PFAFF Ambition 610 Sewing Machine – Review, Overview and Pros and Cons

Overview and Key Features of the Ambition 610

The Pfaff Ambition 610 comes many useful and easy to use features, below are the main features, but we’ll of course cover each of them in more detail in the review.

  • A feature Pfaff calls the IDT System, it’s an integrated dual feed that helps precisely feed all types of fabric from the top and bottom to get perfect stitching.
  • LCD Screen – A large screen that shows you all the sewing information 
  • Large Sewing Space – The Pfaff Ambition 610 comes with a large sewing area to the right of the needle, making it great for larger projects. Area is 200mm (7.87”).
  • Pfaff Ambition 610 comes with a whopping 110 Stitches, able to stitch up to 7mm.
  • Speed Slider that easily lets you adjust your sewing speed.

Pfaff Ambition 610 Sewing Machine Including Accessories

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Sewing Functions and Features

The Pfaff Ambition 610 has several advanced sewing functions built in, the main feature is the Pfaff patented IDT System, that helps to more precisely feed fabric from the top and bottom.

It comes with a great speed slifer that makes it very easily to control the sewing speed and a start/stop button that is very useful for making long seams.

It comes with a large sewing space to the right of the needle, with 200mm (7.87”) space that makes it great for those larger items.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen on the Pfaff 610 sewing machine is very good, and the light on the LED is not too hot or too yellow but instead it’s a nice bright white light. The screen has a resolution of 128×64 it’s full measurements are 71.5mm x 34.5mm, 2.8” x 1.4”.

There is a great info button where you can just simply touch and it will display important sewing recommendations on the graphic display. For instance it will show you the suggested settings for stitch length and settings you should using while winding the bobbin.

The Pfaff 610 sewing machine can be configured to display 13 different languages so it is usable for many whose first language is not english.


The Pfaff 610 sewing machine comes with 110 different types of stitches. While testing the machine i really liked the decorative stitches and was having a lot of fun with them. However, so many different types of stitches may not be necessary for everyone. it stitched perfectly up to 7mm. If you are interested in looking more into what stitches are available, the full stitch chart can be found in the official manual.

Presser Feet

The Presser Foot on the Pfaff 610 sewing machine can be adjusted when using specialty techniques or sewing with different fabric weights. Something that is different with the Pfaff 610 is that the presser foot lifter is on the inside of the machine compared to the outside on most sewing machines. There is a built-in walking foot that is a great features as you donät need to switch to a walking foot every time you want to sew quilt or what-have-you.

The Pfaff 610 comes with a wide range of pressure feet included for most use cases.

  • A Standard Presser Foot for IDT™ System, that is attached by default when you receive the machine is used mainly for straight or zigzag stitches with a stitch length that is longer than 1.0 mm.
  • A Fancy Stitch Foot for the IDT™ System which is primarily used mainly for decorative stitches.
  • A Fancy Stitch Foot, this is a very standard foot for sewing decorative stitches or zigzag stitches when the stitch length is less than 1.0 mm.
  • A Blindhem Foot for the IDT™ System specifically for sewing blindhem stitches, with a design to ride along the fold of the hem edge.
  • A Zipper Foot for the IDT™ System that can be attached to either the right or the left of the needle, making it easy to sew close to both sides of the zipper teeth.
  • A One Step Buttonhole Foot, this foot comes with a space at the back to be used to set the size of the buttonhole and can be used to sew buttonholes up to 25 mm.


There are many accessories that come as standard with the Pfaff 610 sewing machine. Apart from the 6 different presser feet we covered earlier it also comes with a hard cover to help protect your sewing machine from dust and while transporting it. There is a very useful Accessory Tray with a Inch/cm ruler that allows you to measure directly on the sewing machine.

Included Accessories are:

  • Thread net
  • Edge guide
  • Felt pad (2)
  • Screwdriver
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush. Use the sharp edge of the brush to clean the
    area around the feed dogs.
  • Bobbins (5, one is on the machine)
  • Screwdriver for needle plate
  • Spool cap, small
  • Spool cap, large
  • Multi-purpose tool
    Included Accessories not in Picture
    • Foot control
    • Power cord
    • Needles
    • Hard cover

For a great in depth video of the Pfaff 610 that goes over all the features and functions in detail we recommend this one:

Pfaff Ambition 610 Sewing Machine Overview


  • The Pfaff Ambition 610 is very smooth and quiet, in fact so that i have been able to run it during nap time which really been a dream.
  • The built-in walking foot is super awesome, meaning you don’t need to switch to a walking foot every time you want to sew knits or quilt or what-have-you.
  • The Pfaff Ambition 610 give you automatic setting suggestions based on the stitch you have selected so when you choose a stitch, it will show you on the lcd screen what it thinks your settings should be set up winding the bobbin through the needle I believe this is a faff function


  • The first con we would like to mention is that the 610 is that there is a bit of lag between starting the machine up until you are able to use it. It is not very long, just a second or two but for someone that’s used to using a mechanical machine that is just ready when you want to start it will take a little bit of getting used to.
  • Secondly, when you turn on your machine automatically goes back to number one straight stitch and the settings that are programmed for that stitch. So, if you were previously using it for say like – a blind hem or a zig zag or something and have to run and do something else and shut off the machine those settings will be automatically rest once you turn the machine back on.
  • Thirdly and probably the biggest issue we see with the ambition 610 sewing machine is that it will often tell you that the machine needs to rest. This happens when you push the machine a little too hard and it becomes very annoying if you need to stop and wait for the machine to cool down before you can continue.

Pfaff Ambition 610 Sewing Machine Including Accessories

4 new from £749.00
Free shipping
as of June 12, 2024 2:48 pm


Would we recommend the Pfaff Ambition 610, overall yes we would still recommend this machine despite the shortcomings mentioned one being the frequent restarts. This machine will server you great if you are are a new sewer or if you don’t a very big heavy duty machine that still is able to work on some large projects with it’s bigger than standard work area. It works great as a quilting machine and has a lot of quilting functions, however if you are looking to do a lot of quilting, we would instead recommend a different machine.

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