Elna Excellence 680 Plus Vs Elna Excellence 780 Plus – Full Comparison

In this comparison, we look at two standout models from the Excellence series: the Elna Excellence 680 Plus Sewing Machine and Elna Excellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine. Both machines demonstrate Elna‘s dedication to meticulous engineering and user-friendly design, but each offers unique features that might make it the perfect fit for your particular sewing needs.

Machine Size and Weight

Elna Excellence 680 Plus Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 680 Plus Sewing Machine

The Elna Excellence 680 Plus is a slightly smaller machine with dimensions of W475 × H316 × D223 mm and weighing 10 kg. Conversely, the 780 Plus model is somewhat bigger with dimensions of W528 × H321 × D243 mm and weighs more at 13.2 kg. This difference implies that the 780 Plus provides more working space, particularly beneficial for larger sewing projects, albeit at the cost of increased bulk.

Functionality and Versatility

Both models share a plethora of impressive features, but the 780 Plus boasts certain advantages over its 680 Plus counterpart. With a total of 350 stitches as compared to 680 Plus’s 170, the 780 Plus offers an extensive stitch selection. Additionally, it has an automatic thread tension control and presser foot pressure adjustment, unlike the 680 Plus’s semi-automatic and manual adjustments respectively. These automatic features offer an increased convenience by removing some manual tasks.

Quilting Capability

The 780 Plus also presents itself as the ultimate quilting machine, with long-arm design, wide throat space, a dual feed system, and four specialized presser feet for free-motion quilting. These features make it a perfect companion for quilt enthusiasts. The 680 Plus, while competent in a range of sewing tasks, doesn’t have these specialized quilting features.

User Interface and Lighting

Elna Excellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine
Elna eXcellence 780 Plus Sewing Machine

The 780 Plus outperforms the 680 Plus in terms of its user interface and lighting. The former is equipped with an HD touchscreen that’s considerably larger than the latter’s LCD. Moreover, the 780 Plus model has 10 bright LEDs in 5 areas, compared to 680 Plus’s 6 white LEDs in 3 areas. These differences translate into improved visibility and easier operation on the 780 Plus.

Special Functions and Speed

The 780 Plus model showcases special functions like variable zigzag, tapering, and ruler work, which the 680 Plus doesn’t have. It also has a faster sewing speed at 1060 stitches per minute (spm), while the 680 Plus has a speed of 1000 spm. Faster sewing speed and added special functions enable you to complete projects more efficiently and creatively with the 780 Plus.

Storage Capacity

A unique selling point for the 780 Plus is its built-in storage capacity of 3MB, a feature the 680 Plus lacks. This extra memory allows users to save custom patterns and stitches, proving helpful for repetitive projects or intricate designs.

Pricing Comparison

Keep in mind that prices for sewing machines can vary based on the seller, location, and any additional accessories or features included. As of the last update, approximate prices in the UK are as follows:

Elna Excellence 680 Plus

The Elna Excellence 680 Plus is generally a more affordable choice, catering to those seeking a powerful sewing machine without breaking the bank. You can expect to find this model priced between £1,100 and £1,300.

Elna Excellence 780 Plus

Given its high-end features and advanced functionalities, the Elna Excellence 780 Plus comes with a higher price tag. In the UK, it is usually priced between £2,000 and £2,200.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both the Elna Excellence 680 Plus and 780 Plus Sewing Machines are high-quality, reliable choices for a range of sewing projects. However, the 780 Plus offers superior features, specifically beneficial for quilt enthusiasts or those working on larger projects. Its added functionalities and automatic features make it a more advanced model than the 680 Plus. On the other hand, the 680 Plus model, while slightly less versatile, may be the perfect choice for those seeking a more compact and affordable sewing machine without compromising on core features.

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