Bernette 05 Academy vs Bernette 37 – Sewing Machine Comparison

We are going to compare the Bernette 05 Academy vs the Bernette 37 sewing machines from the Bernette brand. The full comparison table with all included features and functions is available at the bottom of the page. The Bernette 05 Academy is from the new Bernette 05 series of sewing machines and the Bernette 37 are from the new Bernette 30 series.

These are two great options for anyone interested in getting started or want a very basic machine at home for more sporadic use. For more entry sewing machine options checkout this post.

Bernette 05 Academy

Bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine
bernette 05 Academy Sewing Machine

The Bernette 05 Academy is a great and economical machine that is used a lot of times for classrooms in schools and sewing classes. The machine comes with a whole bunch of accessories and extra feet and an included extension table. It is a very simplistic machine so if you’re looking for a machine that has a lot of things packed into the box and is fairly easy to use. This one is a great one to turn to.

The Bernette 05 Academy does have a couple decorative stitches and some of the manual knobs like we’re used to on some of the older mechanical machines. This is nice as they are very easy to use when trying to set stitch length and stitch width. Then of course it also has a needle threader which you can’t go wrong with.

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Bernette 37

Bernette 37 Sewing Machine
bernette 37 Sewing Machine

If we go and look at the Bernette 37 it looks a little bit different. It is part of the Bernette 30 series and is actually a slightly computerised machine and it does have a lot of decorative stitches. You will find them in the booklet that is inside the drawer on the machine. It does also have a wonderful needle threader  that you can never go wrong with. Some things that I personally like about the b37 is the speed control on the front and then also you’ve got some of those extra features, like a tie off button and a start/stop button.

as of February 17, 2024 3:22 pm
Last updated on February 17, 2024 3:22 pm

Which on to pick

Depending on your skill and how much you will be using the machine should matter in your selection but overall they are great basic machines for you to get started with. Both are beginner machines but if you want a very simple machine, with easy to use manual knobs and want to keep your budget low, the Bernette 05 Academy would be a good choice. If you are thinking on doing some more decorative stitches, want a machine that have a few more helpful features and functions and the Bernette 37 will work great.

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