Brother Innov-ís Airflow 3000 Overlocker Review and Overview

Review of the Brother Airflow 3000

The Brother AirFlow 3000 is a game-changing overlock machine that takes the fuss out of threading. For those familiar with the tedious task of threading overlockers, this innovative model from Brother is a welcome relief. The Brother AirFlow 3000 is part of Brothers Innov-ís line of sewing machines.

Main Features of the Brother AirFlow 3000

The Brother AirFlow 3000 is compact yet slightly larger than the Brother 1034D, an entry-level overlock machine. Despite the size difference, the AirFlow 3000 is designed to fit well in your workspace without taking up much room.

Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker
Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker
  • Simple air threading technology
  • Advanced needle threader
  • 2, 3 or 4 thread stitching
  • Differential feed
  • Quick change levers
  • 5 – 7.5 mm stitch width
  • Sewing speeds of 1,300spm

The Brother AirFlow 3000 comes with a wide range of stitches, with a maximum sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute, an overlock seam width of 5mm -7.5 mm, and a stitch length of 1-4mm.

Air Threading Technology

Perhaps one of the most striking features of the AirFlow 3000 is the air threading technology, which uses a unique one-touch looper threading system. With threading ports connected to the end of each looper by tubes, a simple button press triggers a blast of air that pushes the thread through the looper. This new type of threading is really a game changer and makes the traditionally complex task of thread color changes into a breezy undertaking.

Stitch Quality and Differential Feed

The Brother AirFlow 3000 is capable of creating flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches. Which is useful when working with speciality fabrics like fine knits and stretchy materials, the AirFlow 3000 is great at producing fine finishing touches.

It has a Differential Feed Ratio of 0.7mm to 2.0mm. Someting that help with stitch quality and helps when doing bespoke lettuce edge finishes on specialty fabrics.

Brother Airflow 3000 Thread Tension Controls
Brother Airflow 3000 Thread Tension Controls

Overall Design and Specifications

The AirFlow 3000 has a well lit work area with LED lighting, making it easy to work on darker fabrics. It also comes with quick-change levers, helping in activating and deactivating the cutting knife for the rolled hemstitch feature. This feature prepares the fabric edge for threading (serging) without a hitch.

There is also a sensor and an error LED light for safety, so if the fabric cover or front cover is open, or if the presser foot is raised, the overlocker will cease to function, and an error LED light will show. Excellent feature that helps forgetful sewist like myself.

The AirFlow 3000 is fairly quiet compared to other overlocker models but still has some noise to it while in use.

A great feature of the AirFlow 3000 is its ability to minimize lint build-up. The air technology ensures that threads are constantly moved through tubes, reducing fluff and lint accumulation that might otherwise clog the lines.

The model measures 14.4″ x 13.9″ x 15.9″ and weighs 21.6 lbs, offering a combination of sturdiness and compactness

Blind Stitch Foot

This tool allows the creation of a blind hem comparable to one made on a regular sewing machine but has the added advantage of finishing the fabric edge and hemming in one step. It is also designed to stretch, making it perfect for hems on knits or other stretchy fabrics.

Gathering Foot

This accessory is ideal for adding a touch of flair to your projects. Not only can you create fabulous ruffles with the Gathering Foot, but you can also attach them to flat fabric in one go.

Piping Foot

This foot enables the creation of bespoke piping for any project. It also includes a groove on the bottom, serving as a guide for zipper teeth, simplifying zipper installations.

Knife Lock Lever

Conveniently located on the front of the machine, on the lower left side under the door, the Knife Lock Lever allows you to cut or trim fabric using the knife. Alternatively, it can be disengaged for decorative stitch purposes.

2-Thread Switching Plate

The AirFlow 3000 comes with a 2-thread switching plate to create a fine finish on the edge of sheer fabric or a fine seam on lightweight fabrics. This plate is an invaluable addition to achieve a polished and professional look on delicate fabrics.

Brother Airflow 3000 Knife Lock Lever
Brother Airflow 3000 Knife Lock Lever

Included Accessories and Optional Extras

Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker Accessories
Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker Accessories

The machine has adjustable presser foot pressure, manual thread tension, and doesn’t include a wide table but is available as an optional extra.

Brother offers a range of optional accessories for the AirFlow 3000. These include the Air Serger Rolling Trolley, Wide Table, Four Spools of Starter Thread, and more. Each accessory is designed to maximize the machine’s potential and cater to a variety of sewing tasks.

The machine comes equipped with a Gathering Foot, a Blind Stitch Foot, a Piping Foot, and a Trim Trap, full list of included accessories can be see in the image here.

Brother Airflow 3000 Extension Table
Brother Airflow 3000 Extension Table

4-Thread Overlock

The 4-thread overlock is a staple stitch in any overlocker, and the AirFlow 3000 executes it flawlessly. This stitch is strong and durable, thanks to the use of both loopers and two needles, resulting in a wide, robust stitch due to the two needle stitches. Brother has a video that goes more into depth on the 4-thread overlock that you can watch below.

Brother AirFlow 3000 4-Thread Overlock Video


The Brother AirFlow 3000 is a pretty cool sewing machine that makes threading way easier with its air technology. With just a push of a button, you can change thread colors without any hassle. It’s great for making all kinds of stitches like flatlock, overlock, and rolled hems, and it’s especially good with stretchy or fine fabrics.

This machine has a feature that adjusts how the fabric feeds through, ensuring your stitches look top-notch and even lets you make those wavy lettuce edge finishes. It also has bright LED lights to help you see better when working on darker fabrics, and you can easily switch on and off the cutting blade for different stitches.

For safety, there’s a sensor and a warning light to prevent mishaps. Plus, the air tech means less lint mess and it’s not too noisy, which is nice. It comes with several feet attachments like for gathering or blind stitching, and a trim trap, so you’re pretty much set to start any project.

The AirFlow 3000 is really good at doing the 4-thread overlock stitch, which is strong and durable. It can sew fast, up to 1300 stitches a minute. Brother also offers extra accessories if you need them, like different feet and a knife lock lever, and there’s a special plate for sewing delicate fabrics.

In short, the Brother AirFlow 3000 makes sewing a lot more versatile and enjoyable, with its smart tech, high-quality stitches, and handy features for a professional finish on your projects.

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