Janome Memory Craft 6700P vs Janome M7 Continental – Comparison of features and functions

Differences between the Janome Memory Craft 6700P and Janome M7 Continental

From the Janome sewing machines the Janome M7 and the Janome Memory Craft 6700P tend to be among the most popular, therefore we wanted to compare the two and see what features and functions sets them apart. The full comparison table can be seen at the end of the page.

To start with, they are both amazing little machines that are somewhat semi-industrial as we would call them. What we mean by that is that they do have a whole bunch of extra decorative stitches but are still made for home sewing. They can of course do some of your creative projects doing extra fancy top stitching all of that sort of thing but they are both workhorses and will go through a bunch of layers if you want them to.

Something that is worth to note, is that both of these machines don’t actually have an arm, so if you’re trying to do sleeves it will be a little trickier on them compared to a machine with a free arm. However, we think that that is a small sacrifice for the amount of machine that you get when you purchase one of these two machines. So for some of the features that differ between the two. 

Janome M7 Continental

Janome M7 Continental
Janome M7 Continental

On the Janome M7 there are some features that I think absolutely knock it out of the park. First of which is the size of the machine and the amount of space that is available for the work area, which is about 13 inches. This is one of the largest in the market right now and gives you tons of workspace to play with if you’re working on a big quilt or if you’re doing free motion quilting. It is also great if you are working on a big garment where you have multiple layers that you have to get through. This machine is going to be fantastic for that because you’ve got a lot of work area available on both sides of the needle and underneath. This also makes it very easy and when you need to change needles, thread the needle or do anything in that area as it makes it a little bit easier to work around. 

It also does have a needle plate that comes up and down automatically. Just press a button on the machine and it will lift up for you and when you’re done you put it down and there’s a magnet that grabs it which is pretty cool. Instead of having to click it and hope that you got it into place the machine will automatically get it there for you.

The Janome M7 also has tons and tons of decorative stitches with a total of about 400. From the screen you can select and pick out whichever one you want to do and of course it’s got Janome’s techniques and tutorials included. If you’re trying to do specific things such as patchwork piecing you can tell the machine to measure how many stitches per each piece you’re trying to do. 

If you are doing a whole bunch of two inch squares it’ll do your maybe two and a half inches to give you a little chain in between stop give you the chance to put the fabric underneath and continue going so that is a really fun thing to experiment with this machine 

Last but not least they have added on the M7 a small QR code on it so if you have a question on this machine, just pull up your phone, scan the QR code and it will bring up a that link to a tutorial page.

Janome Memory Craft 6700

Janome Memory Craft 6700P
Janome Memory Craft 6700

Let’s move on to the Janome 6700P, so the Memory Craft 6700p is also going to be quite a tank of a machine. It’s a little bit smaller than the M7 and the space between the needle and base is about 11 inches. It does have a lot of height so even if you’re doing free motion quilting and such you do still have a lot of workspace, though not nearly as much as the M7.

The needle plate is going to be easy to remove but you have to snap it into place, it’s not too hard but sometimes that can get a little scary because you just have to push a little harder than you think.

The screen on it is going to be a little bit more rudimentary than on the Janome M7. To pick your decorative stitches you have to type in the number that you want in the mode that you want it to be. There are also two little dials on the front of the machine where you can change your stitch length and stitch with, which makes you feel that you are in a little bit more control when editing that kind of stuff.


With all of that the Memory Craft 6700 does tend to be a little bit popular than the Janome M7, mainly because it’s a little bit easier to take to quilting retreats or classes whereas the Janome M7 is such a large machine it’s a little bit harder to carry.

Both machines do have some pretty cool things included with them including extension tables. These will give you a ton of extra work space over on the other side so if you are doing free motion quilting working with a heavy project, it’ll lift that up and make it easier for you.

Both of the machines come with a ton of presser feet. Janome is not afraid to give you almost every presser foot or every presser foot that you were thinking of that you might want and both of these machines come with most of them. My personal favorites that they come with are going to be the janome accu-feed foot which is their answer for a walking foot. The accu-feed foot is awesome because it has the extra feed dogs but they have a wide one and a narrow one so you can use your walking foot when you’re doing zippers. It’s amazing.

They both have what’s called the high performance plate which is a different type of needle plate. If you know of the singer featherweights where they only had two rows of feed dogs, these emulate that. They have a presser foot for it too so you can sew and feel like you were selling on one of those guys and it’s stuck in only straight stitch but it does a superior straight stitch with that both of these machines are awesome.

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