Comparison of the Bernette 05 Crafter vs Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machines

The 05 Sewing Machines series from Bernette is a beginner range of machines currently including the bernette 05 Crafter and the bernette 05 Academy. Both machines are mechanical sewing machines of good build quality and good value. The Academy model has been featured in our post about the best beginner sewing machines. A detailed comparison table of features and functions on the Bernette 05 Crafter vs 05 Academy can be found on the bottom of the page.

Bernette 05 Crafter vs Bernette 05 Academy

Comparison between the two new models in the Bernette 05 range of sewing machines. In terms of general functions and sewing they are very similar. The main difference between the two machines are the number of presser feet and accessories that come with each sewing machine. Both Sewing Machines are equipped with the same motor and both have a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute. The stitch with 6mm and stitch length 4mm are also the same. The machines are equipped with 30 types of stitches, which is very good for an entry level machine in this price range.

B05 Crafter Academy Stitchpattern
Stitch pattern of the bernette 05 Crafter and 05 Academy

The presser foot pressure setting is one of several extremely nice features on both the Crafter and the Academy. This option enables the presser foot’s pressure to be optimally adjusted to the thickness of the fabric. It is advised to loosen the presser foot pressure while working with heavy textiles, and to tighten it when working with thin fabrics.

They also contain thread tension, which may need to be changed according on the materials being sewed, the amount of fabric layers, and the sewing thread being used. When the upper and lower threads do not interlace at the centre of the fabric, this is required. The thread tension is set by default to 4; if the lower thread is visible on top, change the dial to a lower number.

Bernette 05 Crafter Vs 05 Academy
Bernette 05 Crafter vs 05 Academy

Another feature is the ability to modify the balance setting, stretch stitches, and buttonholes to match the fabric. Turn the balance dial counter clockwise if stretch stitches or the left bead of a buttonhole are too loosely stitched. Turn the balance dial counter clockwise if stretch stitches or the left bead of a buttonhole are sewed too firmly.

Both machines also have an integrated thread cutter that allows for one-handed cutting and a retractable feed dog for darning and free-motion sewing.

Bernette 05 Crafter Sewing Machine
bernette 05 Crafter Sewing Machine

bernette 05 Crafter

The bernette 05 Crafter is really intended as a starter machine and is super easy to use. All controls are available and easily accessible on the front on manual dials. As a beginner or learner machine the 05 Crafter is a fantastic choice. bernette also has some really great instructional videos on how to starting to sew, selecting stitches and sewing buttonholes on the 05 sewing machines. The Crafter comes with 6 included presser feet, which are listed here below and are the main basic presser feet you need while starting to sew.

  • Zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Invisible-zipper foot
  • Overlock foot
  • Blindstitch foot

The sewing space to the right of the needle is generous of 6.5 inches (165 mm). And is well lit by 2 LED lights. One drawback of the Crafter is that is does not have a speed limitation setting that the Academy comes with.

bernette 05 Crafter & Academy Overview

bernette 05 Academy

Bernette 05 Academy Front
Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine

The bernette 05 Academy is very similar to the crafter and comes with all the features and functions as the 05 Crafter but comes with a few more accessories. It also has an extension table and a finger guard that is included. One great feature that comes with the Academy is the speed setting on the power button, that has two speed options. The bernette Academy comes with 6 more (12 total) presser feet than the Crafter. Additional are presser foot are listed here below:

  • Zigzag foot with non-stick sole
  • Darning-/Embroidery foot
  • Button sew-on foot
  • Hemmer foot
  • Open embroidery foot
  • Edgestitch foot

Comparison Table

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve included a list of all the features of both the Bernette b05 Academy and Bernette 05 Crafter. This table includes information on each model’s features, from basic specifications like machine type and sewing speed to advanced functionalities such as stitch patterns, adjustable settings, and included accessories.

Model05 Academyb05 Crafter
Machine typeSewing machineSewing machine
Hook systemDrop-inDrop-in
Space to the right of the needle165 mm165 mm
Presser foot pressure manually adjustable
Upper thread tension manually adjustable
Manual thread cutter
Semi-automatic needle threader
Sewing light2 LEDs2 LEDs
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute)1100 spm1100 spm
Adjustable maximum sewing speed
Maximum stitch width6 mm6 mm
Maximum stitch length4 mm4 mm
Stitch width manually adjustable
Stitch length manually adjustable
Total number of sewing stitches3030
Super-stretch stitch/Lycra stitch
Blanket stitch
1-step buttonhole
Needle position manually adjustable
Retractable feed dog
Standard accessories
Total presser foot soles126
Zigzag foot
Zigzag foot with non-stick soleoptional
Buttonhole foot with slide
Zipper foot
Invisible-zipper foot
Overlock foot
Blindstitch foot
Darning-/Embroidery footoptional
Button sew-on footoptional
Hemmer footoptional
Open embroidery footoptional
Edgestitch footoptional
Height compensation tool
Extension tableoptional
Finger guardoptional
BERNINA needle set

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