Husqvarna Viking Comparison between Designer Topaz 50 vs Topaz 40

Are you looking to purchase a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, but aren’t sure which model is right for your needs? This article will compare the features and benefits of the Designer Topaz 50 and the Designer Topaz 40, two of the most popular models in the Husqvarna Viking Design line.

For those who are searching for a reliable and efficient machine with top-of-the-line features, these two machines provide an ideal combination of quality and convenience. With their wide range of stitches, adjustable settings and convenient accessories, both machines can easily handle any project. Read on to see how these two models stack up against each other in terms of features, functions and cost. We’ll discuss their similarities and differences in areas such as price, performance, and ease of use.

Comparing Designer Topaz 50 vs Topaz 40

Husqvarna Viking has been a pioneer in the sewing and embroidery machine industry for over 150 years, providing high-end machines that are both powerful and user-friendly. The Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 50 and 40 are both excellent sewing machines for both novice and experienced sewers. For a full comparison, check the table at the bottom of the page.

Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 50
Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 50

Differences Designer Designer Topaz 50 vs Topaz 40

These two machines provide excellent performance, quality, and convenience to meet your needs, but they differ in terms of certain features and functions. In this post we will only focus on the differences between these two machines. If you want more in-depth information on the features and functions that come with each machine, please read the full in-depth posts.

Max sewing speed

The Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 50 has a sewing speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute, while its smaller counterpart, the Designer Topaz 40, has a speed of up to 800 stitches per minute, making it 200 stitches slower than its larger sibling. With such high stitch rates on both models, you can be confident that your projects will be completed in no time.

Stitch restart function

Stitch restart is a feature that comes with the Topaz 50 but is not included with the Topaz 40. It allows you to stop sewing in the middle of a stitch and re-start at the beginning by clicking a button.

Embroidery Area

The Designer Topaz 50 offers a very wide embroidery area of 14¼” x 8″ (360x200mm) making it perfect for larger projects. The Topaz 40 has a slightly smaller embroidery area of 9½” x 6″ (240x150mm) which is still large enough for most typical projects.

Embroidery Design Combine, Editing and Save

Both the Designer Topaz 50 and the Topaz 40 includes a save feature that allows you to store designs for future use without having to re-create them from scratch each time. For the Topaz 50 you can have up to up to 10 designs and for the Topaz 40 it allows you to save up to 5 designs.

Embroidery Designs Included

Both of the Topaz 50 and Topaz 40 comes with a large selection of embroidery designs included and either machines should be enough for your needs. The Topaz 50 has 150 while the Topaz 40 comes with 100 included.

Embroidery Fonts in three sizes

Embroidery is a great way to make clothing and other items stand out. With the right font, you can create beautiful intricate designs that will last for years to come. The Designer Topaz 50 has two embroidery fonts while the Topaz 40 has 1 included.

Large Sewing Surface to the right of the needle

The Viking Designer Topaz 50 has a large sewing surface to the right of the needle that is perfect for those that like to work on larger projects of almost 10″ (250mm). The Topaz 40 offers similar space but is slightly smaller at 8″ (200mm) .

Stitches Included

Both machines offer a great selection of utility, special stitches and fonts. The The Viking Designer Topaz 50 has 261 stitches with a total of 715 including all letters, characters etc. The Topaz 40 is not far behind at 208 included stitches and a total of 565.

Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 40
Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 40

Programmable Sewing Fonts

Both sewing machines have programmable sewing fonts that let’s you combine stitches, letters and numbers to create programs and save them for later use. The Topaz 40 allows you to have 4 programs while the Topaz 50 has 5.

Personal Memory

My Stitches is your own personal menu where you can save and recall your programs or favourite stitches with personal settings. The Designer Topaz 50 machine has 24 memories while the Topaz 40 has 18.

