Review of the Brother 4234D Overlocker

Brother 4234D Overlocker Review

Brother is a brand known to most, and they have been creating quality sewing machines for a very long time. This post will look at the Brother 4234D Overlocker, a machine that is great for both seasoned sewers and those dipping their toes into the world of sewing. it is a entry-level model in Brother’s line-up of overlockers but still capable and is aimed at providing an excellent sewing experience without overwhelming the user. Whether you work with jerseys or woven fabrics, the Brother 4234D Overlocker can help get your sewing game to the next step.

Overview of the Brother 4234D Overlocker

Brother 4234D Overlocker Machine
Brother 4234D Overlocker Machine

The Brother 4234D Overlocker, a beginner-friendly and budget-conscious machine that offers 2, 3, or 4 thread overlock stitches, giving you great control over your sewing projects.

The machine’s comes with a 4-colour threading guide for easy setup and a fast and simple threading (F.A.S.T.) system that makes it easy to thread.

  • 2, 3 or 4 thread overlocker
  • Easy threading via needle threader
  • Fast and simple threading, lower looper
    threading system
  • Differential feed
  • Instant rolled hem

Main Features and Functions

The Brother 4234D Overlocker distinguishes itself as the third installment in Brother’s acclaimed series of overlockers, melding exceptional functionality with a transition towards more advanced machines like air thread and combination cover stitch models. Its construction boasts a durable metal telescopic pole and a handy detachable trim trap, highlighting the machine’s robust build quality and thoughtful design.

A key highlight of the 4234D is its versatile capability to accommodate a wide range of fabric types and weights, supported by the option to cut, sew, and overlock using 2, 3, or 4 threads. This flexibility is aided by the machine’s color-coded threading system, FAST lower looper threading, and lay-in threading features, which streamline the setup process. The automatic tension release and looper threader functions ensure that stitching adjustments are effortless and precise, catering to the varied demands of sewing projects.

The machine also boasts a retractable knife for cleanly cutting fabric edges, an energy-saving LED work light that illuminates the workspace for optimal visibility, and built-in accessory storage for efficient organization of sewing tools. The inclusion of a trim trap to capture fabric scraps for a tidy work area also doubles as a convenient storage solution for the foot controller when not in use.

Brother 4234D Overlocker Sewing Machine
Brother 4234D Overlocker Sewing Machine

Sewing Features

Brother 4234D Overlocker Spool Holders
Brother 4234D Overlocker Spool Holders

Looking at the sewing capabilities of the Brother 4234D Overlocker, it has a stitch width range of 5.0 mm to 7.0 mm, accommodating various sewing needs from delicate fabrics to more robust materials. The differential feed mechanism is a standout feature, ensuring perfect seams across all fabric types while preventing the unwanted puckering or stretching of stitches. This is complemented by the lever-controlled rolled hem function, allowing for seamless transitions between standard overlocking and rolled hemming for a professional finish.

The sewing experience is significantly enhanced by the inclusion of a needle threader, which simplifies the needle threading process, a presser foot pressure adjustment feature for adapting to different fabric thicknesses, and a thread cutter coupled with a presser foot lift mechanism for added convenience and flexibility during sewing tasks.

The 4234D is also has a built-in free arm/sleeve arm that facilitates sewing in round or difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring a high-quality finish for a variety of garment types. The ability to adjust the presser foot pressure adds another layer of customization, ensuring that every sewing project can be tackled with confidence and professional results.

Brother 4234D Overlocker also has a pressure control mechanism, which allows for the adjustment of presser foot pressure. This essential feature accommodates various fabric thicknesses and types, ensuring each stitch is precisely tailored to the fabric’s specific needs.


Brother’s 4234D doesn’t skimp on versatility, supporting up to four threads for diverse stitching options. Whether you’re working with two, three, or four threads, this machine adapts seamlessly, ensuring your creative visions aren’t hampered by technical limitations.

Brother 4234D Overlocker Stitch Chart
Brother 4234d Overlocker Stitch Chart

General Specifications

Its lightweight and compact design, complete with a carrying handle. It weighs in at approximately 19.84 lbs (9 kg), striking a balance between sturdiness and portability. The dimensions of the machine are notably compact, standing at a height of about 13.39 inches (34 cm) and a width of 11.81 inches (30 cm). It has a powerful LED light that helps with visibility, highlighting the machine’s commitment to precision and ease of use.

Brother Overlocker 4234D Thread Tension Dials
Brother Overlocker 4234D Thread Tension Dials

Included Accessories:

The accessory pack contains various practical tools like thread nets, cone adapters, extra needles, a cleaning brush, tweezers, and three different feet.

Brother 4234D Overlocker Soft Cover
Brother 4234D Overlocker Soft Cover
  • Machine Cover: A soft cover to shield the machine from dust when not in use.
  • Tweezers: Essential for threading and maintaining tight spaces within the machine.
  • Thread Nets: Help keep threads in place and prevent tangling during operation.
  • Spool Caps: Useful for holding thread spools securely on the machine.
  • Lint Brush: For easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine’s interior.
  • Hexagonal Driver: A specialized tool for adjustments and maintenance tasks.
  • Needle Set: Additional needles to accommodate various fabrics and projects.
  • Operational Manual: Comprehensive guidance for setup, use, and maintenance.
  • Foot Control: Offers hands-free operation and precision control over sewing speed.

Optional Accessory:

  • Extension/Storage Table: Available as an optional purchase, this accessory provides an expanded work surface for larger projects and doubles as additional storage for sewing essentials.

Price and Cost of the Brother 4234D

The Brother 4234D Overlocker is considered a great entry point for those new to overlockers, as the 4234D doesn’t skimp on providing advanced features for an affordable price. Typically, in the UK market, you can expect to see this overlocker sold for between £250 and £350. However, if you’re planning to expand your accessory collection with additional optional extras, such as unique sewing feet or a wider table, it will be slightly more.

Instruction Manual and Warranty Information

The Brother 4234D Overlocker is equipped with an in-depth manual, serving as a valuable guide for both newcomers and experienced users. Instructions include how to thread the machine, adjusting stitch width and length, and understanding the usage of different feet. It is accessible online, guaranteeing you always have this handy reference at your fingertips and can be found through this link.

The Brother 4234D Overlocker comes backed with a 3-year warranty from Brother starting from the date of purchase that safeguards against defects in materials and workmanship. You do not need to register the warranty, but keeping your purchase receipt secure is vital as it is your proof of purchase. It’s important to know that the warranty isn’t transferable, meaning it cannot be passed on if the machine is given away or sold later. You can learn more about the warranty details at this link.

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Use: The color-coded threading guide simplifies the setup, making it easy to use even for beginners.
  • Versatility: The 4234D has the ability to adjust for different thread counts and fabric thicknesses making it very versatile.


  • Threading Complexity: Despite the color-coded guides, threading the lower looper can be challenging for new users.
  • Manual Dependency: While the move to digital manuals is eco-friendly, some users may miss the convenience of a physical manual.


The Brother 4234D Overlocker is a compact, lightweight machine with a carry handle, making it portable and easy to store. It even includes a dust cover for protection. It also offers optional accessories, including various feet like the taping (elastic) foot, piping foot, pearls and sequins foot, and gathering foot, as well as a wide table. As a complete package, it is an excellent tool for those ready to elevate their sewing skills.

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