Review Of The Brother FS100WT

The Brother FS100WT is one of four sewing machines in the Brother FS series. In terms of features and specifications it falls in the mid-range and has a good mix of affordability and quality to it. In this review we will be taking a closer inspection at the individual features and seeing how it compares to other computerised sewing machines.

When compared against the Brother FS40, FS60 and the FS70WT, the FS100WT has a lot more to offer. With an impressive 100 stitches, 8 buttonholes and an alphabet set it is well equipped for the vast majority of sewing needs. In addition it features a needle threader, stop/start buttons, speed control slider and comes with 8 presser feet.

If you do a lot of quilting or free motion embroidery the FS100WT is worth taking a serious look at. With a decent size extension table there is plenty of room to work with and it also comes with a free-motion embroidery foot.

Brother FS100WT

Main Features

The FS100WT sewing machine has a rather impressive set of features all of which can be found below.

Brother Fs100Wt
Brother FS100WT
  • 100 Stitches
  • Eight 1-Step Buttonholes
  • Drop-in Bobbin
  • 50 W Motor
  • Stop/Start Buttons
  • Extension Table
  • Alphabet Set

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Ease Of Use

Like all Brother sewing machines this is a relatively easy machine to get to grips with. The LCD screen even tells you which presser foot to use with the stitch you have chosen. If you do manage to struggle there is always the online user manual and free instructional DVD that comes with every purchase. Furthermore there are plenty of useful and very helpful resources on both the Brother website and YouTube.

Stitches and Buttonholes

The FS100WT has a total of 100 stitches to work with, which should be more than enough for most people. The full selection of stitches can be seen below.

Brother Fs100Wt Stiches
Brother FS100WT Stitch pattern

With such a wide choice, including the expected functional stitches and a good amount of both decorative and satin stitches, you can pretty much embellish your projects to your hearts desire. In total eight of the stitches are buttonholes, which most would agree is a good number.

In addition to the 100 stitches there is also an alphabet set. Compared to some computerised sewing machines the set is quite limited with 55 characters in total. The set includes a mixture of both letters and numbers. It is worth noting that the letters are uppercase only and the size can’t be adjusted. Consequently, if you use lettering quite a lot you may want to consider a machine with more options.

Design and Build Quality

Overall the FS100WT has a fairly sturdy and robust feel to it when in use. It weighs 7.5kg, which isn’t the heaviest but it is stable and doesn’t move around. The lightweight of this machine makes it quite portable, that is once you have removed the extension table.

In terms of build quality if looked after and maintained correctly this machine should last for many years. The 3 year warranty should give peace of mind to any with doubts.

Presser Feet

In terms of presser feet the FS100WT offers good value for money as it comes with 8 in total.

  • All purpose foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Free motion embroidery/quilting foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Overcast stitch foot
  • Zipper foot
Brother Fs100Wt Sewing And Quilting Machine
Brother FS100WT Sewing Machine Setup

Key Features To Consider Before Buying


Powered with a 50W Brother Z Pulse Motor the FS100WT has no problem tackling multiple layers of fabric. It is by no means a heavy-duty sewing machine like the Singer 4411, but it has great qualities as a quilting machine and is capable of taking on small upholstery projects.

Speed Control

The FS100WT comes with both a foot pedal and stop/start buttons with a speed control slider. This gives this machine more versatility with regards to controlling sewing speed. There are a number of occasions when sewing  that I find  using the foot pedal doesn’t give me the full control I desire. This is particularly true when working on the more tricky areas of certain projects, this is when I like to utilise the benefits of the speed control slider.  Been able to slow the machine down and maintain full control is a very useful feature of this model. In addition it also comes in handy when teaching a beginner to use a sewing machine.

Bobbin System

The FS100WT has a top loading drop-in bobbin with a clear plastic cover. It also features an automatic bobbin winder, so you won’t have to wind your bobbins manually. This is a plastic bobbin only sewing machine, so please don’t be tempted to use metal bobbins as you will more than likely damage it.

Automatic Needle Threader

Unlike the FS40, this sewing machine does have a needle threader to assist you with threading.

LCD Screen

If you take a look at the full Brother FS series you will notice that they all have very similar, if not the same, LCD screen. There is no denying that it is very user-friendly and easy to use. As mentioned earlier it even tells you which presser foot to be using with the stitch you have selected. However, it is quite on the small side and it would be great if Brother made it just a little bit bigger.

Brother Fs100Wt Features
Brother FS100WT


Brother Fs100Wt Accessories
Brother FS100WT Accessories

Many of you, especially the quilters out there, will be happy to learn that the FS100WT comes with an extension table. The table is quite wide and the WT in this sewing machines name actually stands for wide table.

There is also a dust cover that comes with the FS100WT. The dust cover is by no means special in any particular way, but it is a good accessory to have, especially with a computerised machine.

Additional accessories include 1 twin needle, 1 extra spool pin, 1 cleaning brush, 1 set of needles, 1 spare bobbin and a screw driver disc.


There is a 3 year warranty with the FS100WT. Earlier on I mentioned that only plastic bobbins should be used and that metal ones will damage the machine. Brother have made it clear that using metal bobbins will invalidate the warranty and yes they can tell the difference between a machine that has been using plastic and metal bobbins!


To sum up the FS100WT is a good mid-range sewing machine with plenty of positives features that represents good value for money. The speed control slider and automatic needle threader make it a good choice for beginners looking for a feature packed sewing machine. In addition the wide selection of stitches it has also makes it suitable for more experienced sewers. There will of course be experienced sewers that find the lettering capabilities are rather limited and with a lettering size of 6mm, it won’t be suitable for all of you.

In my opinion this sewing machine is best suited for those that spend a lot of their time quilting. For those that like the look of this model, but don’t really need an extension table, needle threader or as many stitches as it offers, the FS40 is a great and more affordable alternative.

If you have anything to add to this review please leave a message in the comments section below.

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine, White

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2 used from £339.50
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 4:01 pm


  • 100 Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine with Needle Threader and 1 lettering style
  • Quick Set Drop in Bobbin and Drop Feed Mechanism
  • Start/ Stop button and speed control which also enables speed limiting
  • Quick touch stitch selection and length & width adjustment
  • Comes packaged with an extra wide table, and a free motion embroidery foot. Perfect for all your free motion embroidery

4 thoughts on “Review Of The Brother FS100WT”

    • Yes it does have a thread cutter on the left hand side of the machine. It can handle most threads, except for extra thick ones.

  1. Is this a metal chassis machine, like the FS40 and FS70 are? I noticed that the metal construction is highly advertised in the videos for the FS40 and FS70 models, but there’s no mention of this in the FS100 video . . . . which makes me wonder if it is as robustly constructed as others in the range.

  2. I like the way the machine works but find it impossible so far to use the automatic needle threader, plus the eye of the needle is so small that it’s difficult too to thread the needle by hand.


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