Comparison Overview of Bernette 64 Airlock vs Bernette 48 Funlock Overlockers

We’ve got the question on what is different between the Bernette 64 and the Bernette 48 and which version to get. The machines are overall pretty similar but there are a few differences between the two models and they are both going to be great overlockers. We’ve also created a comparison table in order to easier see what different features exists on each overlocker. Below you’ll find a comparison of the Bernette 64 Airlock vs Bernette 48 Funlock overlockers from Bernette.

Comparison Bernette 64 Airlock vs Bernette 48 Funlock

When looking for the right overlocker for your sewing projects, it can be hard to find the right mix between features, flexibility, and price. Bernette is a well-known sewing brand that makes a variety of overlockers for people with different needs and skill levels. People who like to sew often compare the Bernette 64 Airlock and the Bernette 48 Funlock to find the best model for their projects.

Bernette 64 Airlock Vs Bernette 48 Airlock
Comparison Overview Of Bernette 64 Airlock Vs Bernette 48 Funlock Overlockers 8

Bernette 64 Airlock Overlocker

Bernette 64 Overlocker
Bernette 64 Overlocker

First I’m going to start with the Bernette 64 and this is one of my favourite overlockers to come out recently. It is a four thread, air thread overlocker so it will just do your overlocking stitches for you. It is nice and easy to thread,  you just put it through the holes, press the button and it does the magic for you. It is full of useful features, such as a knee lift. And for instance the accessory arm so you can do your sleeves and things of the like, that makes it a lot easier. This is a great option if you’re thinking about just a four thread overlocker that does a lot or has a lot of usability to it. The cost of the b64 is slightly higher than the b48 and usually runs around £1,190.

In terms of stitches the Bernette 64 Airlock has 16 available stitches and the different types can be seen in the picture below.

Stitch Overview Bernette 64 Airlock
Stitch Overview bernette 64 AIRLOCK

The accessory arm on the b64 Airlock is another highlight, as it allows you to work on sleeves and other cylindrical pieces with ease. At a slightly higher price point than the b48 of £1,190, the Bernette 64 Airlock is an excellent choice for those looking for a feature-packed overlocker that simplifies the process.

Bernette 48 Funlock

Bernette 48 Funlock Overlocker

The Bernette 48 is also a great overlocker and it is actually a five thread serger so that means it can do your four thread overlocking but it also has the ability to cover stitch. If you open the machine up you can see it is a manual thread but it does have an extra chain looper so that it can do a cover stitch, if you are for instance looking to do t-shirt hemlines or any of that sort.

The Bernette 48 Funlock comes with a whopping 23 stitches total stitches and they can be seen below.

Stitch Overview Bernette 48 Funlock
Stitch Overview Bernette 48 FUNLOCK

Despite being a manual threader, the b48 Funlock has an additional chain looper, which enables it to perform a cover stitch. The B48 is priced at £999, it is slightly more affordable than the b64 Airlock, making it an attractive option for those on a tighter budget.


Both the Bernette 64 Airlock and Bernette 48 Funlock are excellent overlockers that cater to a variety of sewing needs. When deciding between the two, consider your specific requirements and budget. If you prefer an overlocker with an air threading system and don’t require a cover stitch, the b64 Airlock would be a great choice. However, if you need a machine with a cover stitch capability and don’t mind manual threading, the b48 Funlock would be a better fit.

If you can’t decide yet or want to look at more options from the Bernette line of overlockers we have made an overview of all the machines in the Bernette 40 Funlock Series and the bernette 60 Series.

Comparison Table

bernette 64 AIRLOCK
Bernette 64 Airlock
bernette 48 FUNLOCK
Bernette 48 Funlock
Total number of stitch patterns1623
5-thread safety stitch-
4-thread safety stitch-
4-thread overlock
4-thread/3-needle coverstitch –-
3-thread/2-needle coverstitch (wide/narrow)-
3-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread super-stretch
3-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread narrow seam
3-thread rolled hem
2-thread chain stitch-
2-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread rolled hem
2-thread wrapped overlock (wide/narrow)
Comfort Features
Safety switch activated when cover open
Accessories in looper covery
Sewing light
Stitch length adjustable while sewing
Color-coded threading paths
Automatic air threader for looper threads-
Free Hand System (FHS) including knee lifter
Micro Thread Control (mtc)-
Freearm with freearm cover-
Technical data
Space to the right of the needle130mm87mm
Overlock seam width 5-7 mm3–7 mm
Coverstitch width-2.8/5.6 mm
Combo stitch width-3–10 mm
Knife drive from below-y
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute)13001300
Standard accessories
Standard overlock presser foot
Standard coverstitch foot-
Upper looper converter
Freearm cover-
Deco guide
Cut-offs bin
Slide-On Table-
BERNINA ELx705 needle set

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