Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker – Unboxing, Setup and Review

The Brother AirFlow 3000 is a game-changing overlock machine that takes the fuss out of threading. For those familiar with the tedious task of threading overlockers, this innovative model from Brother is a welcome relief. This article takes a close look at the unboxing, setup, and initial threading process of the AirFlow 3000 and will give a review of the machine’s functionalities and capabilities.

Unboxing the Brother AirFlow 3000

The box arrived neatly packed with everything you need to get started. On top, you’ll find a handy styrofoam tray that houses all the essential accessories, including the power cord and foot pedal. Upon removing the accessories tray, you can find the AirFlow 3000, safely nestled within.

The package contains the overlock machine itself, a thread stand, instruction documentation, a dual-purpose foot pedal, and power supply unit. Additionally, there is a ‘tackle box’ filled with a variety of tools and presser feet, and a small receptacle presumably meant to catch thread trimmings during your surging tasks. You also get a convenient dust cover to protect the machine when not in use.

Main Features of the Brother AirFlow 3000

Innovative Air Threading Technology

Perhaps one of the most striking features of the AirFlow 3000 is its air technology, which utilizes a unique one-touch looper threading system. With threading ports connected to the end of each looper by tubes, a simple button press triggers a blast of air that pushes the thread through the looper. This effortless mechanism transforms the traditionally complex task of thread color changes into a breezy undertaking.

Impressive Stitch Quality and Differential Feed

This machine prides itself on delivering superior stitch quality, capable of creating flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches. Such a capability is particularly beneficial when working with specialty fabrics like fine knits and stretchy materials, as the AirFlow 3000 excels at producing perfect finishing touches.

Furthermore, the machine boasts a Differential Feed Ratio of 0.7mm to 2.0mm. This feature ensures exceptional stitch quality and opens the door to bespoke lettuce edge finishes on specialty fabrics.

Practical Design Elements

The AirFlow 3000 is designed with a brightly lit work area, courtesy of high-quality LED lighting. This feature ensures optimal visibility, particularly beneficial when sewing on dark fabrics.

The model also showcases quick-change levers, aiding in activating and deactivating the cutting knife for the rolled hemstitch feature. This mechanism prepares the fabric edge for threading (serging) without a hitch.

For safety purposes, a sensor and an error LED light are integrated. If the fabric cover or front cover is open, or if the presser foot is raised, the overlocker will cease to function, and an error LED light will illuminate.

Efficient Performance and Included Accessories

The AirFlow 3000 is designed for moderate noise levels, enabling you to add professional finishes to any project without disturbing your surroundings.

An exciting feature of the AirFlow 3000 is its ability to minimize lint build-up. The air technology ensures that threads are constantly moved through tubes, significantly reducing fluff and lint accumulation that might otherwise clog the lines.

The machine comes equipped with a Gathering Foot, a Blind Stitch Foot, a Piping Foot, and a Trim Trap, perfect for commencing your next DIY project.

Exploring the 4-Thread Overlock

The 4-thread overlock is a staple stitch in any overlocker, and the AirFlow 3000 executes it flawlessly. This stitch is strong and durable, thanks to the use of both loopers and two needles, resulting in a wide, robust stitch due to the two needle stitches. Brother has a video that goes more into depth on the 4-thread overlock that you can watch below.

Brother AirFlow 3000 Specifications and Accessories

This model’s specifications reveal its comprehensive feature set. The machine has adjustable presser foot pressure, manual thread tension, and doesn’t include a wide table. The model measures 14.4″ x 13.9″ x 15.9″ and weighs 21.6 lbs, offering a combination of sturdiness and compactness. It’s capable of producing a range of stitches, with a maximum sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute, an overlock seam width of 5mm -7.5 mm, and a stitch length of 1-4mm.

To enhance the sewing experience further, Brother offers a range of optional accessories for the AirFlow 3000. These include the Air Serger Rolling Trolley, Wide Table, Four Spools of Starter Thread, and more. Each accessory is designed to maximize the machine’s potential and cater to a variety of sewing tasks.

