Best Sewing Machines For Kids 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are lucky enough to have a child that want’s to take up sewing as a hobby and you are considering buying them their very first sewing machine, you are in the right place. In this guide to choosing the best sewing machines for kids we will be sharing all the information you need to know for choosing the most suitable kids sewing machine for your child.

Sewing is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation and many brands now have models aimed specifically at children/beginners. The problem with this is that there are almost too many to choose from, which can make finding the best one a time consuming task. With the help of our buying guide and reviews you should be able to find a sewing machine that is just right for your little one.

Best Sewing Machines For Kids

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At What Age Can Children Start Sewing?

Many of you are probably wondering, when can a child start to use a sewing machine? The answer to this question depends on the child and/or your belief in their abilities.

Personally, I know children that started sewing at four years old without to much of a problem. As long as they are adequately supervised then there is no problem with letting a child of this age use a sewing machine. That been said, many children of this age are easily distracted and you may have a problem with attention span.

When you get to around 7 years old and above you have far more chance of succeeding at getting your child to participate and actually enjoy sewing.

Benefits Of Sewing For Kids

There are a good number of reasons to get your child involved in sewing. First of all sewing is a very creative process that allows your child to express their artistic side, especially when they learn embroidery. My granddaughter has been sewing for 3 years now and loves to make miniature clothes for her dolls and it keeps her entertained endlessly.

Another positive of learning to sew is that it is a very practical skill to have. I wonder how many people have thrown a perfectly good shirt away simply because they couldn’t sew on a button.

This is one of my favourite reasons for encouraging a child to use a sewing machine, it keeps them away from the T.V and video games. Obviously sewing isn’t for every child and most will prefer to watch television or play their favourite computer game. If your child shows an interest in taking up sewing I would recommend actively encouraging this interest.

Choosing The Best Sewing Machine For Kids

What Type Of Sewing Machine Is Best For Kids

For a child who is only just beginning to learn to sew I would recommend keeping things simple by choosing either a mechanical sewing machine or a very basic and easy to use computerised sewing machine. Sewing machines are very technical and complex machines and you don’t want to put your child off sewing before they have even started. For this reason alone I would suggest staying away from the more advanced computerised sewing machines, as even after many years of sewing I still struggle to get to grips with some models.

The advantage of some basic computerised sewing machines is that they can help guide your child through the sewing process. They feature a LCD screen that gives advice on the correct presser foot to use for each stitch type.

Kids are very tech savvy these days which is why a computerised sewing machine might be the best option for some. That been said they are more expensive and are not the best choice for every child. In our reviews you will find mainly mechanical sewing machines as these are easier to use, but it does seem that computerised models are gaining in popularity.

Ease Of Use

If you buy your chlid a sewing machine that is too complicated for them to use, you will quickly find that they lose any interest in sewing. Buying a sewing machine that matches your child’s ability is one of the most important purchasing considerations.

In terms of ease of use one of the first things to think about is do you opt for a sewing machine with a pedal or with sliding speed control and stop/start buttons. Sewing machines that use the traditional foot pedal may not be the best option for very young children as controlling speed with a pedal takes a lot of practice. In addition using a foot pedal is an extra thing for your child to be concentrating on which can cause frustration for some.

Machines that come equipped with a stop/start button and speed slider have their benefits for when teaching kids to sew. First of all they allow you to slow the whole process down allowing your child to concentrate on learning the fundamentals, such as keeping a nice and neat straight line, turning corners or how to feed the fabric through the machine. The downside to machines with a stop/start button and speed slider is that they typically cost significantly more than those that come with a foot pedal.

Below you can find some of the more important features to look out for when choosing a kids sewing machine.

  • Automatic needle threader
  • Jam-resistant bobbin
  • Stop/Start button
  • Sliding speed control
  • Automatic thread tension

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when teaching a child to use a sewing machine and choosing a model with the best safety features comes highly recommended.

The best way to keep your kids safe is to use a sewing machine with finger guards. Due to children having much smaller fingers than an adult they can easily fit in to places that ours can’t. When using a sewing machine a kids finger can potentially get caught under the needle which would be extremely painful. It is worth mentioning that not all sewing machines come with finger guards. The John Lewis Mini is a good choice for kids if you are looking for a machine that already has finger guards. Don’t worry though if your sewing machine doesn’t have finger guards as they can be separately and installed on your sewing machine.


Another thing that you don’t want to do is confuse your little one with a sewing machine that has too many stitches. A basic sewing machine comes with around a dozen or so stitches which is enough for a child that is learning the basics.


Top 5 Best Sewing Machines For Kids

Singer 1306 Start Sewing Machine

singer start 1306 sewing machineThe Singer Start 1306 sewing machine is a very simple and easy to use machine making it ideal for younger children. In total it comes with 6 built-in stitches. These include 4 basic stitches, one decorative and one buttonhole. This might not seem like a lot but this model has everything needed for a child to get to grips with sewing without getting confused by too many featues and functions.

The compact and very lightweight design of this machine also makes it very portable. In addition the large dial for stitch selection is perfect for children. The Singer Start comes with an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot and a button sewing foot.

Very affordable and easy to use the Singer 1306 is a good choice for an introductory sewing machine. The only thing that might concern some is how fast their child could potentially outgrew this machine. With only 6 stitches many kids will eventually progress beyond the fundamentals of sewing and want a machine that opens new sewing doors.

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