Elna Excellence Sewing Machines – Detailed comparison

Comparison Elna Excellence 580 Plus vs Elna Excellence 680 Plus

Elna‘s Excellence series of computerised sewing machines offers a diverse range of machines to cater to the various needs of sewing enthusiasts. Each machine in this series is designed to provide precision, comfort, and efficiency, empowering you to bring your creative ideas to life. Here’s an in-depth look at the features and functions of each machine in the Elna Excellence series. To see a list of all the features that come with each machine, check out the Comparison Table at the end of the post.

For a more detail comparison between specific versions in the Excellence line, check out the posts below:

Elna Excellence 580 Plus

Elna Excellence 580+ Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 580+ Sewing Machine

The Elna Excellence 580 Plus is a compact yet powerful machine, perfect for those new to computerised sewing machines. Weighing in at 21.6lb (9.8 kg), it is relatively easy to move around your workspace.

Standout Features

The 580 Plus comes equipped with 120 stitches, including 7 buttonholes, and a maximum stitch width of 7mm, offering a broad range for you to explore. A standout feature is its touch panel LCD, which provides easy control of settings. Four white LEDs in two areas ensure ample lighting for your work.

While this machine doesn’t include features like the adjustable knee lifter or a USB port, it does boast an auto declutch bobbin winder with thread cutters and an easy threading system. For storage, it comes with a handy accessory case.

Elna Excellence 680 Plus

Elna Excellence 680 Plus Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 680 Plus Sewing Machine

Slightly heavier than the 580 Plus, the Elna Excellence 680 Plus weighs in at 22lb (10kg) and offers some significant upgrades.

Standout Features

The 680 Plus features 170 stitches, including 10 buttonholes, and a maximum stitch width of 0.35 inches (9mm), providing more versatility in your sewing projects. It also includes an adjustable knee lifter and a unique accessory storage system in the arm and top cover. An additional thread guide in the superior needle threader ensures precision and ease of use. With six white LEDs in three areas, you can work in perfect lighting conditions.

Elna Excellence 720 Pro

Elna Excellence 720 Pro Sewing And Quilting Machine
Elna eXcellence 720 Pro Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Elna Excellence 720 Pro is a professional-grade machine that offers advanced features suitable for more experienced sewers. It weighs 24.25lb (11kg) and provides a flat bed for sewing, excluding a free arm.

Standout Features

The 720 Pro offers 200 stitches, 9 buttonholes, and a maximum stitch width of 0.35 inches (9mm). It features an impressive sewing speed of 1200 stitches per minute and an upstanding dual thread stand, highlighting its professional orientation. The machine’s built-in memory can store up to 20 combinations, enabling you to save your favourite settings. The removable, wide-type dual feed system enhances its capability to handle multiple layers of fabric.

Elna Excellence 730 Pro

Next in line is the Elna Excellence 730 Pro, weighing 27lb (12.3 kg). This machine brings back the convertible free arm feature, making it versatile for different project types.

Standout Features

With 170 stitches, 10 buttonholes, and the maximum stitch width of 0.35 inches (9mm), the 730 Pro offers a similar range to the 680 Plus. It distinguishes itself with its sewing speed, capable of reaching 1000 stitches per minute. Furthermore, this model introduces an LCD touch panel for an even more intuitive experience.

Elna Excellence 780 Plus

Elna Excellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine

The Elna Excellence 780 Plus is the series’ flagship model for the sewing machines. Weighing 29.10 pounds (13.2 kg), it is heavy but not the heaviest machine in the series, reflecting its extensive features and capabilities.

Standout Features

The 780 Plus boasts a remarkable 350 stitches, including 11 buttonholes, a wide and narrow type dual feed system, and a maximum stitch width of 0.35 inches (9mm). It features a built-in memory with a 3MB capacity, significantly larger than the previous models, and the ability to store up to 100 stitches in combination.

One significant upgrade in the 780 Plus is its HD LCD touch screen, which makes navigation and control easier and more efficient. It also includes an automatic thread cutter, an automatic presser foot lifter, and 10 bright LEDs in 5 areas, enhancing visibility and ease of operation. The Stitch Composer Software is a notable addition to this model, offering more customisation in your sewing projects.

For those keen on working with thick fabrics or complex layers, the 780 Plus comes equipped with an automatic presser foot pressure adjustment feature, ensuring consistent stitch quality across a range of fabric types. The remote thread cutter port and USB port add an element of convenience and modernity, helping you streamline your sewing projects.

Elna Excellence 790 Pro

Elna Excellence 790 Pro Sewing And Quilting Machine
Elna Excellence 790 Pro Sewing and Quilting Machine

As the pinnacle of the Excellence series from Elna, the Excellence 790 Pro is unmatched in its capabilities. It weighs 17.3 kg, a testament to its sturdy build and comprehensive features.