Balanced Buttonholes

This is a feature Husqvarna Viking calls Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes, it will help you select the best buttonhole and stitch setting depend on what fabric you are working with. The Topaz 50 comes with 9 styles and the Topaz 40 has 7 styles.

Image 3
Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes Styles

Stitch Positioning

This is a feature that lets you return to the current stitch position and continue embroidering where the embroidery was. This is a feature that is included on the Topaz 50 but not on the Topaz 40.

Included Hoops and Feet

When it comes to the included hoops the machines differs slightly. The Topaz 50 comes with a Royal Hoop 14¼” x 8″ and a Splendid Square Hoop that are not included with the Topaz 40. However, the Topaz 40 comes with a Jewel Hoop 9½” x 6″ that is not added to the 50.

For included Snap-on presser feet both models are pretty comparable, with the Topaz 50 having 9 included while the Topaz 40 has 8.

Price Comparison

For sewers looking to upgrade their sewing machine, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 50 and Topaz 40 are two great options. Both machines have unique features that make them stand out from the crowd, but they also have some key differences in terms of price. The Designer Topaz 50 retails for £3,199 while the Designer Topaz 40 is priced slightly lower at £2,499.


The conclusion of the Husqvarna Viking comparison between Designer Topaz 50 and Topaz 40 is clear: both machines are absolutely excellent choices for the home sewer. Both offer advanced features that make creating a beautiful garment or quilt easier than ever before.

The Designer Topaz 50 boasts a larger sewing surface to the right of the needle, a larger embroidery area and faster sewing speed at 1,000spm. It also has more included stitches and embroidery designs, in addition to stitch positions and stitch restart functions that are not available on the Topaz 40.

When it comes to affordability, the Topaz 40 is definitely more wallet-friendly as its lower price point reflects its fewer bells and whistles compared to the Designer Topaz 50. Both are amazing choices and you can’t really go wrong with either.