Key Accessory Features

Blind Stitch Foot: This tool allows the creation of a blind hem comparable to one made on a regular sewing machine but has the added advantage of finishing the fabric edge and hemming in one step. It is also designed to stretch, making it perfect for hems on knits or other stretchy fabrics.

Gathering Foot: This accessory is ideal for adding a touch of flair to your projects. Not only can you create fabulous ruffles with the Gathering Foot, but you can also attach them to flat fabric in one go.

Piping Foot: This foot enables the creation of bespoke piping for any project. It also includes a groove on the bottom, serving as a guide for zipper teeth, simplifying zipper installations.

Knife Lock Lever: Conveniently located on the front of the machine, on the lower left side under the door, the Knife Lock Lever allows you to cut or trim fabric using the knife. Alternatively, it can be disengaged for decorative stitch purposes.

2-Thread Switching Plate: The AirFlow 3000 comes with a 2-thread switching plate to create a fine finish on the edge of sheer fabric or a fine seam on lightweight fabrics. This plate is an invaluable addition to achieve a polished and professional look on delicate fabrics.

Setting Up the Brother AirFlow 3000

The Brother AirFlow 3000 is compact yet slightly larger than the Brother 1034D, an entry-level overlock machine. Despite the size difference, the AirFlow 3000 is designed to fit well in your workspace without taking up much room.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for the machine, setting it up is straightforward. Simply plug in the machine and position the presser foot below your table. The machine comes with a thread stand, which can easily be attached to the back of the machine to hold the threads.

Threading the Brother AirFlow 3000

Brother has made threading this overlock machine a breeze with its detailed, number-guided system. The thread tree follows a simple behind-and-through path, with a spiral-like movement under the little notch and through the front section.

Next, open the right side of the machine to access the threading channels, which are essentially ‘air corridors’ that swiftly carry the thread through the machine. The machine comes with a handy diagram to guide you through the threading process.

The threading process involves three steps:

  • First, raise the presser foot using the lever.
  • Second, lower another lever into the threading position, indicated by a thread symbol.
  • Finally, adjust the main knob to position the needles at their highest point.

After this, you place your thread in the right channel (marked ‘L’ for lower looper thread), press the threading button, and the machine automatically pulls in the thread. If you need to, you can adjust the thread tension or provide more slack to the thread until it is firmly in place.

After threading the lower looper, you repeat the process for the upper looper, following the same behind-the-thread tree, down-the-tab, and down-the-channel steps. There’s no need to change any settings on the machine for this step.

With both threads securely in place, you pass them under the presser foot, ensuring they go behind the blade that trims your fabric, and pull them out towards the back. The presser foot can then be lowered to keep the threads aligned.

Once the threading is complete, snap the lever back up into the surging mode, allowing you to close the threading section and start working on your project.


The Brother AirFlow 3000 is an innovative overlock machine that simplifies the tedious process of threading by utilizing air technology. With an easy one-touch looper threading system, changing thread colors is a breeze. It offers excellent stitch quality, capable of creating flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches, particularly useful for specialty fabrics like fine knits and stretchy materials.

The machine features a Differential Feed Ratio for outstanding stitch quality and the ability to create custom lettuce edge finishes. High-quality LED lighting ensures optimal visibility when sewing on dark fabrics, while quick-change levers make it simple to activate and deactivate the cutting knife for rolled hem stitches.

Additionally, a safety sensor and error LED light ensure secure operation. The AirFlow 3000 minimizes lint build-up due to its air technology, and its moderate noise level ensures an unobtrusive working environment. The machine comes equipped with a Gathering Foot, a Blind Stitch Foot, a Piping Foot, and a Trim Trap, making it ready to start any DIY project.

The AirFlow 3000 excels in the 4-thread overlock stitch, providing a robust and durable stitch. Its specifications reveal its versatility and robust performance, with a maximum sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute. For an enhanced sewing experience, Brother offers several optional accessories, including a Blind Stitch Foot, Gathering Foot, Piping Foot, and a Knife Lock Lever, as well as a 2-thread switching plate for delicate fabrics.

In summary, the Brother AirFlow 3000 offers a versatile and user-friendly sewing experience. Its combination of innovative technology, superior stitch quality, and practical features ensures a professional finish for any sewing project.

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