Review and User Experience: Brother ST371HD Strong & Tough Sewing Machine

Thrilled to share with you an in-depth exploration of the Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine, an impressive iteration of the HF-27 model. This unit stands out within the Brother catalogue, thanks to its innovative features, incredible flexibility, and resilience. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the ST37 offers enhanced features and functionalities, making it a compelling choice for sewing enthusiasts. Join us as we delve into the pros and cons of the Brother ST-37, providing you with a overview of its strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Key Features and Functionalities

Before we delve deeper into the performance and practical usage of the Brother ST37 Strong and Tough Sewing Machine, let’s first get familiar with its notable features and specifications. This understanding is essential as it allows us to grasp why this machine outperforms many others in its class.

Sturdy Construction

The Brother ST37, primarily made from plastic and metal, weighs in at a solid 8.4kg, making it a substantial yet sturdy machine that can handle a variety of tasks and fabrics with ease. Its material choice ensures durability, while the weight is indicative of its heavy-duty capabilities, enabling it to manage tougher fabrics including stretch and denim.

Stitch Varieties

The Brother ST371HD is a mechanical sewing machine boasting 37 different stitch options, offering a wide array of creative possibilities. This includes a one-step buttonhole style, enhancing your project’s finishing touches. Stitch width is adjustable, providing further control over your sewing.

User-Friendly Design

This machine is entirely assembled out of the box, ensuring a hassle-free start for all users. Threading is simplified thanks to an integrated needle threader, while a side thread cutter adds convenience. An integrated drop feed and a view-through bobbin cover further enhance the user experience.

Additional Utilities

For free motion work, button sewing, or darning holes, the drop feed lever can adjust the feed dogs as required. The machine also includes an extra-high presser foot lift for handling thicker materials, and a six-point feed dog system for improved fabric contact. An electronic foot control helps regulate sewing speed, while the built-in razor enables easy thread clipping.

Real-World Performance: Personal User Experience

As a seasoned Brother user, I’ve had the opportunity to craft six different pieces using the ST371HD, including creations from leather, denim, spandex, polyester, and even an elegant wool coat. This machine truly lives up to its “strong and tough” reputation and surpasses other Brother machines I own in terms of efficiency and versatility.

Stitch Quality

The ST371HD shines when it comes to stitching, offering crisp, clean, and beautifully executed stitches on fabric. It handles a wide variety of stitches, including zigzag and decorative ones, making it ideal for embroidery. Its ability to smoothly stitch through medium-weight leather is particularly impressive.

Fabric Handling

Ensuring you have the right needle for your fabric is crucial with this machine. For instance, a change of needle made a significant difference when I was working on a spandex piece. Furthermore, the ST371HD’s superior handling of spandex was remarkable. It not only manages this stretchy fabric effectively but also firmly holds it during sewing.

Areas for Improvement

While this machine excels in numerous areas, there are a few aspects that could be improved. The stitch selection arrangement could be more intuitive, and the machine could benefit from additional straight stitch options. Some control arrangements can be perplexing at first, but this does not detract from the machine’s overall performance.

Pros and Cons

Below, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons based on our detailed review and hands-on experience. These points cover everything from stitch options, ease of use, to fabric handling capabilities, providing you with a balanced overview of the Brother ST-37’s strengths and areas for improvement.


  1. A broad range of stitch options providing flexibility for various projects.
  2. Integrated needle threader and side thread cutter for added convenience.
  3. Heavy-duty construction suitable for a variety of fabrics.
  4. Comes fully assembled out of the box, offering a hassle-free start for beginners.


  1. Lack of auto thread tension could be challenging for beginners.
  2. No needle up/down function.
  3. Heavier than some other models, which might impact portability.
  4. The absence of a stop/start button might limit ease of use for some users.


In the UK, the Brother ST371HD is a mid-range sewing machine. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and any additional accessories included, but you can generally expect to pay between £250 and £300 for this model.


The Brother SRT37 is a strong and versatile sewing machine that can significantly enhance your creative projects. With its blend of power, versatility, and user-friendly design, it’s well worth considering, particularly if you’re looking to tackle a wide range of materials. Despite a few minor shortcomings, its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks, making it a solid investment for your sewing needs.

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