Brother Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Overview and Review

Brother has continually delivered top-quality sewing and embroidery machines, paving the way for creativity and innovation. Among their line up, the Innov-is NV2700 stands out, offering a fantastic mix of user-friendly design and high-tech features. This versatile machine exemplifies Brother’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable sewing and embroidery experience for users of all skill levels.

Review of the Brother Innov-is NV2700

If you’re seeking a sewing and embroidery machine that boasts a combination of versatility, ease of use, and advanced features, look no further than the Brother Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. This machine shares an identical feature set with its sibling, the NQ3700D with the only difference is that the NQ3700D is licensed for Disney designs. This blog post will give an overview of the Brother NV2700, reviewing its impressive features and how they can enhance your sewing and embroidery experience.

An Exciting Unboxing Experience

The moment you unbox the Brother Innov-is NV2700, you’ll be greeted with a bounty of features and accessories. The machine is designed to switch seamlessly between sewing and embroidery, offering you the best of both worlds.

Brother Nv2700 Sewing &Amp; Embroidery Machine
Brother Innov-is NV2700 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother Innov-is NV2700 Physical Features

The Brother Innov-is NV2700 offers ample workspace, measuring 8.3 inches from needle to arm and around 4.1 inches in depth, allowing for easy maneuvering of your projects.

The central control panel is intuitively designed, featuring a start/stop button, a speed slide control, a reversing button, a locking button, a needle up/down button, a scissor button, and an auto foot lift button. A 4.9-inch color touchscreen display facilitates easy navigation of the machine’s settings and its built-in help menu.

The threading path is conveniently located on the top of the machine, with clear markings guiding you through the process. The drop-in bobbin system is easy to access, further simplifying setup and sewing.

NV2700 Components and Accessories

The NV2700 includes an easily attachable and detachable embroidery unit, complemented by two embroidery hoops. The larger 10 by 6.5 frame is perfect for bigger projects, while the 5 by 7 frame is ideal for smaller, intricate designs.

The machine also comes with essential accessories such as a foot control, power lead, knee lever, and a dust cover. To simplify your design placement, template sheets for both embroidery hoops are provided.

A neat storage tray houses useful items like presser feet, spare bobbins, a seam ripper, a cleaning brush, a twin needle, a vertical spool pin, a walking foot, design database transfer software, an LED drop light foot, and template sheets for the “my custom stitch” function.

Guides and Manuals

The NV2700 ensures you’re well equipped with knowledge, providing an accessories guide, a quick reference guide, the full operation manual, and a full embroidery design guide.

Brother Nv2700 Stitch Chart
Brother NV2700 Stitch Chart

Brother NV2700 Sewing Features

The NV2700 is a hub of advanced sewing features. It offers a wide array of stitches, including utility, stretch, decorative, satin scallop stitches, and more. Its ability to sew large sideways stitches up to 40 millimeters wide sets it apart from traditional sewing machines.

Selecting a stitch is straightforward, thanks to the large colour touchscreen. You have the freedom to override the standard settings for width, length, shift keys, and tension to customise your sewing experience. The machine also facilitates seamless operation with unique functions such as thread trimming and virtually jam-proof sewing.

Automated Sewing and Unique Functions

The machine takes automation to the next level with its auto backtack, auto trim, and auto foot lift features. The auto pivot function is a game-changer for projects requiring mid-seam fabric pivoting.

With an impressive range of stitches, from zigzag to basting to stretch stitches, the NV2700 offers an accurate preview of the stitch at 100% scale on its screen. If you alter any settings, these changes are reflected in real-time on the screen, making it easy to experiment and make adjustments.

In case you make changes you aren’t happy with, a simple push of a button returns everything to the factory default settings. This encourages creativity and experimentation, without any worry about irreversible changes.

The machine also allows for the selection of various decorative stitches and buttonholes, with its sideways sewing feature adding more versatility to your projects.

Brother Innovis Nv2700 Sewing And Embroidery Machine
brother innovis nv2700 sewing and embroidery machine

Brother NV2700 Embroidery Capabilities

The NV2700 shines in its embroidery features. With an embroidery area of 260 x 160 mm, it offers ample space for your designs. The machine comes with 258 built-in patterns, 13 fonts (including nine alphabets, one Cyrillic, and three Japanese), and 140 frame patterns to let your creativity flow.

Advanced editing functions like layout, pattern combination, rotation, size, and mirror imaging allow you to fine-tune your designs. The machine also includes an LED pointer for precise positioning of embroidery patterns, and an automatic frame detection feature that identifies the size of the attached embroidery frame.

Connectivity and Updates

The machine supports USB connectivity, enabling you to transfer more embroidery patterns with ease. It also comes with WLAN data transfer functionality, ensuring your machine stays updated with the latest features and allows wireless transfer of your designs.

Built-in Tutorials and Comprehensive Stitch Library

The NV2700 includes built-in tutorials that act as your personal sewing tutor. It also boasts 291 built-in sewing stitches, including ten one-step buttonholes and five built-in lettering fonts. The My Custom Stitch™ feature lets you design your own patterns or edit pre-existing ones.

Additional Features

The Brother Innov-is NV2700 comes with the ICAPS Fabric Sensor System, an automatic foot pressure adjustment feature that responds to fabric thickness. The pivot function automatically lifts the foot when the needle is down, making it easier to sew corners. The machine also includes the Square Feed Drive System (SFDS) for superior stitch quality.

For free motion or freehand sewing, the machine has a drop feed function. The free arm feature makes sewing tubular items, like sleeves, much easier. The machine also includes automatic presser foot functions and programmable features like needle up/down, foot up/down, auto thread cutting, reinforcement priority, and more.

The machine’s central controls offer a lockstitch, reverse sewing, needle up/down, thread cutter, and speed slide control. The knee lift feature allows you to free up both hands by lifting the presser foot with your knee. For tricky layers of fabrics, a walking foot with a guide is included.

Brother Nv2700 Sewing And Embroidery Machine
brother nv2700 sewing and embroidery machine

Pricing and Availability

The Brother Innov-is NV2700 is a premium sewing and embroidery machine and that is reflected in its price. As of the writing of this review, in the UK market, the estimated retail price for the Brother Innov-is NV2700 is around £2,000 – £2,500. The Brother Innov-is NV2700 sure is a steep investment but offers excellent value considering its advanced features. This includes everything from the large, full-colour LCD touchscreen, automatic needle threader, and expansive workspace, to the incredible number of built-in stitches and embroidery designs. Remember to consider the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine when making your purchasing decision.


So the Brother NV2700 is a very well designed and made machine, with spacious workspace, and an intuitive LCD touch screen and a sea of of built-in stitches and embroidery designs. It also offers a host of advanced features, including sideways sewing, automatic foot pressure adjustment for varying fabric thickness, a pivot function for sewing corners, and built-in tutorials for on-hand sewing guidance. Also coming with a USB and WLAN data transfer functionality, it is easy to keep the NV2700 updated with the latest features and allows for effortless design transfer. The machine, priced at an estimated £2,000 – £2,500 in the UK is quite steep but for the price it is hard to find a more well rounded machine.

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