Comparison Table

mySewnet™ Subscription
On-Screen Memory
My Files +
USB Embroidery Stick
My Files +
USB Embroidery Stick
mySewnet™ Cloud StorageComputer access onlyComputer access only
mySewnet™ Blog
Design Positioning – Match your embroideries perfectly every timeBasicBasic
Transfer Designs with WiFi and mySewnet™ cloud sync tool
Updates via InternetVia USB
Embroidery Stick
Embroidery Stick
HUSQVARNA® VIKING® AppsJoyOS ADVISOR™ (Limited Capability)JoyOS ADVISOR™ (Limited Capability)
Quick Help System Directly on ScreenQuick HelpQuick Help
On-Screen Accessory Guide
Dual Feed Technology
Extended Dual Stitch PlateGuidelines up to 40mm on both sides of the
Guidelines up to 40mm on both sides of the
Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance
Exclusive Stitch Techniques
Built-In Stitches261208
Programmable Sewing Fonts54
deLuxe™ Stitch System
Electronic Self-Adjusting Thread Tension✔️✔️
Exclusive Sensor System✔️✔️
Automatic Feed Teeth DropEmbroidery OnlyEmbroidery Only
Side-Motion Sewing
Free-Motion Sewing2 Modes:
Floating and
Spring Action
2 Modes:
Floating and
Spring Action
Stitch Positioning✔️✔️
Needle Positions2929
PBB (Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes) with Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot9 Buttonholes +2 Eyelets
+ Sew on Button
7 Buttonholes +Eyelet + Sew on Button
Straight Stitch Plate with Sensor
Light Indicates Needle Stop Up/Down✔️✔️
Stop Function✔️✔️
Fix Tie-Off Function✔️✔️
Stitch Pattern Re-Start✔️✔️
Speed Control5 Sewing Speeds5 Sewing Speeds
Taper Stitch Select Angles – Choose from 18 different angles✔️
Directional Sewing –
4-way and 8-way
My Stitches Menu24 memories20 memories
Stitches Displayed On Screen✔️✔️
Stitches Displayed Actual Size
Starting Point of Stitch Indicated On Screen✔️
Twin Needle Setting✔️✔️
Twin Needle Life View Dis played On Screen✔️
Stitch Width Safety✔️✔️
Adjust Stitch; length, width, mirror image side-to-side and end-to-end✔️✔️
Ribbon Embroidery
Attachment Capability
Add Grid to Screen for Placement
Check Size and Placement before Embroidering✔️✔️
Designs Included159 built-in
100 built-in designs
Design Shaping
Design Appliqué - Choose from shapes or alphabet and create appliqués on the screen
Possibility to Embroider Buttonholes in the Hoop
Embroider Decorative
Stitches in the Hoop
Baste in Hoop✔️✔️
Selective/Automatic Thread Cutter with Automatic Jump Stitch Trim✔️✔️
Design-Select – Select one or more embroideries for editing
Change Design Stitch Out Order
Load and View Multi-format Designs✔️✔️
Resize Design with Stitch Recalculation
Scale Design✔️✔️
Rotate DesignsOne degree
One degree
Color EditSelect to
in color or
Select to
in color or
Grouping of Designs – Create a group of selected designs on screen for editing
Undo/Redo when Creating Design Combinations
Color Block Sort – Eliminate color changes with a touch
Color Block Merge – Eliminate color stops in large or
combined designs
Combine embroidery designs on screenUp to 10
Up to 5 designs
Zoom and Pan✔️✔️
Cursor Mark On-Screen While Embroidering✔️✔️
Embroidery Speed800spm800spm
My Hoops – Select hoops you own✔️✔️
Largest Hoop Size Available360x200mm (14¼”x7⅞”)240x150mm (93⁄5”x6”)
DESIGNER™ Imperial Hoop 360x260mm (14¼”x10¼”) Included
DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360x200mm (14¼”x8”) Included✔️
DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop 260x200mm (10¼”x8”)
DESIGNER™ Jewel Hoop 240x150mm (93/5”x6”)
DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop 120x120mm (4¾”x4¾”) Included✔️
DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop 360x350mm (14¼”x13¾”) Enabled
Tapering in Embroidery Mode
Multi-Size Embroidery Fonts21
USB Embroidery Stick
Stitch Width7mm7mm
Automatic Bobbin Thread Pick-up✔️✔️
Go To Exact Embroidery Stitch Number✔️
Embroidery Time Countdown by Color✔️
Step Through Embroidery by Color and Stitch-by-Stitch✔️✔️
Select Designs from
Thumbnail Pictures
Free QuickFont and
Embroidery Software to Download
Electronic Piercing Power90 N90 N
Display Type3.5” (70x53mm) Full Color
Touch Screen
3.5” (70x53mm) Full Color
Touch Screen
Touch and Hold for Easy Handling of Designs, Files and More
Screen Saver with Start Up Screen✔️
Lock Screen Option✔️
Sewing Surface
to the Right of the Needle
(almost 10”)
(almost 8”)
“Snap On” Presser Feet✔️✔️
Sew and Embroider With or Without Foot Control✔️✔️
Multi-Function Foot Control Capability
Instant and Permanent Reverse✔️✔️
Lighted Thread Area
Light SystemRows of light emitting diodes (LED)3 LED
Needle ThreaderManualManual
Multiple Languages1212
Choose On-Screen Color Scheme
Smart Save
Separate Motor to Wind Bobbin While Sewing or Embroidering
USB ConnectivityEmbroidery stickEmbroidery stick
Designed & Engineered in Sweden✔️✔️
Sew with Embroidery Unit Attached
Top and Bobbin Thread Sensor✔️✔️
Jam-Proof Rotary Hook✔️✔️
Permanently Lubricated✔️✔️
Slide-On Accessory Tray✔️✔️
Machine Storage IncludedHard CoverHard Cover
Embroidery Unit Soft BagOptionalOptional

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