Comparison of the Bernette 42 FUNLOCK, Bernette 44 and Bernette 48 FUNLOCK models

Bernette Funlock Series

The bernette 40 series was released in 2017 and includes 3 models, the bernette 42 that is a Coverstitch machine, the bernette 44 that is a overlock machine and finally the bernette 48 that is a combined overlock/coverstitch machine. These trendy new bernette machines of the bernette 30 series and bernette 40 series is an great attempt from Bernina to target a younger audience with their motto good quality for attractive prices. A full comparison table of the features and functions of the 40 series can be found on the bottom of the page.

bernette 42 FUNLOCK

Bernette 42 Funlock
bernette 42 FUNLOCK

The entry model in the 40 series is the bernette 42 Funlock that is a coverstitch machine and comes with 4 types of cover stitches. The bernette 42 Funlock is great for stitches on seams, creation of cuffs, bindings and gives your sewing project a very professional look. With the four stitches it is suitable thin knitwear or stretchy fabrics.

Main Features:

  • 4-thread/ 3-needle Coverstitch machine
  • Spacious working area – 87mm
  • LED light for optimal visibility
  • Differential feed
  • Color-coded threading paths for easier threading
  • Manual threader

Stitch Overview

Specializing in coverstitching, the bernette 42 Funlock offers 4 types of coverstitches. These stitches provide high-quality finishes on hems, seams, and edges, particularly for stretchy or thin knit fabrics. This focus makes the bernette 42 an excellent choice for sewing projects involving sportswear, lingerie, and other garments that benefit from flexible seams and durable construction. The machine includes mechanical aids for threading loopers and needles, ensuring that setup is straightforward. Its LED light and expansive work area enhance visibility and comfort during sewing tasks. The bernette 42 is tailored for those specifically interested in coverstitching, whether for personal use or small-scale production, offering both simplicity and professional results.

Stitch Overview Bernette 42 Funlock
Stitch Overview Bernette 42 FUNLOCK

bernette 44 FUNLOCK

Bernette 44 Funlock
bernette 44 FUNLOCK

The bernette 44 Funlock is an overlock machine that is a great entry model into overlock stitching. It comes with 15 types of stitches that are easily adjusted and controlled with a manual rotary knob. Color-coded threading paths supporters the threading along with both looper and needle threading aids. For safe handling and better visibility the knife for clean cut fabric edges is operated from below. All around a great overlock machines which also fast with up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Main Features:

  • 2-, 3- and 4-thread overlock stitches
  • Overlock seam width 3–7 mm
  • Rolled hem width: 1,5 mm
  • LED light for optimal visibility
  • High stitch quality with speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed
  • Color-coded theading paths for easier threading
  • Manual needle threader

Stitch Overview

The bernette 44 is an overlock machine that focuses on providing a comprehensive and practical introduction to overlock stitching with 15 stitch options. This machine is ideal for tasks such as edge finishing, seam construction, and decorative stitching on a wide range of fabric types. The stitch quality is adjustable via a simple knob, ensuring precise control over the finish. Threading is simplified with color-coded paths and threading aids, while the knife’s lower position enhances safety and visibility. The bernette 44’s capabilities are particularly suited for home sewers looking to achieve professional finishes with speed and efficiency, as it also reaches up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Stitch Overview Bernette 44 Funlock
Stitch Overview Bernette 44 FUNLOCK

bernette 48 FUNLOCK

Bernette 48 Funlock
Bernette 48 Funlock

The bernette 48 Funlock is a combined Overlock and Coverstitch machine and is the top model in the Funlock range. It comes with a total of 23 stitches where as 15 are overlock stitches, 3 of them are coverstitches, 4 are combo stitches and there is 1 chain stitch with a stitch width of up to 7 mm. Just as with the previous models in the series it can sews at speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute and the knife is operated from below from visibility and safety. The threading on the b48 is also facilitated by color-coded thread paths and a manual needle threader just as with the previous models.

Main Features:

  • 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-thread stitches
  • Overlock seam width: 3–7 mm
  • Coverstitch width: 2,8 / 5,6 mm
  • Combo stitches width: up till 10 mm
  • Rolled hem width: 1,5 mm
  • Spacious working area (87 mm)
  • LED light for optimal visibility
  • High stitch quality with speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed
  • Color-coded theading paths for easier threading
  • Manual threader

Stitch Overview

As the top model in the Funlock series, the bernette 48 is a hybrid overlock/coverstitch machine that boasts an impressive array of 23 stitches. This includes 15 overlock stitches, which are essential for seaming and edging with a stitch width of up to 7 mm, providing robust and durable finishes. The machine also offers 3 coverstitches, which are perfect for professional-looking hems and topstitching, especially on stretchy fabrics. Additionally, there are 4 combo stitches that allow for creative stitching options, and a chain stitch, useful for strong seams and decorative accents. The bernette 48 is designed for ease of use, with color-coded threading paths and mechanical threading aids for loopers, alongside a lower knife operated from below for safety and clear visibility. It’s suitable for both novices looking to expand their sewing capabilities and experienced users needing a versatile machine for complex projects.

Stitch Overview Bernette 48 Funlock
Stitch Overview Bernette 48 FUNLOCK

Comparison Table

Below is a table that includes all of the of the features that come with each of the models in the Funlock series from Bernette to help you better compare.

General Functions and Featuresbernette 42
Bernette 64 Airlock
bernette 44
Bernette 64 Airlock
bernette 48
Bernette 64 Airlock
Total number of stitch patterns41523
5-thread safety stitch – –
4-thread safety stitch
4-thread overlock
4-thread/3-needle coverstitch
3-thread/2-needle coverstitch (wide/narrow)
3-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread super-stretch
3-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
3-thread narrow seam
3-thread rolled hem
2-thread chain stitch
2-thread overlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread flatlock (wide/narrow)
2-thread rolled hem
2-thread wrapped overlock (wide/narrow) –
2-thread wrapped overlock (wide/narrow) –
Comfort Features
Lower looper threader
Color-coded threading paths
Lay-in threading system
Thread tension release when presser foot raised
Stitch length adjustable while sewing
Accessories in looper cove
Sewing lightLEDLEDLED
Safety switch activated when cover open
Technical Data
Overlock seam width 3–7 mm
Coverstitch width 2,8/5,6 mm
Combo stitch width 3–10 mm--
Knife drive from below-
7-step presser foot pressure
Rolled hem lever integrated into stitch plate-
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute)13001300
Standard Accessories
Standard overlock presser foot
Upper looper converter-
Manual needle threader
Cut-offs bin-
Needle set (ELX 705)
Tools and accessories in separate box
Dust cover

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