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Podcast are becoming more and more popular everyday and nowadays you can pretty much find a podcast that cover any topic, so of course there are sewing podcasts as well. I’ve started to listen to more and more podcasts as well, as I feel like a good sewing podcast really helps me get inspired get my creative juices flowing. Like to turn them on both while working on my sewing projects at home but also in the car driving.

These podcasts can be very different, not only with the hosting but with what they

discuss as well so it can be good to listen to a few. To see what sewing podcasts you like to listen to you will need to give them a few episodes to try.

Not sure where to start? I’ve listed a few of my favourites below, hopefully you’ll like some of them too!

Our favorite Sewing podcasts right now

Love to Sew Podcast

The makers of Love to sew are two girls from Canada there’s,  Helen from Helen’s closet patterns and Caroline from Blackbird fabrics. They discuss some great topics, and a lot of different discussions covering so many different aspects of sowing. This podcast is about an hour or so each episode and they cover anything from zippers,buttons, pattern making, fabrics to topics like size inclusivity. Without these ladies there’d be a’ lot less people inspired to sew especially in the younger community but  they really do branch across all different ages. 

You can find it either through Spotify or on Apple podcasts.

Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell comes out on a monthly basis, it is three sewist from very different backgrounds that come together to discuss topics around sewing. They have backgrounds in fashion, indie sewing and theatre and they incorporate all their knowledge in discussing topics of sewing. They will also bring on some amazing and famous guests on to the show.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Threads Magazine Podcast: “Sewing With Threads”

Another monthly podcast would be Sewing With Threads and this is from the creators of Threads Magazine (if you are interested in what Sewing Magazines we read,  check out our post Our favourite Sewing and Quilting Magazines that you must read!). Host are Sarah Carroll and Jeanine who are the editors and writers for threads so this podcast is a little more from a technical aspects of sewing but of course they also have some general chitchat about sewing. They also bring on some fantastic guests some fantastic big-name guests that discuss couture sewing and different techniques that you might like to learn about. So this is a really interesting podcast for learning a lot more technical based sewing skills.

Listen on Spotifyor Apple Podcasts.

Sewing For The Weekend

So Sewing For The Weekend is another great podcast about home garment sewing. It is hosted by Beth and Nina (mother and daughter). The concept is that they get together on the weekend and to discuss what their trials and tribulations of sewing their own wardrobes. As they live far away from each other the the podcast is recorded on over the phone with them catching up chatting about sewing.  The  podcast is pretty hilarious and the bond between mother and daughter is really cute to listen to.

Available to listen on their website or Apple Podcasts.

Seamwork Radio: Sewing Stories

Sewing Stories is hosted by Sarai and Haley  over at Seamwork. Seamwork is a community that helps hobby wardrobe-makers stay creative and explore new patterns wit a sew along class each month. The podcast covers anything from stories about designing clothes and patterns to wearing what you create. This is a great podcast that really makes you feel connected to other sewing enthusiasts around you.

Find it on Apple Podcasts here.

Other Podcasts that are worth a listen

Quilt & Tell

This sewing podcast covers anything around quilting from a host that is a third-generation quilter and a practicing novice. The show features in-depth conversations and compelling stories for all skill levels and all quilting genres.

Listen via Apple Podcasts here.


This is a fairly new podcast out of Australia. The host are Anne and Maria they cover sewing, style and also have a lot of guests on their show.  

Available to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Do you have a favourite sewing podcast that we haven’t listed here? leave a comment below with your recommendation as we would love to check it out!

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