Standout Features

The 790 Pro is packed with 400 stitches, 13 types of buttonholes, a sophisticated dual feed system with both wide and narrow types, and a stitch width that can expand up to 9mm. The machine’s built-in memory has a capacity of 3MB, allowing you to save up to 100 combined stitches.

One of the main highlights of the 790 Pro is its 7″ high-definition color touchscreen, simplifying navigation and improving overall control of the machine. Additionally, it has an automatic thread cutter, automatic presser foot lifter, and a whopping 9 LED lights scattered in 4 zones to boost visibility during operation. The machine is also equipped with the Stitch Composer Software, paving the way for limitless customization in your sewing and quilting projects.

Perfect for handling thicker fabrics or complex layers, the 790 Pro features an automatic presser foot pressure adjustment, ensuring even stitching across a variety of fabrics. Modern touches like the remote thread cutter port and USB port offer added convenience, making your sewing and quilting projects a breeze. With the 790 Pro, you get to experience next-generation sewing and quilting at its finest.


The Elna Excellence series provides a range of computerised sewing machines, each with unique features to match various skill levels and sewing needs. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the world of sewing or a seasoned sewer looking for advanced features, the Excellence series offers a machine to cater to your requirements. Each model guarantees Elna’s renowned quality and durability, promising a reliable sewing companion for years to come.

Comparison Table

Machine sizeW475 × H316 × D223 mmW475 × H316 × D223 mmW516 x H300 x D220 mmW519 x H317 x D230 mmW528 × H321 × D243 mm
Machine weight9.8 kg10 kg11 kg12.3 kg13.2 kg
Bed typeFree arm / flat bed convertibleFree arm / flat bed convertibleFlat bed (no free arm)Free arm / flat bed convertibleFree arm / flat bed convertible
Free arm (length from the needle)100 mm100 mmExtra-long (150 mm)Extra-long (150 mm)
Sewing spaceW 210 x H 120 mmW 210 x H 120 mmW 255 x H 120 mmW 280 x H 120 mmW 280 x H 120 mm
Control panel / Screen type and sizeTouch panel / LCD (W 25.5 x H 68 mm)Touch panel / LCD (W 25.5 x H 68 mm)LCD (W 78.5 x H 47.5 mm)Touch panel / LCD (W 33 x H 67.2 mm)LCD-HD touch screen (W 62.8 x H 110.9 mm)
Horizontal rotary hook
Spool pinHorizontal typeHorizontal typeUpstanding dual thread standHorizontal typeHorizontal type
Auto declutch bobbin winder with thread cuttersWith independent motor
Easy and guided threading system with thread cutter
Needle threaderBuilt-in Superior SystemBuilt-in Superior SystemBuilt-in Superior SystemBuilt-inBuilt-in Superior System
Upper and bobbin thread sensor
7-piece retractable feed dog
Dual Feed SystemRemovable / Wide typeRemovable / Wide typeRemovable / Wide and Narrow type
Thread tension controlSemi-automaticSemi-automaticManualSemi-automaticAutomatic
Presser foot pressure adjustmentManualManualManual from 0 to 3ManualAutomatic
Extra-high presser foot positionManualManualTwo positions
Clip-on easy conversion presser foot
One-step needle plate conversion
Professional HP needle plate and HP foot
Lighting4 white LEDs in 2 areas6 white LEDs in 3 areas3 white LEDs in 3 areas5 white LEDs in 3 areas10 bright LEDs in 5 areas
Adjustable knee lifter
Stitch reference chartTop coverTop coverDetachable Top coverTop coverTop cover
Accessory storage (continued)Accessory caseArm, Top cover, and Elna side storageArm, Top cover, and case
Remote thread cutter port
USB port1
Number of stitches120170200170350
Maximum stitch width (mm)79999
Maximum stitch length (mm)55555
Number of buttonholes71091011
Special functions: Variable zigzag, Tapering, Ruler work
Typefaces / Alphabets1/21/23/31/23/3
Max. stitches in combination50505050100
Maximum sewing speed (spm)820100120010001060
Variable needle positions1591919191
Stitch Composer Software
Memory (combinations)TemporaryTemporary20503MB
Start / Stop
Automatic lock stitch
Up / Down needle positionWith memoryWith memoryWith memory
Automatic presser foot lifter
Automatic thread cutter
Bobbin winder

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  1. Hello, I received a used Elna Excellence 680 (white and blue case), and was looking for what the difference is between that machine and the Elna Excellence 680+ (white and red case). I can’t seem to find any information online. I’m not sure of the age of the machine, but I’d guess it’s from 2015 or so. I’m wondering if you could help? Thank You!


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