creativity

Brother Innov-Is F560 Sewing Machine
Brother Innov-is F560 sewing machine

The Brother Innov-is F560 caters to those who have some experience in sewing, as well as beginners looking for more advanced features. It boasts an advanced needle threader, drop-in bobbin, and an easy threading system. Its standout feature is the My Custom Stitch™, allowing users to bring their unique styles to life.

Innov-is F440E: Embroidery Specialist

Brother Innov-Is F440E Embroidery Machine
Brother Innov-Is F440E Embroidery Machine

This machine focuses on embroidery, with intuitive technology and impressive built-in designs. Its versatility allows adding color and design to almost any project. Built-in fonts for monogramming add to its appeal, making it a choice for those who love personalization.

F580: Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery All-Rounder

Brother Innov-Is F580 Sewing Machine
Brother Innov-is F580 Sewing Machine

The Brother Innov-is F580 is a dual-purpose machine, suitable for both sewing and embroidery. Also designed for quilting, the Brother Innov-is F580 offers superior stitch quality and auto thread tension. It’s equipped with a walking foot, quilting guide, and a quarter-inch foot, making it ideal for tackling multi-layer quilts. Its optional wide table and 7.4” workspace make managing large projects effortless.


Brother’s Innov-is F-Series presents a range of sewing machines that cater to different needs, from beginners to advanced users. Each model in the series offers unique features, ensuring that every sewing enthusiast can find a machine that fits their requirements. Whether it’s for embroidery, quilting, or general sewing, the Innov-is F-Series stands out for its ease of use, versatility, and advanced features.

Feature Comparison Table Brother Innov-is F-Series

A detailed comparison of features across the models shows the unique capabilities of each machine in the Innov-is F-Series. From the type of screen to built-in designs, each model offers something special. The table highlights differences in sewing stitches, buttonholes, built-in lettering styles, embroidery patterns, and advanced features like the needle threading system, thread cutter, and more, providing a clear picture of what each machine offers.

FeaturesInnov-is F420 Sewing MachineInnov-is F560 Sewing MachineInnov-is F540E Embroidery MachineInnov-is F580 Sewing, Embroidery & Quilting Machine
Type of screenLCD screenLCD touchscreen colourLCD touchscreen colourLCD touchscreen colour
Display size3.5“3.7”3.7”3.7”
Number of sewing stitches *140241241
Built-in lettering styles (sewing)5 (capital letters only)55
Built-in lettering styles (embroidery)1313
Built-in embroidery patterns193193
Built-in embroidery frame patterns140
(10 shapes x 14 stitch types)
(10 shapes x 14 stitch types)
Needle threading systemadvancedadvancedadvancedadvanced
Automatic thread cutter
Colour sorting
Jump stitch trimmer
SFDS (Square Feed Drive System)
Adjustable presser foot pressureelectronicelectronicelectronic
Lockstitch button
Multi-directional sewing✔ (up to 4 sideways)✔ (up to 4 sideways)
Adjustable thread tensionmanualautomaticautomaticautomatic
Electronic slide speed control
Combine stitches
Speed control customised for zig-zag width
Repeated single sewing
Automatic reverse / reinforcement stitch
Mirror imaging
My Custom Stitch™
Realistic preview of the patterns
Patterns – size change, rotation, mirror, …
Font size selection (L-M-S)
Text editing functions – multiple line text input
Free motion embroideryfree motion foot: optionalfree motion foot: optionalfree motion foot: optional
Knee lift
Multi Function Foot Controlleroptionaloptionaloptional
Mechanical dual feed (walking foot)optionaloptional
USB port
Wireless connectivity

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